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A Difficult Man

He is German. I'm not sure if that's why he is so difficult, but I think it does contribute to his complex character. He's a friend of my live-in lover and I have known him for more than fifteen years. But recently he moved down to Fort Lauderdale and I suddenly found myself meeting him every day as he came over to our apartment for dinner nightly.

The frequency of his visit came about after he had an automobile accident while leaving a gas station. He was uncertain what caused the accident and this throw him into a depressed state of mind, as he feared that at 76 he was beginning a mental decline. Therefore, my friend and I stepped in and offered our full mental support and started having him over for dinner every night.

I can't tell you why I was so attracted to him. My friend was better looking than him, more outgoing, and not half as complicated as the old German. And it wasn't that he was even good looking. He was short, almost hairless with skinny legs. His upper body was strong but he had a belly. He face was crude looking with big ears and a nose and wide mouth, but when he smiled he looked special. I guess I felt a terrible need in him. And that sense of need attracted me like a light attracts a moth.

The old German liked fat men! Well, I might have gained a few pounds but I can't be called fat. Yet I felt such an urge to make love to the old German that I didn't let his disinterest in me sexually stop me from attempting to seduce him.

When his pool boy quit, I told him I would clean his pool. This pleased the old German very much as he was particular about his pool and never liked the job that the pool cleaning service had done.

So I started going over to his house once a week and cleaning his pool. The old German's pool was completely surrounded by a privacy fence so he always went swimming naked. And after cleaning the pool I would go swimming naked. Even though I would ask him if he wanted to go swimming with me the old German would always say no. But I soon began to realize that he was always around the pool whenever I was swimming or if not around the pool then sitting at his desk in front of a big window that over looked the pool.

And seemed that as soon as I was out of the pool and drying myself toweling off he would come out to ask me question or just chitchat while watching me drying off. I started playing with my big dick for a moment, as we would stand there talking, not enough to get it hard by enough that it would swell up a bit. The old German never said anything about my exhibition.

Then when I was dressed I would walk over to him and kiss him on top of his head and say goodbye. I knew that he didn't like people touching him or show affection toward him, but I was determined to do so.

I even once said. "I know that you don't like me kiss you on the head, but I'm going to keep doing it."

"Good!" He said. That was one of his favorite words. And I knew it had many meanings and this time I knew he meant that he respected me for doing what I wanted to do in spite of him not wanting me to.

Then one day after swimming he was standing in front of me while I was drying off and I reached out and grabbed his crotch.

"Are you crazy?" The old German yelled as he sprung out of reach.

"Sorry." I answered and got dress. I didn't know what to expect when he came over that night for dinner. I was half-afraid that he would tell my lover that I had made a pass at him. But he was just as friendly as though nothing had happened.

And after dinner I told him that I had found some pictures of naked fat men on the computer and asked if he wanted to look at them. I fully expected him to say no, but to my surprise he said, "sure". My lover doesn't like to looked at naked men, especially older fat men so he sat in the living room reading the newspaper while the old German and I went into the bedroom where the computer is.

I let him sit in front of the computer as I brought up the folder and started the slide show. Then as one grossly fat old man after another appeared and disappeared on the screen, I reached down and rubbed my crotch as the old German stared at the screen.

And although I got a roaring hard on, the old German never openly glanced at my crotch although I suspected he was eyeing me out of the corner of his eye. I made sure that I commented on each picture. "Good cock. He's got big balls. Man look at how big his dick is." And the old German also made his comments. Occasionally he would see a fatty that really appealed to him and ask me to print out a copy.

So we fell into a routine of eating dinner each night and he and I going into the bedroom and me showing him a selection of naked fat men I had harvested from the net that day.

Then one night as he we were in the bedroom looking at the pictures, I reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. The old German didn't bat an eye although he did glance briefly at my huge swollen dick. So though out the entire slide show, I stood with my big rock hard dick only inches from his face playing with myself as the old German watched his pictures of naked fat men flash onto the computer screen.

When my lover left on a week trip to New York City to visit friends I knew that it was now or never with the old German. The first night my friend was away we went out to Tropics for drinks and then to the Turkish American Restaurant on 26th Street. I had drunk a few too many gin and tonics at Tropics so while we were waiting for our food to be served, I turned to the old German and said. "Do you know that I'm in love with you?"

He sat there a moment then said. "That's quite a burdened."

A moment later he said "I think I'll go swimming when I get home."

Suddenly thinking that would be a great moment for me to pursue my seduction of the old German, I said. "Mind if I join you?"

He looked me straight in the eye and said. "I'll feeling tired. I don't think I'll go swimming."

It was as though he had throw ice water on me. I played like nothing had happen but inside I was in turmoil. Suddenly I realized that the old German really wasn't interested in me sexually.

The rest of the week was awkward for me, but I got through it and really tried not to show my disappointment. Still I decided to no longer go swimming naked in his pool or play with myself when he wanted to look at pictures on my computer.

But to be honest. I couldn't get him out of my mind. I was in love with him. And to finally realizing that he didn't return my feeling sent me into a deep depression that I tried to hide from my friend when he returned from New York City. It became torture for me to sit next to the old German night after nigh and be in such a state of lust from him that I would get a hard on.

But as things always have a way of taking an unexpected turn, the old German went to the doctor and was told he had to have an operation to repair a blood vessel below his esophagus. Then he told me what the doctor had said later that even when my friend and I was having drinks with him at Tropics, I leaned over and whispered "Don't worry, you know that I will take care of you."

The old German didn't respond. But the next day when I finished cleaning the pool he asked. "Are you going swimming?" I had stopped swimming naked in his pool ever since the night he had refused to go swimming with me while my friend was in New York City.

I want to say no. But instead found myself saying "yes". I was half-angry with myself for giving in to him as I kept thinking why should I let him see me naked when he had never once let me see him naked. Still I undressed and headed for the pool but just as I walked to the steps of the pool, the old German came out of the house and said."Pete, come and see if I have your address correct."

"Sure!" I said. I had been inside his house for various reasons naked many time and nothing had happened and didn't think anything of following him inside.

Inside the old German sat at his desk and pushed a leaf torn from a note pad to the side as I approached his desk. I bend down and glanced at the writing. "That's correct." I said.

"Good. I wanted to make sure I had it right." But as he talked he wasn't looking up at me but at my crotch. I was standing so close to him that my dick was dangling only about six inches from his face.

Suddenly aware that the old German had never behaved in that manner, I straightened up and actually moved a bit closer to him. The old German didn't pull back. He just kept staring at my huge dick that was beginning to react to the attention he was giving it.

So I stood there with my crotch in front of his face as my dick swelled bigger and bigger until it pointing directly at the old German's face.

Suddenly I couldn't stand the suspense any longer. I reached out and grabbed the old German by the back of his head. I expected his to react and jerk my hand away. He didn't. As I slowly pulled his face toward my huge throbbing dick, the old German opened his big mouth. Suddenly my dick was in his mouth! I couldn't believe it! Then he was sucking on my dick and I was in heaven.

I rubbed my hand back and forth over his short-cropped hair lovingly as the old man swallowed my thick long dick up to my shaved crotch. But as much as I enjoyed the old German sucking my dick, I want much more to kiss him. To make love to him.

So I pulled my dick out of his eager, moist mouth and dropped to my knees beside his chair. I kissed him lovely on the right cheek. It was a fatherly kiss. Then our lips met and out tongues enter each other's mouths and the kiss was no longer fatherly.

I sent all the build up passion stored over the years for the old German into the kiss. It was a hungry desperate kiss. He returned it passion for passion. I hugged him to me chest, feeling his almost hairless upper body against mine. God! It felt wonderful to finally have him in my arms.

"Let go into the bedroom." The old German said as he broke our embrace.

I eagerly followed him into the bedroom. It was a fantasy come true. I couldn't remember how many times I had looked at his empty bed while visiting him and longed to be in it with him in my arms.

Once inside the bedroom, the old German took his time removing his shorts. And I stood staring at him open mouth at the anticipation of finally getting my first glimpse of the old German's dick.

Of course it was no where as big as mine, but as he pulled down his shorts a beautiful, short, thick, uncircumsized cock came into full view. It was like a beautiful succulent fruit hanging over his nice large balls.

I walked over to embrace the old German. We kissed again and exchange deep passion. I felt his desperate need for me. His loneliness as my love for the old man flowed from my body to his. I don't know how long we kissed. Time no longer existed. The next thing I remember we were in bed still kissing. Then I broke away to slowly slip down his almost hairless body until I was face to face with his dick and balls.

The old German sighed as I took in swelling dick in my mouth. I made love to his dick with my lips and tongue. He moaned his thanks, as his dick quickly became rigid in my mouth. Knowing that I was giving the old man pleasure sent pulses of satisfaction through my body. I had sucked lots of dicks, but never had I enjoyed giving pleasure to someone so much.

"Not yet." The old German said as he reached down and pulled me back up onto him. We kissed briefly and then he whispered. "I want to fuck you."

A thrill streaked through my body. I wanted more than anything else to give myself totally to the old man. "Do it." I answered. And rolled onto my back. He pulled something from the nightstand and spread it on is thick swollen dick. Then he was down between my raised legs guiding his fat dick to my asshole.

He entered me gently, fatherly. I barely felt any pain as he thick dick stretched open my asshole. He smiled down at me as his dick slipped deep inside me. I smiled back lovingly as I gave myself to him. Then with his thick dick embedded in me, he leaned over and kissed me. God! It was wonderful. A blissful feeling flushed my face and made me feel warm all over.

As we embraced he fucked me manly. He rammed his thick dick hard into me. I took his thrust and wanted more. I wanted him to take me. I never saw an old man fuck so fast and hard. He pumped my ass with his dick relentless.

When he broke our kiss, I reached down and grabbed my big dick and started jacking it. He smiled as he watched me masturbating while fucking me madly.

I shot off. My white sperm flew onto his chest in long spurts. I don't remember ever cuming so much as I did then. So much cum sprayed onto his chest that it was running in white streaks down his chest and stomach.

Seeing my big load of cum coving his chest and stomach, the old German came. I suddenly felt his man juice filling my asshole. Then we were kissing again as he collapsed on top of me.

It was several minutes before he rolled off me. We lay side by side for a time before he said. "Pete, I should have done this a long time ago. Please forgive me."

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