Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Goodbye Queer

I have lived in the Fort Lauderdale area for thirty years. Moved down here in my thirties. I guess you would call me bisexual. I sort of juggle two different life styles. In one I love fucking old women and eating their pussy. In the other I crave old men. Guess that makes me bisexual. Its hard not letting one side know about the other, but being that I am a Gemini, Im able to handle both side of my personality and the different worlds I indulge in.

About twenty years ago I visited the old Harlem Theater on Broward Blvd. It was on a Saturday morning. I was sitting in the back straight section of the theater when an old man came in. He looked around sixty, was tall but stocky with a full head of white hair. Just my type. When he set down I, got up from my seat and went over and set down beside him.

The old man didn
t pay me any attention at first. But when I finally got up enough nerve to unzip my fly and pull my dick out, he glanced over and said queer under his breath. I guess that should have frightened me away. But it didnt. And when I started to jack my dick as I set next to him and he didnt get up, I reached my hand over and touched his leg. Damn cocksucker. He said under his breath but didnt brush my hand from his leg. So I reached my fingers up and grabbed his zipper and unzipped his fly.

ll tell you what. My heart was pumping ninety miles an hour as I reached my fingers inside his slacks. The old man kept mumbling cocksucker under his breath as I located his huge pecker and drug in out of his pants. The old man had a long thick uncut dick that I fell instantly in love with. I stated to jack the old mans dick but he growled. Hell I can do that. Suck it, you cocksucker! He said reaching his hand around behind my neck and pulling my face down to his lap.

I gladly started sucking on the old man big dick. Boy, did it swell up. I don
t know what it as about the old man besides his big dick that attracted me so much. Maybe it was his smell or the taste of his dick, but I couldnt get enough of him. I let him shove my face down hard against his crotch driving his old big dick as deep as it would go down my throat. I devoured his dick. Making love to it in every way possible with my mouth and tongue.

And all the time I sucked and licked the old mans dick, he kept calling me queer and cocksucker. I got so hot from him degrading me that I came in the silk womens panties I was wearing. I wanted to stop sucking his dick but the old man shoved my face back down into his crotch when I lifted my head. I was forced to finish him off before the old man would let me rise up off his dick. Then after zipping his pants he slipped me a card with his name on it and left.

I waited about a month before I called the old man. He asked where I lived and seems that he lived near by. I gave him my address and he came right over. He just walked in the door and unzipped his fly and pulled his big dick out and said.
Is this what you want cocksucker? I told him to come to the bedroom but he just shook his head. Hell, no! Im not getting in bed with a queer. He pulled the foreskin back exposing his fat dick head. Suck it.

I dropped to my knees in front of the tall stern old man and stated sucking his big limp dick until it was almost too big for me to handle. And all the while he was calling me cocksucker, fucking queer and damn faggot as he held onto my head and fucked me like he was pumping his wife.

I tried to take my dick out but the old man slapped me on the side of the head and said. Put your fucking dick away, faggot. Im not queer. I dont want to see your fucking dick. And then he started fucking my mouth and throat even faster. Take my load, Faggot! He cried out as hot sperm exploded from his dick. Tasting the old man load made me cum in my pants.

I can
t tell you how many times that old man came to my house. All I had to do over the last twenty years is call him on the phone and he would come right over. He never wanted me to show him my dick. Once I meet him wearing only a pair of womens panties. He cussed me calling me ever foul name he could think of as he made me suck him off. But I knew when I came in my panties that he saw the wetness and the out line of my dick through the wet sheer panties.

Then two months ago I called him and he came over as usually. And as usual he unzipped his fly and walked to the center of the living room and waited for me to come over and get on my knees and start sucking his big dick, but this time instead of calling me faggot and queer and other names, he said. Do you love me? I had his big dick in my mouth and was looking up into his big brown eyes. I nodded yes. You love me? You sure you love me, Faggot? He asked. I quickly took his dick out of my mouth long enough to say yes. Fucking faggot. Fucking queer loves me. He said as he grabbed me behind my head and start fucking my mouth.

I dont know what caused me to try to pull my dick out. In twenty years the old man hadnt ever let me show him my dick. I expected him to swat me beside the head at any moment as I unzipped my fly. I had to struggle to pull down the red silk panties I was wearing and thought surely he would smack me beside the head but he didnt. And damn if finally I was able to pull my short cut dick and big balls out in plain sight.

And suddenly knowing that the old man was finally watching me jacking off got me so excited that I came almost immediately. I was so excited that cum flew from my dick like from a squirt gun. I came all over the legs of the old man
s slacks. Fuck faggot!” He yelled and shoved his dick deep inside my throat. Do you love me? He almost shouted as he held his dick buried deep in my throat. I could only nod my head. Do you love me? The old man shouted and shot his load down my throat.

When he pulled his dick out of my mouth, he didn
t hurry for the door as usual. He paused looking down at me sill on my knees. So you love me. You sure? He asked.

Yes, Sire. I told him.

Well this is the last time Ill see you. Im moving to North Carolina on the weekend.

Oh! I said as I watched him push his beautiful big limp dick into his fly. I thought he would say something else but he didnt. He didnt even say bye. He just walked to the door, leaving me still kneeling on the floor. He walked out of the door and out of my life.

And yes, I really loved the old man! Having sex with him almost every week was the thrill of my life. Sure I enjoyed sex with old women . But it the old man that I stay awake at night wondering if he liked me at all. Was I just some queer to suck his dick? Or in his on way did he really care for me? Did he love me? Did he despise me? He
s had been so much a part of my life over the past twenty years that I think about him ever day. When I close my eyes, I can smell him. I can taste him. But I cant have him. I dont even know where he moved to.

Sonntag, 23. März 2014

Fishing with Woodrow

I’m an old married man but I still like my dick sucked by queers now and then. Started when I was a kid and my little brother used to suck my big dick. The first time he did it was when we were swimming in the swimming hole down at Big Creek. We had just finished swimming and were sprawled out on the grassy bank drying ourselves when I started thinking of Mildred Barn’s big tits and got a hard on. My little brother didn’t have much of a dick and when he saw my monster pecker hard he asked me if he could touch it. Then one thing led to another and he ended up sucking my dick. Since then I’ve always enjoyed a blow job.

At seventy-three, I’m still horny all the time. Hell, I married Mildred and she used to be a good fuck but now she never wants it anymore. Says my pecker it too big for her old pussy. So, now the only sex I get is when I can find a queer to suck me off. Luckily I know several old cock suckers that love to take on my white snake. But last Wednesday, I was surprised to find out that one of my long time fishing buddy is also a cock sucker. His name is Woodrow Cob. He’s a little younger than I am. I think he’s around sixty-seven. Where I am skinny and short he’s chubby and stout. We are both almost bald, but where I am almost hairless he’s hairy as a gorilla. We are both farmers and wear overalls. He lives about a mile down the road from me. I’ve know Woodrow ever since we were kids and damn if he didn’t surprise me on Wednesday when we went fishing over at Dead Lakes.

He had come by with his brand-new bass boat and wanted to know if I wanted to go fishing with him. Well, I like fishing just a little less that getting my dick sucked. So of course I say yes. And I guess if the fish had been bitting the two of us wouldn’t have started talking about sex. But as it was, the fish had lock jaw and we got bored and somehow the conversation drifted around to sex. He asked me if I was still having sex with Mildred and I told him her pussy as all dried up and she made such a ruckus when I wanted her to suck my old pecker that I had stopped trying.

He asked me what in the hell I was doing for sex and I showed him my right hand. And we both laughed. Then he asked if I really jacked off. I told him hell yea when I couldn’t find someone to suck it. He asked what was I talking about and flat out told him that if he hadn’t had a queer suck his dick he didn’t know what he was missing. And then all this talk about sex and cock sucking started getting my old pecker mad.

Old Woodrow glanced down at my crotch and said that it looked like I had more meat between my legs than he had in his smoke house. We both laughed again. Then I motioned to his crotch and told him that he had a right sizeable bulge in the crotch of his overalls to. But the old man shook his head and said it was his balls. Well, then you have bigger balls than my prize bull. I told him. Then he asked me just how big my pecker was and instead of telling him, I just reached down and unzipped.

I almost laughed out loud at the look in old Woodrow’s eyes when I drug out my white snake. He looked like I was a freak or something. Then I told him to show me his and damn if old Woodrow didn’t pull at the tiniest cut pecker I had ever seen followed by the biggest set of bull balls I had ever seen. Well, then I realized why he had been staring at my old white snake like it was a freak.

He said how he wished he had my picker and I said how I wished I had his balls. Then we started playing with ourselves. We both got hard. My old pecker swelled up like an over stuffed Polish sausage and old Woodrow’s little thing just stiffened. It didn’t get bit bigger. Then he asked if he could touch my pecker and I told him hell yes. That he could do whatever he wanted to it as long as it felt good.

My old fishing buddy grabbed my enormous dick with his big calloused hands that were so hairy on the back of them looked black and started pulling back my long foreskin as his eyes got bigger and bigger as my big mushroom head came into view. Well, I don’t usually touch another guy’s dick, but I did want to feel his bull balls. So, I reached down and grabbed a handful of his balls and squeezed on them. I expected old Woodrow to tell me to stop, but damn if he didn’t start moaning like a woman. And damn if the sounds he was making didn’t turn me on.

Then the next thing I knew my old fishing buddy has my dick in his mouth and was sucking on it with such skill that I realized that mine wasn’t the first dick that old Woodrow had sucked. Now my old pecker hangs down almost to my knees and it is seldom that a queer can swallow even half the length of my old white snake. But damn if Woodrow Cobb didn’t keep swallowing my old pecker an inch at a time until his old lips were pressed against my zipper.

Hell, I let go of his balls and grabbed his old bald head and started fucking old Woodrow’s mouth like I used to fuck Mildred’s pussy when she was younger. And damn to hell if the old man mouth didn’t feel better than her pussy ever did. No mater how hard I shoved my old white snake down his throat, the old cock sucker took it and pushed his face against my crotch for more. He made my old pecker so mad that I thought it was going to burst. I couldn’t remember it getting so big and hard in years. I was getting close to cuming when Woodrow suddenly pulled away.

At first I thought that he had enough but then he pulled down his overalls to his knees and turned his cotton white ass toward me and told me to fuck him. I took one look at his big white hairy ass with his set of bull balls hanging down between his legs and spit on my hand and slicked up my old pecker the best I could. Seeing his hairy ass and his huge balls started my old pecker throbbing like I it hadn’t done since I was a kid. Hell, I thought I was going to shoot off before I could get my pecker into my old hairy ass friend.

And hell, I figured I would have the dickens of a time getting my huge mushroom head into old Woodrow’s asshole. But damn if his hairy asshole didn’t almost suck my pecker inside like a robin sucking up a worm. I knew then and there that my old friend had been doing more than just sucking cocks. And talking about hot! His asshole was hotter than any pussy I had ever poked my old pecker in. I almost passed out from pleasures as I stuffed my dick into Woodrow’s ass.

Then I was holding his hairy pale ass with both hands and fucking him so hard that the boat was rocking like crazy. And Woodrow was shaking his head and moaning like a two-dollar whore. I shot the load of my life into him and would have kept pumping his hot ass but my old pecker deflated like a pricked balloon. My piss hole was still spitting cum as the head of my dick slipped out of his old stretched asshole.

I watched as old Woodrow grabbed his tiny dick and started jacking it. Feeling that I should help him out a little, I reached down and grabbed is old bull balls and squeezed them really hard. Old Woodrow started yelling and cuming at the same time. He got cum all over the back of my hand. I wiped my hand on his hairy ass I pulled it out from between his legs.

Well, we had us an awkward moment as old Woodrow pulled up his overalls over his cum dripping asshole and I stuffed my old white shake back into my fly. Then Woodrow got a strike on his fishing line and we were back to being fishing buddies again. Still, I’m looking forward to our next fishing trip. I asked him on Saturday if he was ready to go fishing again, but he sort of looked to the ground and said something about a sore asshole. But I think he’ll be ready for another fishing trip soon.

Donnerstag, 20. März 2014

Walter and Jake

Jake sat at the hotel bar drinking his beer. He had become tired of travelling on business from state to state, country to country. One hotel was the same as the other and the novelty had worn off. He looked over the bar at his reflection in the large tinted mirror. He was still in his blue pin stripe business suit. White shirt and light blue tie. He rubbed a hand through his thick mop of salt and pepper hair and then over his strong jaw line which now had a 5 o’clock shadow. “Not bad for 48 he said to himself as he smiled.

Jake inhaled deeply as he smelt the strong odour of cigar smoke. It was a smell that he loved and always reminded him of his granddad. He turned around to see a large stocky built man in his 60’s with silver hair and beard. He stood 6’5” smartly dressed with white crisp shirt, black waist coat and bright red tie. Jake watched as the man held the large thick cigar to his mouth and bellowed smoke from his lips.
“Excuse me sir, I am afraid you cannot smoke that in here” The barman said as he leaned over the bar towards the cigar smoking man.

“Well where can I smoke it? My room is non-smoking, the lobby is non-smoking, the bar it seems is also non-smoking”
“I am terribly sorry sir, but we do not allow smoking in the hotel bar.”
Jake watched as the man stubbed his cigar out in a saucer with a disgruntled look on his face before he reached for his whisky to take a sip. As the bar man walked away Jake approached the man.
“Excuse me sir, sorry to bother you, but I could not help but over hear. I am in a smoking room. I would be happy to share a cigar and a drink or two with you.”
The cigar smoking man gave Jake a huge grin as his large hand landed on Jake’s shoulder with a thump. “Young man I would like that. I will supply the cigars and whisky you supply the smoke friendly room.”

Jake laughed. It had been a while since he had been called young man. Jake’s room had a double bed, a small sitting area with coffee table and a bathroom. They sat at the coffee table and Jake watched as Walter held the thick cigar against his lips and sucked as he lit it causing smoke to billow out. Walter’s large stomach heaved against the waist coat as he exhaled. There was something that Jake found arousing about the smell of the cigar smoke.

“Can’t beat a good cigar and a whisky after a long day to help you relax; I thought you were going to have a cigar as well?”
“I like the smell of the smoke more than anything, I might have one a little later” Jake hoped that did not sound too strange.
They continued talking and drinking as Walter smoked his large cigar and the room filled with a light blue haze. Walter put his cigar down and stood up. “I got to piss,” he announced in his husky voice as he made his way to the bathroom.

Jake looked as Walter left the bathroom door wide open as he stood at the toilet and started to let run a strong stream of piss into the pan. He finished off and turned around as he put himself away and done up his belt.
“Sure is hot tonight” Walter commented as he made his way back to the coffee table.
“Yeah it is a bit hot to be all dressed up in a shirt and tie I guess” Jake replied.
“You mind if I take off my waistcoat and undo a few buttons on my shirt?”
“Sure go ahead no need to be formal for me,” Jake said as he watched Walter unbutton his waistcoat and toss it on the bed. His large stomach pushed over the waist of his trousers and he proceeded to take off his tie and undo his shirt buttons one by one almost down to his waist revealing his hairy chest and large rounded stomach.

“That feels better,” he said as he sat down and kicked off his black polished shoes.
“Think I will get more comfortable myself if you don’t mind,” Jake said as he stood up and began to loosen his tie.
“Hey go ahead my boy don’t feel restricted because I am in the room.”
The man reached for his cigar and looked up at Jake as he took a few puffs. Jake pulled his shirt out from his trousers and began to unbutton as he looked at the man watching him. Jake undid his cuff links and removed the shirt completely to reveal his toned, muscular chest and tight stomach. Jake inhaled the smoke into his lungs and had the urge to continue undressing. He kicked off his shoes and undone his belt and trouser button before pulling down the zip to reveal his tight white briefs.
“You don’t mind if I…” said Jake as he held on to his trouser waist band.
“Go ahead make yourself as comfortable as you want. I know I can’t wait to get out of my suit after a long day.”

Jake let his trousers drop to the floor and he picked them up and folded them neatly.
“Feel better?” the cigar man asked as he looked Jake up and down
“Much better,” Jake replied as he sat back on the couch next to Walter.
Walter looked at Jake as he breathed out a cloud of smoke which Jake inhaled deeply. As the smell filled his nose he felt his cock throb under the thin cotton briefs. Jake noticed Walter glance down at his crutch as he took another puff of his cigar and released more smoke directly at Jake’s face. Jake’s cock throbbed again uncontrollably pushing under the narrow waist band.
“Takes a lot of work to look like this” Walter said as he looked down at his own rounded stomach.

“Looks like good living to me,” Jake replied smiling.
“Yeah you could say that. You manage to keep your stomach nice and tight.” Walter commented as his hand reached over and touched Jake’s abs.
“It takes commitment and sacrifice,” Jake replied as he looked down to watch Walter’s hand as it circled his stomach muscles. Walter’s hand circled a few times and his fingers gently brushed against Jake’s waist band giving Jake goose bumps. With his other hand Walter took a big hit on his cigar and blew the smoke directly at Jake making his cock throb again exposing part of his cock head.

Walter’s hand brushed against the exposed cock head making Jake groan lightly. “Hmmm very nice young man” Walter said and then he grabbed the waist band of Jake’s briefs and lifted it up to expose Jakes hard 9” cock fully engorged. Jake shut his eyes and groaned as he felt Walter’s large rough-skinned hand grip his cock and begin to stroke it as he continued to puff on his cigar. Pre cum began to ooze out in a clear sticky stream dripping like thick syrup from his cock head, which Walter used to lubricate his hand rubbing his thumb over Jake’s piss slit.

Walter moved his head towards Jake’s face and with a mouthful of smoke he put his lips to Jake. Jake opened his mouth letting the old man’s smoky tongue explore his mouth as he felt his beard and moustache brush against his lips and chin. Jake felt light headed at the taste of the old man’s mouth and the feel of his hand still firmly gripping his cock.
The scouring of Walter’s beard against his face, the strong odour of cigars, and the fact the guy was in his 60’s was getting him so hot.

Walter pulled away and stood up. He undid his belt buckle letting his trousers fall to the floor before pushing down his cotton boxers enough to expose his hard, fat uncut cock surrounded by a mass of hair and two large hanging balls. Jake leaned forward and took Walter’s manhood in his mouth sucking as his head moved up and down while Walter groaned with pleasure. “Yeah that feels good,” Walter said with the cigar pursed to his lips. Jake reached up and caressed Walter’s large stomach as he continued to take the cock in his mouth. Jake grabbed at his own cock with excitement, but let go quick not wanting to shoot his load.

“You like the taste of my cock young man?”
Jake took his mouth off Walter’s cock just long enough to reply, “Your cock tastes great sir!”
Jake could taste the saltines of the pre cum as the foreskin drew back to reveal the swollen purple cock head. He could smell the odour of smoke on the old mans skin as he took the whole length in his mouth. Jake let out a loud groan as Walter grabbed his chest and pinched hard on his nipples, but he did not let the cock out of his mouth.

“Yeah I see you enjoy that lad. Daddy wants to fuck your arse bad.”
Hearing the old man call him lad and refer to himself as daddy only increased Jake’s excitement and he felt he would do anything it took to please this old man.
“I saw you at the bar the moment I walked in lad. I saw you dressed all smart and wondered what you looked like naked. I wondered how it would feel to fuck and pound that nice rounded arse.”
Jake gripped on to Walters’s thick thighs as he continued to suck and listen to every word. His movement speeding as Walter continued telling him how much he wanted his arse. The truth was Jake had not been fucked for a very long time. Most guys he met wanted him to do the fucking, but this big Daddy he would give his arse up to in a second. He wanted to feel his full weight on top if his bare flesh. Feel his large stomach against his back as his cock thrust deep inside.
“You are doing a good job down there lad, why don’t you lick my balls too.” Jake pulled his head from the old mans fat cock and began to tongue his large sweaty balls.

“Yeah that’s right lad just like that.”
Jake managed to get one of the large balls in his mouth and suck, but both together were too large.
“Why don’t we get you over to the bed and you can show me what a sweet arse you have to offer.”
“Yes sir,” Jake replied as he looked up.

Jake got on his hands and knees on the bed while Walter stood whisky in one hand cigar in the other. Jake reached one hand between his legs and began to finger his arse as Walter watched intently. Jake put his hand to his mouth and wet his fingers before returning them back to his hole as he attempted to get two fingers inside.
“That’s a good lad open up that arse ready for my cock.”
Jake could see the reflection of the man from the bedside mirror and could see he was stroking his cock as he watched. Jake now slid three fingers in his arse. He was excited at being watched and this made his hole open up.

“You ready for my cock lad?”
“Yes sir.”
“Are you sure lad?”
“Yes sir, I want your cock in my arse sir.” Jake said almost begging.
Jake laid flat on the mattress as he felt Walter climb on top. He felt the mans huge weight push him into the mattress and could smell his musky sweat mixed with the smell of cigar smoke. Jake tensed his muscles desperate not to cum with excitement. He felt the man’s sticky cock head probe against his hole and then gently slip inside. Jake groaned with pleasure as he felt Walter begin to move his hips and push hard into his body.
“Fuck me!” Jake pleaded under the weight of the large man.
Walter grabbed Jake’s hips and pulled him up on to his knees as he himself kneeled on the mattress. He pulled and pushed Jake onto his hard cock. “You need that don’t you lad.”
“Yes sir, I need your cock.”

After fifteen minutes of pounding Walter stepped back on to the floor. “On your back lad.” Jake quickly moved onto his back on the mattress as Walter reached for his cigar. Walter began fucking Jake again while he smoked his cigar blowing the smoke towards Jake’s face.
Jake could not hold it any more and he tensed his muscles tight as he emptied a thick load over his chest and shoulders. Jake groaned as the last drops of milk leaked out and Walter pulled out.

Walter lay on the bed and Jake started sucking his sweaty cock while rubbing his stomach as Walter continued to smoke. “Come on lad I am getting close.” Walter’s breathing became laboured and Jake pulled away as the old man emptied his hot creamy load over his large hairy stomach. Jake began to lap it up greedily from Walter’s stomach, not wanting to waist a drop of the salty spunk mixed in with body sweat.

“Damn lad that was good” Walter said as Jake finished lapping up.

Dienstag, 18. März 2014

Two old men and me

Written by kl

This is my story that happened in my part of my life and is 100% true. It
happened only one time and nobody knows anything about that act except that
two men and me. Perhaps these two men doesn't live anymore because that
time in the act each of them was about 70 yrs old, and that act happened
about 25 yrs ago, when i was 14 yrs old!!!

And now i decide to share that story with all of you also, i hope you'll
find it interesting and you enjoy it.

I'll start the story introducing myself, that everyone knows after all how
i was looking about. I had a thin white milky body, blonde, not so tall,
enough nice face and especially a pretty white ass with no one hair, the
unique hairs which i had on that time was front turn around of my cock but
little, blond and very soft.

I was very sexual child and i remember from the time of 12 yrs old i had
sexual imaginations like a gay, most of the time i thought that some old
man will come to fuck me and so many times i enjoy dry masturbating so much
when i put different kind of objects in my ass,like pens,brushes,night
lights etc.

On that time when i was 14, and the years was difficult if you want to find
and learn something erotic or pornofilm, without internet, i stoped many
times out of a porno cinema through my way back to home after school to see
some sex photos from the advertisements.

One time of all i was out of that cinema finish the film and the people was
coming out,and some old men saw me and was coming near to me looking the
photos also.I was disturbed a little and when the rest of people left he
said to me that it was almost impossible for me to go in the cinema to see
such things in my age and i must waiting some more years this can happen.
He said also to me that he had a projector 8mm in his home and many films
of that kind.

Suddenly like a storm i didn't hesitate and i ask him where he is living
and if is possible to see some.

He said why not, i'm living near enough 10 min by foot and we can go now if
you want, what 'ya say?

I said directly ok, let's go! (i couldn't keep myself, i was so hot when i
think about it ), as we start to go.

He was living in a small lonely home with one room and a toilet, the room
was full of things and i wonder where must be the projector, while i saw
him to take out down of bed. All this time my heart was ready to be broken
what i have to see after a little, i was also little affraid that i was
with some very old man about 70 yrs old very tall,little white hairs turn
around of head very big hands white beards not so much fat but big belly
enough and finally my parents knows nothing about it, but i had some excuse
that i was with my friend Nicolas.

Finally he start the first film and i was so surprised and affraid because
i saw him in film to fuck a small boy in the ass with a big enough cock i
saw that boy almost screaming from pain and my lips dried from that film. I
saw pain but i felt my cock start to be bigger. That old man (i can say him
Joe) start speak to me and explain that he make that all his life to the
boys and he is expert about it also to make it first time to them. He
explain me that these films are about 15 yrs old and these boys are married
now, but they enjoy it so much to fuck with him.

He was blow my mind with all this hot conversation and what i see my small
cock was extend enough and i felt to have some kind of itching in my ass.
After a little said to me that he would like to make it also to me, and i
start to feel unconfortable a little, he said if is possible to put down my
shorts to see my buttocks if looks like that boy in the film, i say nothing
and he said it second time. All that time i would like to see in reality
his cock, in film was wonderfull with a special scheme, looks like an 'S' a
little (as i know now that scheme of cock was perfect for ass fucking), and
i said to him ok I'll saw you my buttocks but you saw me your snake, ok?
and i start to put down my shorts, i was like drunk in that time. He was
coming near to me and start touch my buttocks with his big fingers and
touch very soft my small hole, while i felt something like electric through
my body,i was in ecstasy of feelings.

I would like never stop to touch me when he moves his mouth to my ass and
start licking my excited hole.

I felt his hot heavy breath near to my hole so much while my face was
turned to looking that film.

Suddenly he stoped turning to me and saying that my little ass was smelling
ready for fucking, that was true but i didn't estimated something like
that, that's why i said to him that he is older than film and is not good
for him.

Nice excuse he said, don't worry about me, i'm ready for you and i have
long time to be with a boy nice ass, more than 8 months, what 'ya say? Are
you virgin? Don't worry i have enough experiances for virgins, let's do it!

Saying these last words he stand up and he start unbutton the fly from his
trouser and he pop out his big snake.

It was first time for me to see someone else cock in reality, i was in
shock and it was in semihard condition when he order to me to start kissing
the cockhead softly. I knew that i couldn't go back now and all these
imaginations that i have when i'm alone in home will be reality after a
little, and i want it badly.

He had an uncut cock and very skinny, the cockhead was so big and red
shining color like a big mushroom but the rest of shaft was thin maybe my
cock diameter was more thick after all and full extend was 7 in about.

We went in a double bed that was in that room and i start licking that big
cockhead that suddenly i couldn't put it in my mouth because was so
incredible big, i start to be affraid how is possible that old man want to
fuck me with that big cockhead if i'm virgin yet? I was ready to say him
the next time we will see but he said to trust him because as i saw in film
i was not the first virgin for him, and he order me to be on the bed on my
knees and hands like an animal, we will make it like the dogs and he was
going to find some lubricant for my ass.

When he coming back he put enough gel in my ass and he said that the time i
was imagine long time before was coming now and i will feel a kind of pain
somehow but it will be for little and only until his big cockhead pass my
opening and plop in, after that i will enjoy all the senses in my
intestines and i will pray for more!

I was in stress for what was ready to happen and he said to me that i had a
nice white small ass that anyone would like to fuck it, but now i must
relax and let free my sphincter enough.

Saying that i felt something so big pushing to my ass, i gasp a little,
after four or five tries he stop and put more gel in my ass and on his
cockhead, now was ready for the second turn.

Joe tried again and again to put his cock in my asshole and sometimes i was
ready to screaming from that pain, he said to me only that i can scream
free from here nobody will listen me and i start thinking what i'm doing
right now and i gave my small body and virgin ass to an very old man to
take my cherry. Thinking that i was ready to say him to stop and i leave to
my home but something keep me there, something that i can't understand.

Joe continue his trying to my ass so hard sometimes with his cock, and now
his last tries he was so strong to my ass, something like he was angry to
my asshole because we didn't let his cockhead to go in, and he push so
strong that i felt his cockhead to start go in slowly and to stretch my ass
more and more. I thought that he open me two pieces with his strong cock
and suddenly plop and that cockhead was inside to me. Ahhhhhh, i was ready
to cry from that pain and Joe stay like statue without ant move with his
big cockhead into my ass keeping strong my hips with his big hands, sure
thinking that i have to go nowhere if i think to pull my asshole away of
his cock.

All that time that stayed on that position I thought that his cock was two
times bigger and i said to him to pull it out of my ass for a little and
after we try it again but he respond ''you cannot go back now, you are here
to fuck you and i will do it till you feel my big balls start be empty in
your bowels'', after that i swallow my spit I put my head down and look
straight to my belly, i saw two big balls of him full of white hairs and i
wonder if that balls are sure full of cum!

I thinking this and he start to push more inside to me, that was no problem
because as i said before that cock was very thin the unique problem was his
big cockhead. Little moves back and front i start feel his entire cock all
the way in my ass, i was sure about that because i felt his curled white
hairs to tease my ass chicks a lot.

In that time i start like that feeling in my ass and start enjoy it, i
listen someone tried to put a key in the keyhole of the door to coming in
our room. Directly from instict i try to go far away of my partner and
nobody see the act but Joe keep me from my hips so strong and pulling me
little high my knees was on the air with his cock all the way into my ass,
i couldn't do nothing, finally the door was open and i saw another old man
looking to us with a bottle of beer in hand, he looks a little drunk, he
close the door directly and walk near to us.

He was the same about 70 yrs old more fat than Joe with a big belly and big

Joe didn't say to me that he live together with another man before, now
appear red color to my face, i was in shame but that man (i can say him
Jack) let the beer down and came near to me looking my streched ass and
said ''Oh Joe, very good work!'' and Joe respond ''He was virgin'' and Jack
start also to unbutton his fly saying ''Do you want more company my boy?''
I said ''no, go away!'' But he didn't listen to me, he was coming up in bed
front of me and try to put his dirty cock smelling of pissing beer in my
mouth, for the moment i resist but Joe start working in my ass stronger and
faster and i open my mouth from pain, suddenly Jack find occation to push
his cock all the way in my mouth. His cock was more normal but more thick
than Joe and a good 6 in.

He start to be also big and i felt myself unable to do something, i was
their prostitute on that time.

Suddenly Joe pull all the way out his cock with an ahhhhh when his big
cockhead was going out and his place took Jack, as he push so strong his
cock also all the way in to me, when i start crying from so much pain.

Joe front of me said ''don't crying, and start to enjoy it, Jack will fuck
also good'', and he push his cock in to my mouth.Jack thrust so strong and
fast and start to be at the top of pleasure, while his balls start moving
high and send his lovejuice mixed from cum and beer far to my bowels, i
felt it, it was so hot in to me.

At the same time Joe order to me ''open your mouth enough, i'll cum inside
to your mouth.'' While he said that and he had only his cockhead in my
mouth,the way looks like he locked me because back of his cockhead was my
teeth i couldn't lieve from that position and only i must wait for his cum
which in seconds must be there.

Jack pull out that moment his cock and i felt empty, i was so much streched
in my ass that my asshole stay open and i felt the cold air inside, at the
same time Jack push his cock back to my ass again all the way and stay

Joe now was in point without return, he call me attention, i'm coming! And
the first spurt targetting the back of my throat and was continue down to
my throat, the second,third and all the rest of spurts make my mouth full
of fat cum like honey, finally that big balls of Joe was empty in to my
mouth. He took out that smaller cockhead of my mouth and that time i felt
something else so much hot in my bowelsfrom Jack cock which was already in
to me.

I thought that he was cumming second time, and the feeling was unbelievable
good and long time,after that pull it out and a big stream of yellow liquid
was coming out of my asshole, he was pissing in to me so much.

I couldn't say nothingabout it, i felt so tired and i want to go home, all
that adventure seems to be for so long time but everything happened so
quick. The only problem i had was with my asshole, i felt my ass burned, so
sore and i couldn't use my asshole muscles, so the hole stay almost open in
that time. Iwas thinking only how i was lucky and doesn't live there a
third man with them.

The men said that they enjoy it so much and they need to use my young body
onother one time, and it depend it of me.

At the same time when they said that, Jack was coming back of me and start
licking my asshole and as it was almost open my hole he put his tongue all
the way in to me and gave me so much pleasure, it was wonderfull,the cure
for a burned ass.

The most bad thing in my situation was that nobody make something for me
and i couldn't not cum also!

All this act happened for 1 hour and 30 minutes about i estimated so
without watch but was looks like year to me.

When i left from there to come back in my home i had problem all the way
with my asshole, i felt that i can't walk because everything will fall down
of me and i start feel better after a week of relax.

I didn't come back to them never again, it was the first and the last time
that someone fucks me, from that time i stop to have such imaginations with
other men, now i'm living a normal straight life like most of people.

That was my realy story, I hope you enjoy it as i enjoy when i wrote the
Thanks and have a nice time!

Sonntag, 16. März 2014

The Picnic

Written by Buddymo

It was such a beautiful fall afternoon, my favorite time of the year. I had packed a picnic lunch and driven down to the park by the river which had been renovated last year and boy had they really did a wonderful job. They had built many pavilion's and campsites overlooking the winding river. The serenity was overwhelming to me. I found a nice place with a table and grill and sat for a long while just taking in all the splendor. I started a fire in the grill with some wood that I gathered near by. I had packed some hotdogs so I set out to cut me a stick or two to roast my weiners over the fire.

There was a large family having a what looked like a reunion at one of the larger pavilion's...but they seemed to be packing up to leave. There was only one motor home in the park. It was a huge one at that. It must have cost a bundle. I noticed an older man standing outside the motor home, working on his genarator. I found my hotdog sticks and whittled them up sharp and in a few moments those hotdogs were sizzling .A hotdog taste much better roasted over wood coals, outside (everyone should know that). A voice from behind me spoke out " Them smell mighty good son! " I turned to see the old man walking toward me. "Yes sir , and they taste better than they smell ......Would ya like one? " " Why sure son, I believe I will thank you" I handed him a bun and slid the hotdog off the stick into his bun. A little squirt of mustard and he was good to go. I handed him a cup of lemonade to wash it down with. The old man gobbled his hotdog like up like a kid then said.

Ah!!!! the simple things in life"

They’re good huh?" I said as I handed him another

"Very good come out here often?"

"Well...not as much as I want to.....I think I could live out here and never grow tired of this place" “Me too......that’s why I bought the motor home....I love getting away from it all"

"That must be really nice, wish I had one.......Do you bring your family along?"

" Well, I'm divorced...10 years now...all the kids grown and gone....just me....and that’s the way I like it..ain’t no woman gonna get her fuckin claw's in me again" His face showed the resolution of his statement. You could tell he could care less about a women at this stage of his life. As we sat there eating....I couldn’t take my eyes off of him...He was a beautiful old blue eyes that twinkled.....ruff and rugged lines in his face coupled with a smile that made my heart flutter.....his big belly looked so inviting....his shirt was only held together by half it's buttons...his chest covered with the longest white hair...the heat of the day showed in the cleavage of his big tits and his armpits.......oh my!....was I in heaven!...I was ready to throw the best tasting hotdog in the world nibble on his double chin....(I wish)... I love a man white a full head of silver white hair, and his was extraordinary. We sat and talked for the better part of two hours . At last the evening was upon us. In conversation I had found out that he played guitar. He invited me in for a glass of wine and a little pickin and grinning. His motor home was very nice...real cozy....We had a great time pickin and singing some of the old country tune's.....The wine had made me a little tipsy, and I showed out a bit...he really ate it up.....were having a genuinely great time." Ah...I haven’t even asked you what your name is ,” I’m Buddy.”

“Chuck here, I’m sure glad we met son. I have not made many friends lately and I enjoy your company.”

“Well Chuck, this has really been a very nice evening....I hate to see it end, but I guess I need to get on back home."

" Well, Bud, I haven’t had a better time since I can remember......sure you have to go?....... I got plenty of room sleep's eight ."

“Well , I really don’t have any plans for tomorrow. I do hate driving at night too"

" I'd love to have you stay if you like" "OK...I guess I will ".....We sat there at the kitchen table and finished the bottle of wine while solving the problems of the world.... He told me about how his wife would never go down on him and that it was something he thought he would have liked. His wife had left him for her doctor and he was floored by the whole situation.

" Do you ever get lonely staying by yourself Chuck?"

" Aww..well...sometimes...but I've gotten kinda use to it."

" Yeah, I'm the same way...been by myself ever since college... "

“A good looking young man like you heck. I’d think you’d have a string of girlfriends?"

" Naw....I haven’t really dated all that much.... Uh...I guess I need to tell you something.... .... uh.....I 'm gay, Chuck... I..ah... I .....hope that's ok”.

'' Well son, I always each his own....I had a friend in the Navy that was gay....heck...I reckon he was my best friend...we know... did anything.....well he jerked me off a few times...but that was it...well he did suck me one time but I didn’t suck him back and that’s been many years ago....I guess I understand a little about being gay.... "

“ Well this might be a bit confusing to you ....but I am only attracted to older men....I don’t know why...That's just me and how I feel inside....."

“Is that right......Do you have an older fella that you see?"

"Naw. I just dream about meeting someone... one of these days .I don’t know where are all the older gay men are hiding.....I just don’t know how to approach a man I guess.... affraid I might get my nose broken....I’ve never been to a gay bar or anything."

Chuck laughed out loud " Well you found me ,didnt you?"

" Thats not fair, your teasing me"

" Bud, I still get horny ya know.......just because there's frost on the chimney..don’t mean there ain’t fire down below"

"What does a older man do for sex.... you said no woman will ever tame you you jack off still?"

" Sure I do...everybody does.... I get off two or three times a week maybe....I usually get me a little "corn huskers" lotion and slide it up and down real good..or when I’m in the shower I soap it up good and give it a good going over."

" You wouldn’t let me watch...would you" (I said joking).

"WATCH! With my arthritis . . . I'll let you do the jerkin if you want to."

My heart stopped beating......then started again only to beat a thousand times a second. He had meant what he said.

“Bud...I'm gonna take a hot shower. Would ya like to join me?" "Sure, I'm right behind ya".

How lucky could I be. Chuck was the epitome of a BIG SASSY GRANDPA and he was primed for action. I was nervous and almost hyperventilating as turned to me in the narrow hallway and reached out to put his hands on my shoulders and said I’s son we’ll take it slow.\

We both helped each other undress and I followed him into the steamy hot shower...his body was awesome. Big heavy tits and long nipples. The water rippling down his snow white chest hair made me swallow hard.. in a moment the hot water had turned his skin pink and the thick lather of soap looked like a snow drift, as the water washed it down over his huge belly as I soaped him up .I looked into his eyes which were blue as the sky. I moved my lips to meet his and took his mouth into mine as my hands slid over his tits then wrapped around him to pull him close to me. Man! Was this nice. I kissed his eyelids as the water splashed over us.

He turned and handed me the soap and asked me to wash his back. I could hardly hold the soap as I rubbed it over his back. I clawed at his back as I scrubbed I. I worked my way to his lower back then down to the top of his ass. And when I saw how much he was enjoying it, I grabbed his ass cheeks.. Like dough I kneaded them. I lathered up my hand and plunged it into his ass to clean that hot hole. When done I dropped to my knees, spreading his cheeks wide. I licked his hole as the water ran down his crack.. Slurping and sucking,darting my tongue inside his hot butthole, flicking and twirling my tongue as he groaned in pleasure. “

Ohhh!!!! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh! Yesssssss! Do it son!”

I covered his hole with my mouth and sucked and tongue fucked his wet hole making him groan louder. I reached down and grabbed his wet balls and stroked and coddled them. What a bull sack he had.. I was eating his sweet Grandpa’s hole. like a aged prime rib and savoring every second. I reached in front of him to find his big cock. It was hard as concrete. I turned him around to take it in my mouth..What a LOG he had,.uncut and very thick and the head looked like a portabella. I took his cock in my hand as I licked and kissed his belly nudging my nose against his belly button working my mouth down to his pubic mound, chewing and slurping the water matted silver hair, rubbing the side of my face along his hard cock

His dick throbbed up and down ready to be devoured . took the head in my mouth sucking it, making circles with my tongue. I clawed the front of his thighs as I took his cock deeper in my mouth. I started to suck it with long strokes now, reaching up to claw at his chest and nipples. He was hunching his meat toward me, feeding that hunk of grandpa cock to his boy. His cock was so HARD! Water splashed in my face as I took all of his cock in my mouth. He threw his head back and arched his back as I sucked faster. I was bobbing my head like crazy on his sweet wet dick. His legs trembled as he hunched forward. He was fuckin my mouth good. I reached around to grab his ass cheeks pulling his body to me. He reached down to guide my head. My throat was full of thick sweet Granddaddy cock. I breathed threw my nose to take it al. His cock was steamy sweet and red as a beet. I deep throated him as best I could. His cock swelled in my throat and he started to buck at my mouth now, shoving it deep as I could take it. I squeezed his ass cheeks harder as he held on to my head.. He was grunting like a bull. His balls slapping my chin as he hunched my mouth. His cock tasted so good. I gulped it down.

Faster and faster he shoved forward.. Mmmmmmmmmm! Ohhh!!! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! His leg's started to part a little bit, and he hunched even faster. Mmmmmm! Oh BUD!!! I sucked and clawed at his knees. My lips at the base of his bazooka. I pulled him into my mouth. He threw his head backward and moaned wildly jerkin his pelvis I loved this hot meat. Hee tasted so good. I closed my eyes and twisted my head from side to side to set him off!

“Ohhhh! Yessssss! Mmmmmm! Oh!! Buddy!” He rammed his hard LOG stabbing it deeper in my mouth. “Ohhhh! What a blistering rod. He was smoking my lips with it now.\

“ I'm cumming son!” I felt his load bursting out of his cock and filling my mouth. I swallowed and sucked hard as he jerked and hunched.. I squeezed his cheeks again pulling him tight against me. His hair was wet and hanging in his face as he fucked my mouth. Water dripping off his big bushy white moustache. His face flush he really loved this. I softly squeezed his balls and tugged at them gently as his cum spewed out thick creamy, grandpa cum. I wanted it all and sucked harder to get it. I ran my hands down the back of his legs while he shuttered and held on to the back of my head. He bent his knees slightly as I slurped and devoured his cock. Iit was growing soft now, but I milked it like a little lamb. Shaking my head from side to side, chewing on the abundance of foreskin that developed. What a sweet cock the old man had. It was a prize, my prize. He would never forget this moment. I would make sure of it. I reached up to jiggle his belly as I smacked on his balls. He didn’t have a drop of cum left in his groin. Every now and then he would still jerk. I took his cock in my hand and squeezed it, then sucking the head again

" No! No!....I can’t stand it.....ummmm...aaahhh! Boy your something else" He looked down at me with the happiest smile. He was beaming from ear to ear. He could hardly stand his legs were so weak.

I dried him off and then myself with his help and then walked him toward the bedroom. We both lay down in his bed. I pulled the quilt over the both of us and snuggled up to him he opened his arms to hold me close to his breast. I was in heaven. He slowly rubbed my cock and worked the foreskin up and down, pulling it to meet his belly and rubbing it against his belly button. He rolled it around and around his navel. I hunched forward, fucking it like a little pussy. He squeezed my cock in his strong hand. I kissed him deep and began sucking his mouth. I held his tits and cupped them using my thumbs to flick his big nipples.

I kissed my way to his super tits and began to suck them. You talk about being content! This was awesome for me. I just adored having this man in my arms. Heaven can’t be better I though to myself. He moaned and stroke my hair as I nursed his nipples. His thick white chest hair felt so good against my nose. Chuck motioned to me and rolled over and asked me to rub his back. I make a fist and then ran it up and down his spine to sooth his back. I rolled him onto his belly and straddled one of his legs and continued to knead his back. His shoulders were so wide and strong looking. This was THE granddaddy of them all as far as I was concerned. It wasn’t long before my cock was rock hard. Slowly I would move my cock closer to him with each progressive knead of my hands. As I got closer he began to bend one knee.

His beautiful ass was mesmerizing as I stared down at it. Its was small compared to the rest of his body. He reached up to grab a bottle of hand lotion from the head board and at the same time my cock head bumped his as crack. I heard a faint moan from him but didn’t think it was a voice of pleasure. He handed me the lotion and I put a small amount on my hands to warm it up before rubbing his shoulders with it. The more I rubbed his shoulders the closer my cock came to his crack. All at once I feel him push his ass to me. It was no mistake either. I could NOT believe this!! Without saying a word I let my cockhead fall in his crack and keep rubbing his shoulders. He didn’t object to my cock being in the outer crack. This WAS to good to be true! Before I knew it the head was right at his hole and boy was it hot against my cock. My cock melted as the head slipped in his hole My percum had flooded his crack by now and there was no turning back. His clean body now coupled with his mature manly scent made me light headed. I love the smell of a senior man and yes there is a difference from other men. Wow, was this a dream? I eased the tip of the head of my cock in his hole and thought I would spew right then and there. He cleared his throat and as he did he also gave his butt another push toward my cock. His arms were folded under his chin as he lay relaxed. I pushed my cock in about an inch further and he matched that by pushing a toward me two inches more! It was TIME TO FUCK now! I slowly pushed my cock deeper and started to fuck this granddaddy tight ass. If I had died the next few seconds , well my life would have been worthwhile to have had the chance to have my cock inside such a sweet, hunky handsome mature man. I didn’t want to hurt him so I slowly fucked him with caution. He didn’t make a sound. Each time I would stop for a moment I would feel his ass quiver in anticipation of my next thrust. I wanted this to last forever but his asshole was so hot it was like my cock was on fire and with each stroke it grew even hotter.

God was this good. I let my shoulders and torso fall backward as I pushed my pelvis to his hot asspie. His hole opened up wide now and I closed my eyes and pinched my nipples as I fucked him more freely now. His ass grabbed at my cock as I got even deeper. I asked him d”Are you ok?”

“Yes son. That feels good.. I’ve never done this you know.”

“Tell me if I am hurting you Chuck.”

“ No son you can give it too me faster if you like.” “ Mmmmm yes son like that’s the way. I never thought I would let a man fuck me, but you, you make it feel so good.”

I let my cock find the deep end of his pool and started fucking him with longer strokes now. He moaned loudly and began to push his butt to me meet my pace.

“Oh yesssssssss, Bud that’s the spot. Hit it again son! “Ahhhhhhhh! Yessssss Son! I gave him every inch I had . My cock was on flames now and my balls ready to explode. “Uh Uh Uh!” I shoved it as deep as I could go and he moaned again he was loving my dick in his ass. “Ohhhhhhh yesssss, oh! YESSSSS! I was hitting bottom with every thrust now and felt my cum against his passage as it shot out like a skud missle.

“Ahhhhhhh!!! Ohhhh yeah!” I called out as I held his hips for a few strokes then reached for his shoulders. My cum splashed in his butthole as I bent forward to kiss the back of his neck.

“Uh uh uh! Oh son! Yesss!” His hole sucked me in further still as my load bubbled inside him. I had shot more cum than I ever remembered shooting in my whole life. I rubbed his back until I felt my cock soften. I dropped to the bed and he turned over to grab me in his strong arms. He held me close and kissed my like I’d never been kissed before .I lay there in his arm's. exploring his body with kisses. He pulled me to his chest kissing the top of my head caressing me with his arms. He held me ever so tightly. What a sublime comfort. He caressed me like his baby boy. We were soon falling into a deep heavenly slumber.

Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

My Uncle Larry

My parents went on vacation and left me with my uncle Larry. I was just fifteen years of age and he wasn’t my real uncle but we all called him that. He was my father’s aunt Donna’s second husband. Aunt Donna died a few years previous. As a family we had spent many vacations at their summer cabin and I never forget seeing him in those sky blue swim shorts. He had the best ass I’ve ever seen on an older man. My parents left me with Larry for a week; little did I know how different this week would be.

My first day there was like every other day I spent on Lake Ashland. I went swimming, fishing and went out on their little sailboat. We had a nice barbeque with hamburgers and corn on the cob. We always ended the day with a sauna. Larry had this great sauna with redwood walls and water to pour over the rocks to create steam.

In the sauna was just like every other time. As soon as you would get too warm you would go out and jump in the lake. Things started heating up when I noticed Larry with his eyes closed. He was wearing the sky blue trunks and had sweat running down his chest. Uncle Larry had a chest full of gray hair; I believe he was about sixty at the time, and a wonderful head of gray hair that was slightly receding. He had his head back and appeared to be sleeping though I knew he was not. I finally had a chance to really take a long look at him. Even though he had a lot of chest hair he had almost none on his arms and legs. I stared at his crotch trying to figure out what it looked like and how big it was. My cock was starting to get hard when I looked up and noticed he was looking back at me. He had a small grin on his face. I was so embarrassed I got up and said, “I’m jumping in the lake”. I quickly left, my heart beating a mile a minute. I went down to the dock and jumped in.

A thousand thoughts were going through my head. Did he notice me looking at him? Why was he grinning? Would he say anything to my parents? And then I saw him coming down to the lake. He jumped in and acted like nothing had happened. I was relieved but still a little nervous. As time went on I calmed down. We got out of the lake and went inside and changed into dry clothes. He made popcorn and we watched TV. He mentioned how good the sauna was for his back and that he wished Aunt Donna was still here to give him massages. He said she used to give them to him right before bedtime to help him sleep. I couldn’t help but think how much I wanted to give him one and then I offered; “I’ll give you a massage”. He replied; “no Teddy, it’s too much trouble”. I said to him; “ I don’t mind, but you’ll have to show me how”. To my surprise he said; “well alright then, let’s do it in the bedroom”. He doesn’t know how much I wanted to do it in the bedroom!

I stood in the bedroom next to his bed as he walked in wearing only a towel. I could tell he had nothing on underneath. I said to myself; “drop the towel, drop the towel”. He walked past me and lay down on the bed, belly down, opening the towel at the last minute so it was just lying on top of him. I could not believe what was about to happen. I was going to put my hands all over him. To him it was just a massage, to me it was the closest thing to sex I’ve ever had. While he was enjoying his massage I was enjoying his ass. When I knelt on the bed I caught a quick shot of his balls and I felt my loins start to stir. He said; “Donna used to start at the shoulders and work her way to the lower back”. I wondered how far they really went. As I started I asked him; “How’s this”. He answered; “just great, keep it up”.

I knew I would have no problem with that. I worked my way down his back and each time I made it to the towel I pushed it down a little until the crack of his ass was showing. My cock by then was tight in my pants and I wanted to relieve the pressure. I was straddling him and when I worked on his shoulders my bulge was rubbing his ass. Every time I went back to the shoulders I made sure to kneel on one side of the towel and every time it moved to the side a little bit more. The towel was barely covering his butt when he asked me to work on his legs. He said; “start above the knee and work your way up”. I backed down and started to work. I could see his big balls lying between his legs, what a sight. I was in dreamland. I knew this would be great jack off material for years to come.

As I reached the top of his legs I would let my finger lightly touch his balls. The first time he didn’t make a sound but the next time he let out a soft “mmmm” and spread his legs just a pinch. The towel was almost off so I went to work on his shoulders one last time and managed to expose his butt. When I went back to working on his legs I froze, there was the most excellent ass I had ever seen and he didn’t seem to mind the towel gone. Now each time I neared the top of his legs I leaned forward, my face inches from his ass. I wanted to kiss it but I was too afraid.

Just then he adjusted and lifted his ass enough to touch my nose. I know he felt it but he did nothing. I worked my way back up and this time I stuck my tongue out as if to lick him. I’m not sure why I did this. I had never done anything more than jerk off with the neighbor kids but at that moment I knew I wanted to tongue his butt. I think he could feel my breath on his ass because at that moment he lifted his ass up and touched my tongue. I backed off a little and he didn’t, he just stayed with his ass in the air and he spread his legs a little more. I wasn’t sure what to do, I know what I wanted to do and I thought I’m just going to start and if he stops me fine, who could he tell, he’s lying here naked with a minor.

I leaned forward and slowly kissed him on the butt. He let out a soft moan and spread his legs inviting me in and I dove in headfirst. I started licking him madly like it was my first ice cream cone. I went straight for his asshole and licked and darted my tongue in and out while he continued to push his ass in the air. I reached down and grabbed his balls and in an instant he was up on his knees. I stopped and for the first time saw his cock. What a beautiful sight hanging down between his legs. I bent down and started licking his seven inches from the head up between his balls and stopping at his hole. I must have done this thirty or forty times. Then I could hear him breathing louder. I grabbed his cock and began to jerk him off while I continued to tongue his ass. I then turned him over and went down on him. His whole cock was in my mouth so far I could touch his balls with my tongue. He let out a loud moan and I knew he was going to blow. I felt the first burst so warm against my tonsils. I wanted to taste his load so I backed off and let him cum on my lips and tongue. He must have shot ten times and the last shot he grabbed the back of my head and shoved it all the way in. He lay back on the bed and I let the cum sit in my mouth. Finally I swallowed. He turned over on his belly and said; “ cum on my ass”. I was naked in an instant and in an instant came all over his ass. A few shots went up his back. Exhausted I sat back and just stared at that beautiful man. I could not believe what had just happened and was sure it would never happen again. I grabbed the towel and wiped him off. He asked if I wanted to sleep with him and I said yes. He was sleeping in seconds but I could not sleep a wink.

Dienstag, 11. März 2014

My First Grandpa

My first experience with a man's cock came in the late 70's during the
summer of my fifteenth year. I was no stranger to having fun with a guy,
but up until this time it had been limited to mutual blow jobs with my
neighborhood best friend. I don't remember ever thinking about having fun
with anyone else, especially not an adult, and I did not know there were
places men went looking for relief which leads me to my first experience.

I lived in a small southern town and during the summer I worked at a small
amusement park in the city park. It was mainly for children and teens, but
for a small town it was fun and it gave me a chance to earn some money
during the summer. The down side was it was usually hot and humid and we
had to wear a candy ass shirt with jeans. Not something you would wear
unless you were being paid to.

I lived nearby so I rode my bicycle to work and I was not about to wear my
work clothes any longer than I had to. Since there was no place to change
at work I decided to take my shorts and t-shirt to a nearby park restroom,
a rarity in today's parks. I do not remember going into this restroom
before so I fully expected to go in, quickly change and be on my way to
meet friends. Little did I know that a whole new and exciting world was
getting ready to open for me in the next ten minutes.

This was a classic park restroom. When you walked through the squeaky door
there were stalls on the right that you walked past to get to the urinals
which were shielded from the door by the stalls. Looking back it was
optimal for deviant behavior, of which I had no idea went on outside of my
friend and I helping each other take the edge off our always hard teen

The first thing that I noticed was the smell. It was a mixture of stale
piss and what I would later learn was the scent of dried cum and man-sex.
My cock stirred at the smell, probably because at fifteen anything made my
cock stir. Having come in from the bright sun my eyes were still adjusting
as I walked back to the urinal area where I would have room to change. I
was surprised by a man standing at the urinal using the restroom, or so I
thought. He was probably in his sixties, slim and clean cut. He looked
like anyone's Granddad. We exchanged hellos as I took my clothes out of
the bag and changed my shirt, but I could not really see too much detail as
my eyes were still out of whack. As I changed and we made small talk about
working at the park my eyes adjusted and I became aware that he had not put
his cock away. That and the scent of the place combined to make my cock go
to full mast. Now I was in a tough spot. I needed to change into my
shorts but was at full tent. I decided to go for it and attempted to make
it a quick exchange, but the fashion of the time was too tight
short-shorts, and the combination of my hard cock and the tight shorts did
not lend itself to speed and I was busted.

The old man laughed and said something about having a problem. At this
point he turned towards me and I caught my first glimpse of his hard cock
as he walked the few steps toward me and took my cock in his hand. He said
something about needing to direct my dick down the leg of my shorts, but
honestly I was in a fog staring at his cock while he fondled mine. It was
obvious my cock was not going to go down my shorts leg so he used it to
pull me over to the urinals where anyone who came in could not see us.
When we got there he took my hand and placed it on his cock. I still
remember it because it was my first adult cock and it seemed to hypnotize
me as I stroked it. It was also the first uncut cock I had ever seen and I
was enjoying the combination of his hard cock and the soft skin. It seemed
much larger than mine but actually it would probably be considered a tad
larger than an average cock. The partial hood went back and forth over the
head as I stroked it and it was sticking out of his open fly presenting a
nice frame for his cock and hairy balls.

We were both enjoying the moment but he wanted more and I remember him
placing a hand gently but firmly on the back of my neck and applying
downward pressure to guide me towards his manhood. I was mesmerized as the
head came closer to my mouth and offered no resistance as I dropped to my
knees. As the head penetrated my mouth I was instantly overwhelmed with
lust. A few minutes earlier I came in to change my clothes, and now I was
down on my knees sucking the cock of a complete stranger who was old enough
to be my Granddad.

As I was absorbing the first salty taste and musky but clean aroma of my
first adult cock, my new friend had both his hands on my head slowly
pumping his cock in and out of my mouth a few inches at a time. I probably
was not very good at it even though I had practice sucking my friend's tool
several times a week, but I am sure for him the thrill of introducing a
teenage boy to his first senior cock more than made up for it. Before long
his pace began to quicken as he mumbled words of encouragement and I could
feel his cock swell even larger. I knew from previous experience I was
getting ready to get my first taste of man-cum right from the source.
Unfortunately for a still unknown reason when he was ready to shoot, he
pulled out of my mouth and pointed it at the urinal as he held my head
against his hip. I think I am more disappointed now than I was then. I
was so enthralled at watching him beat ropes of cum out of his dick that I
really did not think about it at the time.

Once he squeezed the last pearl out of the head he tucked it back into his
pants and had me stand up. My cock was steel-hard as he gripped it in one
hand while using his other on my ass to steady me as he began jacking my
cock off. It did not take long and he squeezed my ass cheek tight with a
couple of fingers up against my boy-hole while I shot my load. As I stood
there in orgasmic bliss with my shorts at my knees he said his goodbyes and

I never saw him again, but he opened my eyes to things that were going on
right in front of me. It was not long before I did receive my first
Granddaddy load from one of the retirees who frequented the park, but that
is another story.

Sonntag, 9. März 2014

Have Camera, will travel

Seniors Wanted: for web magazine! the place to cum to for naked old men. I would like to add your pictures to my website! I will cum to your place with my digital camera and takes pictures of you. You must be over 60! Contact me at or 954-816-XXXX

I really didn’t know what to expect after putting the ad in Hotspots Magazine! But for my website/web magazine to really become something different, I needed original pictures to go along with the fiction! Therefore the ad.

I was beginning to think that no one was going to call after the ad come out and three days passed without my cell phone ringing. Then the first call came in. The voice on the phone sounded mature and deep. He said his name was Dan and that he had read my ad in Hotspots Magazine and wanted me to come to his place and photograph him. He said how about Saturday and I said how about Sunday and that was fine with him.

I really expected the worse. Someone ugly! And of course he would want to have sex with me! I felt like a hustler as I drove to Century Village. Was I selling my soul to the devil just to put original pictures on the website? I laughed remembering the nasty e-mails I had been getting lately. I Guess lots of people would question if I had a soul, especially the ladies on the silverfox list, whom I had stir up, but had to admit that the hate mail was really depressing me. Oh, well, if I have a soul, I guess I have to ability to put it aside when the need arises. And it had arisen as I was determined to have the best old man website on the net and at any cost and figured my soul wasn’t worth much anyway.

The sameness of all the houses depressed me further. Row after row of attached little two bedroom houses! Acres and acres of them. I gave my name at the guard gate and told them which building was I visiting and they called Dan. I took a deep breathe as I drove into the drive way of his house, that looked just like a couple thousand more which lined the street for as far as I could see.

He was fully dressed when he opened the door. Guess I had expected him to be naked. And damn if he wasn’t good looking!

“Your, Pete, I guess.” The tall slim old man said offering his hand.

“Dan, I presume.” I answered as we shook hands. Suddenly, I found myself hoping that the man would want to have sex with me. He was GOOD LOOKING! I don’t know what I like best, his head of snow-white hair of his grandfatherly face with those piercing cat green eyes.

We both just stared at each other for a long moment. Each not knowing what to say. Then he smile and said “Where’s your camera?”

I reached into the pocket of my shorts and pulled out my little digital camera. “Here.”

“You know, I’ve never done something like this before. And don’t ask me why I’ve doing it.” The old man said as he loosened up and started talking. “I just saw the ad and said why the Hell not. I lived all my life in a small town in Iowa teaching school and afraid someone would find out I was gay. Now, I want the whole world to know! So, I saw your ad and said why the Hell not!”

“That’s great.” I said as I turned on the camera. “You’re a nice looking older man. I really didn’t expect someone so good looking.” I added. “Let me take some picture of you with your clothes on.”

Then I began to snap pictures of the old man. He posed while fully dressed. And then he suggested that we go into the bedroom. Inside he stripped down to a pair of green jockey shorts. I told him to keep them on a moment as I took pictures of him, making sure the big bulge in the front of his jockey shorts stood up prominently. And big it was. I wanted desperately to reach out and touch his crotch, the bulge was so inviting.

“Don’t take your jockey shorts off. Just pull your cock out the bottom of them.” I told him as I waited to snap pictures.

The old man reached through the leg of his jockey shorts and pulled out a long uncircumcised cock. It was beautiful, I mean beautiful. Not overly thick but nice with lots of veins running the length of his cock shaft. Damn right delicious looking.

“Now pull out your balls!” I called out so excited by his manhood that I could hardly concentrate on taking pictures. “Great!” I added when a set of big watery balls appeared. “Nice ball!” I exclaimed clicking the camera wildly! Click, click, click...each time I took a picture I could visualize visitors to my website jacking off as they view the old man’s pictures. Great, this is the kind of pictures an old man website needs, I thought.

Then the old man pulled his green jockey shorts down and stepped out of them. His pubic hairs were as white as the hair on his head! I just kept clicking the camera as he grabbed his long cock and pulled the foreskin back. His cock head was perfectly shaped. I got shots of his naked cock head and it draped over with his long foreskin.

As the old man played with his cock it stiffened. Soon it was jetting out from his crotch like a pole. He let go of it and his cock remained ridged. “Beautiful”, I mumbled as I continued to click pictures. “Let me get a close up.” I told him as I approached and dropped to my knees. I took several pictures as he played with himself.

“Suck it a little.” The old man surprised me by saying.

Needing no farther encouragement I put the camera down and gabbed the old man’s beautiful cock. It tasted as great as it looked. I sucked on his foreskin and the pulled it back and began sucking on his beautiful cock head.

“Play with my balls!” The old man called out between moans.

The moment I touched my fingers gently to his ball sack, his moans grew louder.

“Oh, yes.” He said between moans. “Make me cum!”

And that exactly what I wanted to do. I want to swallow the old man load. To make him a part of me. I deep throated his cock as I stroked his ball sack. He went ballistic. He hunched my face as his entire body began to shudder in ecstasy.

I unzipped my shorts and grabbed my swollen cock and began jacking. Yet even as I did so I couldn’t help but thinking, damn, I wished someone was here to take pictures of us. Guys would love seeing me sucking the old man off while I jack my big cock!

“Get ready for it!” The old man called out. “Get ready!”

He came! Cum flowed from his cock in long squirts. I swallowed and kept swallowing until his man juice crease to flow. Then suddenly recalling why I was there, I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures of the old man’s cock as it slowly deflated until it was completely soft.

“That was great!” Dan said as he began to get dressed. “When will you put the pictures on your site?”

“Today.” I answered as I stuffed my rock hard cock back into my shorts as the old man watched but didn’t make any offer to get me off.

“It’s that fast?” He asked.

“Yep. Only takes a few minutes.” I told him

“How will people get in touch with me? I don’t have a computer.” He informed me.

I was a little shocked as I figured that if he wanted his picture put on the website he must have a computer. “Do you have a friend with a computer? I could put his e-mail address on the button to your pictures.”

“Why don’t you just put my phone number? Would that be the easiest way for people to get in touch with me?”

“Sure if that’s what you want.” I told him.

We chit chatted a while longer but I could sense that he wanted me to leave so I told him I had to go and he walked me to the door. I realized that I probably wasn’t his type that he liked men older than me, but I didn’t mind. At least he had given me what I wanted most, pictures of him and his load of cum.

Donnerstag, 6. März 2014

Adrian & Frank

I don't remember the first day I met Frank, I guess that is because I was only two days old when we met. Frank was always the old man that lived next door to me. One of my first memories of him is when I was about 6 yrs. old, my sister was selling candy for a school fund raiser. We had gone next door to see if Frank and his wife Sally would be the first customers.

When Frank answered the door I got my first look at him in his boxer shorts and A-shirt. I can still remember the light blue boxer shorts with a white pin stripe, and the way his chest hair was sticking out from the top of his undershirt as though it were yesterday. I had never seen a man in his underwear before, so I found myself excited all day thinking about him. Ever since then I could not stop thinking of him.

By the time I was 16, Frank had retired from his job at the Post Office due to a bad knee. Frank asked me if I could mow his lawn and help him with various things around the house when he needed the help. I wasn't to keen on the idea of helping him at the time, but seeing his gay hair and remembering him in his boxer shorts I decided to do it. At the end of that first summer of mowing his lawn I had developed a close relationship with him.

There was never a time that I wasn't looking at his crotch. I am sure he noticed me looking many times but never said anything. One day, while helping him fix an electric gate he was wearing a pair of walking shorts, which was rare for him to do. He moved his leg, and I could see straight in the leg opening and see a pair of the biggest balls I had ever seen. I just stared at them wishing I could just reach in there and give them a nice squeeze. He must have noticed me looking because he quickly lowered his knee down and adjusted his shorts. Later that evening I went home and jacked off thinking about his hairy balls.

One summer day when I was 26, he gave me the worst news that I could think of. He was moving away so that he and his wife could live closer to some cousins. It would not be so bad had he moved somewhere else in the city but he was moving three hours away. When he told me that he was moving I thought, maybe I would have time to talk him out of it, I was wrong. He had a real estate agent on the way to start signing papers that very day.

One month later I was in a truck with Frank, helping him move to his new house. We arrived at his new house and unloaded the truck, since it was late in the day we decided to stay at the new house over night. We set up the bed for him and his wife to sleep on, while I had to sleep on the floor.

Although it was a small house, it did have two showers. By the time I got in the shower, Frank was knocking on the bathroom door. I couldn't hear what he was saying so I grabbed a towel and opened the door. There he was standing in front of me in a pair of black silk boxer shorts.

I remember telling him in a playful manner how sexy he looked. What he did next shocked me. He began to kiss me. I let my towel fall to the ground and began to kiss him back. Slowly feeling the silky smooth texture of his tongue slide in my mouth. I felt his hands grab my bare ass and pulled me closer to him. I could feel his cock growing hard as my own stiff cock rubbed against his silk boxers.

"Sally is asleep already. She took an aspirin with a sleep aid, she won't wake up till morning" Frank said. We began to kiss frantically, like a couple of teenagers. I could feel my precum leaking out I was so excited. He began to reach for my cock pulling back the foreskin. He wiped the precum with his finger and tasted it. "I want to taste more of it" he said.

We moved to the bedroom where I had laid out the blankets. Frank laid on his back, I slid off his silk boxers and saw his white circumcised cock for the first time. It was about 6 1/2 inches and not very thick but it was the perfect size to get in my mouth. I sucked on his cock for less than a minute before he shot his load in my mouth. "Sally has never done that to me it feels so incredible," he said as I continued to suck his cock until it was soft.

"I want you to fuck me Adrian" he said. "I want you to fuck me like the way you have always wanted to."

He rolled over on to his stomach, allowing me to have full access to his big beautiful pale white ass. I kissed him on each of his ass cheeks before I started to spread his cheeks. I slowly licked the outer rim of his asshole, I could feel his body quiver as my tongue slid over his hole. He began to moan and repeatedly say "that feels wonderful, don't stop." My tongue plunging deeper into his ass hole.

I could feel his asshole relaxing, I moved my tongue away from him so that I could finger his ass. The ease at which three of my fingers went in was sure sign he was ready to be fucked. I mounted myself on top of him, aiming my stiff, precum drooling cock at his saliva soaked asshole. Slowly I pressed my cock into the soft silky warmth of his ass. I could hear him moan with pleasure as I slowly thrust my hips in and out of his ass.

I had waited for this moment for years and I wanted to last. I continued to fuck him slowly while I kissed him on his neck and sucked on his ear lobes. Smelling the sweet scent of Aramis cologne that he wore mixed with his sweat was intoxicating to me.

I pulled out of his ass and rolled him over on his back so that I could get a taste of the precum that was oozing out of his once again stiff prick. I sucked on the engorged purple head of his cock, and then continued to kiss up his stomach. I kissed through the forrest of silver hair on his chest until my lips found his nipples. I sucked and pinched both nipples giving him pleasure that he has never experienced in his 50 yrs. of marriage. Our lips met again as I continued to feed my desire. Looking into his beautiful green eyes I could see the love that he shared for me.

"I want you to fuck me" I told him. I positioned my ass and felt his precum lubricate my asshole. I slowly pressed my ass onto his dick, feeling the cock that I always wanted in me for so long. We continued to kiss each other, sliding our tongues together as he his cock pistoned in and out of my ass. His thrusting was becoming faster, his body tensing up, I knew it was close. Our moaning was so loud that I thought the neighbors would hear. "Here it comes," he shouted as he shot his hot cum deep inside my ass. "God, that feels incredible. Roll over onto your stomach, I want to taste my own cum as it spills out of your ass."

I was never a person to argue with him so I wasn't about to start now. I rolled over and he started to lick and suck his cum from my asshole. The feeling of his silky tongue darting in and out of my ass was driving me crazy. After having his stiff prick massaging my prostate and now his tongue in my ass I was ready to shoot my load.

"Stand up and bend over the chair" I told him. I wiped the last bit of cum from my ass and applied it to my aching cock. My cock slid into his ass with ease. I started to fuck him again I was so horny that I started to pound my stiff prick harder and harder. My shaved balls slapping against his hairy balls with every thrust of my hips.

I grabbed hold of him by his shoulders as I continued thrusting with all the strength I could. Seeing my dark brown cock slide in and out his creamy white ass was all I could take. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." I shot the most powerful load I had ever shot before. My orgasm was so strong that I thought I was pissing in his ass. We both fell to the ground breathing heavily. We kissed each other on the lips and said "I love you" for the first time to each other.

The next morning we woke up before his wife did, and never said a word about the night before. That was nearly 4 years ago. Frank still visits me when he is in town, unfortunately, his wife is always with him. Perhaps I'll get to have another night with him sometime soon.