Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

The Story of Tom and Wayne

Written by Anthony Park

There were two older gay men walking side-by-side in the park and holding hands. One man named Tom is 74 and his husband, Wayne is 75. Both of them were extremely BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, HOT, AND SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE! Neither man had facial hair or body hair and they had sexy gym toned bodies. As they were walking in the park, Tom stopped, wrapped his arms around Wayne and tenderly kissed him right on the lips in a public show of affection. They didn't seem to mind doing it even in front of about 20 people that were also in the park.

As the evening hit, they decided to go home, shower up and dress up in their suits and ties for a romantic dinner date that Wayne had in store for his husband. You see, it was Tom's 74th birthday and Wayne wanted this birthday to be extra special. The were driven in a limousine to the restaurant and the two had a glass of wine as they waited for their food to come to them. By now, both were holding hands and tenderly smiling at each other. They received their dinner and ate and talked to pass the time away. When they got done and Wayne paid the bill, the limo was out waiting to drive them home.

On the way home, Wayne sang "Happy Birthday" to Tom. Tom had a sweet smile on his face and kissed Wayne for singing to him. When they arrived at their home, Wayne slipped the driver a $50.00 tip and they went inside. That is when the sexual fireworks started. For you see, while in the restaurant, Wayne took a Cialis pill without Tom looking. Tom also took a Viagara pill without Wayne looking. They walked into the bedroom and started kissing each other more tenderly and lovingly as the slowly and seductively undressed each other. By that time, their penises were getting hard and erect. Next thing you knew, they were in bed and tenderly making love to each other.

Wayne laid down between Tom's long sexy legs and continued kissing him. They kissed for right at 5 minutes non-stop and really made each other feel comfortable and relaxed. Next, they engaged in mutual foreplay as they were licking, kissing, caressing, and sucking each other. The entire moment of foreplay lasted a full hour. By that time, their penises were very hard and erect as the lovemaking progressed. Oh, by the way, both men were well endowed as Wayne has a 9.5 inch penis and Tom had a 10 inch penis and both knew how to use them. Once they were done with the foreplay, Wayne took some KY lube and massaged it on his penis and then asked Tom to lie on his back and spread his legs. Wayne then used some lube to moisturize Tom's rectum. Wayne asked him, "Tom, are you ready for me to perform anal intercourse to you darling?" Tom said the he was. So, Wayne lifted his husband's legs in the air and penetrated him with his penis. Wayne began to tenderly massage his massive penis inside his lover's rectum and continued to do so for 25 minutes, all while lying on top of him in such a way that he was looking down and smiling at his husband. Wayne knows how to take his time pleasing Tom and vice versa. The two men were in the glow of their lovemaking when Wayne told Tom that he was ready to ejaculate. Tom told him to go ahead and fill his rectum with lots of sperm. So, when Wayne ejaculated, he unleashed tons of sperm into Tom's tender rectum.

While they were still hard and erect, Tom wanted to do the same to Wayne. So, in a vice versa motion, Tom, took some lube and rubbed it on his penis and while Wayne was on his back, Tom took some lube and rubbed inside Wayne's rectum. By this time Tom's massive 10 inch penis was so hard and erect that he was more than ready to perform anal intercourse to Wayne. So, he lifted his husband's legs in the air and inserted that sexy 10 inch penis inside Wayne's tender rectum. When his penis was inside his husband, Tom tenderly massaged his penis inside Tom. By that time, Wayne was getting very relaxed and allowed Tom to take as long as he wanted to while being penetrated. Tom was inside Wayne for a half hour and then told Wayne that he was ready to ejaculate. Wayne told Tom to do it baby. So, Tom also unleashed a lot of sperm into Wayne's rectum and by that time, the two men who have been married to each other for 50 years, were completely exhausted. The two husbands walked into the shower and bathed each other. Then, they kissed each other goodnight and fell asleep in the same bed that they had tenderly made love to each other.

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