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The Sheriff

The old son-of-a-bitch was the meanest sheriff in in the entire state of Alabama. He stood six feet tall and weighed three hundred pounds, but it was all muscle in spite of his head of solid white bushy hair. He was 68 years old but still the most feared lawman in Alabama. He had put more drunks and disorderly men in the hospital than any man in uniform in Alabama.

I meet him when I was in my early fifties. I was bumming around Dothan, Alabama staying with my parents in between gigs at Cowboys, a redneck lounge just south of Dothan. I played the guitar and sang whenever they couldn’t book anyone better. My dream of making it as a singer had faded years before, but I like drinking and redneck bars so I kept at it.

I still ran after women although my heart wasn’t in it. I loved looking at old men, especially at the gym in Dothan that I belonged to. Nothing turned me on as much as watching an old man soaping himself up and taking his time doing it. Yea, I’m queer. But I’ve kept it to myself all these years. And except for some bathhouse sex, I ain’t had much man-to-man sex. See, I’m only turned on by old men and well they ain’t many of them that have offered themselves to me, except like I said in the bathhouses.

Well the moment I laid eyes on that mean motherfucker, I was in love! I just never experienced nothing like the feeling I got when I looked out over the audience that night and saw the big mean old motherfucker sitting alone at a table staring at me. I ain’t saying he was good looking, but he sure pushed my button. I don’t know if it was his bushy solid white hair or that big tuff of gray chest hair poking out of the top of his plaid shirt. Hell maybe it was his huge ears and that big nose atop a cruel mouth that attracted me. But one think I knew from my first look, he was a mean motherfucker!

But like a moth drawn to a bright, burning, killing, light, I was drawn to the old sheriff. After my set was over, I walked up to the big old man and said hello.

“You got a good voice there, son.” The old sheriff said. “Sit down and let me buy you a beer.”

That was the start of our relationship. I had a beer with him and chatted with him a little. He had a very deep voice that drove me wild. And when I finally got to sneak a look at his crotch, the size of the bulge took my breath away.

But the mean son-of-a-bitch wasn’t easy to make friends with. I must have seen him at Cowboys for almost six months before I started to feel like we were getting to be friends. I moved on him slow. I had seen him knock cold more than one redneck that made a comment he didn’t like to try something funny with him.

Then one night a year after I first met him, he came in while I was playing my last set. He looked especially angry that night. After I finished, I set with him. I didn’t ask him why he was so upset. But, he told me he had been forced to resign as sheriff of Houston County. Seems he had beaten up a couple of black guys and the shit had hit the fan and he either had to resign or stand trial for police brutality. Pop chose to resign.

The old man was in a bad mood. And I was flabbergasted when he confided to me, after seven beers, that I was his only friend. The old bastard was divorced and hated his ex-wife and his kids. And seems that he had stepped on so many toes that nobody in the sheriff department could stand his guts.

“Hey, why don’t we go down to Dead Lakes fishing tomorrow?” I said. “My daddy build an old cabin down there and we can stay in it for couple of days and drink beer and fish and to hell with everyone.” I added.

“Damn, it that’s not the best damn idea I’ve heard in a while. When do you want to leave?” The old man said and he stared into my eyes with his bloodshot cold blue eyes.

“When ever.” I answered feeling a rush of excitement at the prospect of being alone with Pop. “How about now?” I added. “I’m finished with my set. We can grab out rods and reels. Daddy keeps a bass boat and motor at the fish landing where his cabin is.” I added.

“Hell! Yea.” The old sheriff exclaimed and slammed his long neck bottle of Bud down on the table.

The old man followed me home where I grabbed the keys to the cabin and my fishing gear and then hopped on his truck with him and we made a quick stop at his house before heading for dead lakes. The drives was only two hours. We both downed three long necks on the ride.

“Hell, there’s only one bedroom!” The mean son-of-a-bitch roared when I unlocked the cabin and turned the lights on illuminated the one room cabin.

“It’s a king size bed. Hell, it’s like two beds. I’ll sleep on one side and you on the other.” I said.

“Hell, I ain’t no damn queer. I’m not going to sleep with another man.” Pop said spitting out the words like he was cursing.

“Look how damn big it is.” I said putting down the ice chest and pulling out two long necks. “Here.” I said. I handed him the Bud and then I walked to the side of the bed. “See how fucking big it is. It like two damn beds!”

“And shit fire! You don’t even have a sofa to sleep on.” Pop said as raised the beer to his lips. As he chugged the beer, he pointed with his free hand to the three straight chairs and one rocking chair positioned in a sitting area.

“Ah. I ain’t no big deal.” I said as I twisted off the top of my Bud and took a big swallow.

“Yea right!” The old man said. He took a sip of his beer. “I would sleep in the truck but my back it giving me fits.” He added.

“What’s wrong with it?” I asked after taking another swallow of my beer.

“Hurt it knocking around those to black guys. Fucking dope dealers.” He said and winced as he straightened up and leaned backward.

“My daddy’s got a bad back. I massage it for him and he says it works wonders. Learned how to massage from a Japanese girl in Atlanta I was screwing.” I said. “Let me work on your back.” I added.

“Hell. No. It’ll be all right.” Pop said. He turned his Bud up and didn’t bring it from his lips until it was drained.

I retrieved another beer and handed it to him. “Daddy swears by my massage.” I said.

“You got any aspirins?” Pop asked.


“Hell! The pain is driving me crazy.” He added.

“Come and strip down to your shorts and let me give you a massage. I can’t make it worse.” I told the old man and sort of held my breath for his reply.

“Shit. Got to do something.” The old man said as he started taking his clothes off.

I started undressing too.

“Why in the hell are you taking your clothes off?” Pop roared looking at me like he was fixing to charge me.

“I have to straddle your back. Hell, my jeans will bust out if I tried to do that with them on.” I said in a matter of fact manner as I continued to pull off my shirt and then my jeans. Leaving me in my boxer short and my T-shirt.

Pop eyed me suspiciously for a long moment then he pulled off his shirt.

“Take you T-shirt off to.” I told him.

The old man looked like he was going to refuse.

“Take it off.”

Slowly the old man pulled his T-shirt over his head. The sight of his gray haired chest astounded me. The big old man that the longest, grayest chest hairs I had ever seen on a man. An urge to run my fingers through the thick gray hair on the old man’s chest gripped me. My hands were shaking from the effort to keep my distance from him.

Then he pulled off his jeans and damn if his legs weren’t as hairy as his chest. I wanted to lick my way up his body starting with his feet. And even though his boxer shorts were very loose, his huge dick pushed out the front of them and when the old man sit on the bed, they gapped open enough that I caught a glimpse of his huge pale dick.

“Lie on your stomach.” I told him as I turned away from him to hid my growing hard on.

The old man did as I asked. I turned back to face him and climbed on the bed. Then I straddle his back and knelt over him. An electric shock flowed through my fingers when I touched them his hairy upper back. I could feel my dick throbbing as I began to massage the old man hairy back. And I suddenly found myself thinking that I just might get myself killed if I made a pass at the old son-of-a-bitch. But I also knew that I couldn’t stop myself.

God! Did I put all the love I felt for the old mean sheriff in my hands as I manipulated the muscles of his upper back and then slowly started to work my way downward. And from the sighs of relief, I knew that my massage was working.

“Never felt something so good.” The old man said.

The feel of my finger against the old man’s hairy back got me so excited that I feared I was going to cum in my boxer shorts. I had to fight to keep from shooting off as I moved my hands down to his lower back. Then my hands were brushing the waistband of the old man’s boxer shorts. A moment later, I let the tips of my finger slid under the waistband of his boxer shorts and touch the cheeks of his extremely hair ass. I wanted to push them down further inside his boxer shorts but forced myself instead to move down and began to massage the old man thick upper thighs.

The old man sort of tensed up but didn’t say anything as I worked my finger against his upper thighs and even sliding my finger up the legs of his boxer shorts. But I spend only a quick moment massaging so high up his thighs that I was almost massaging the cheeks of his ass before moving my hands down his leg. I work methodically down his legs and then began to massage the old man’s feet. And he was moaning and sighing like crazy.

“Turn over so I can do your front side.” I said not knowing how the old man would react to my demand.

For a moment, he didn’t do anything. Then with a loud grunt, he slowly turned over on his back. I glanced at his face. His stare was almost angry. I smiled “How does it feel so far?” I asked.

“I ain’t rightly felt nothing like it. Hell my back feels years younger and my legs feel great too.” The old man confessed in a gruff tone of voice. As I began to work on the instep of his feet, he watched me with glaring blue eyes that followed my hands as I worked my way past his ankle and up his leg. Then the pleasure of my massage caused him to close his eyes and relax again. And since his eyes were closed, I could lean forward and peep inside the fly of his boxer shorts as I massaged his upper legs. I could see the pale skin on the thick shaft of his dick and once again, I found myself fighting to keep from cuming.

I wanted desperately to slide my finger up the front of the leg of his boxer shorts but fear of the old man kept me from doing it. He was a big man and although older than me, I knew that he could easily beat the shit out of me with one hand tied behind him. So I just kept working on his upper legs.

And then I started noticing that the bulge in the crotch of his boxer shorts was growing.

“That’s enough you’re probably getting tired.” The old man said suddenly opening his eyes. I kept working on is upper leg as though I hadn’t heard him even though I was breathing fast from my fear of what he would do if I didn’t stop.

“Too bad we didn’t bring a couple of bargirls from Cowboys with us.” I said. “A couple of them are good fucks.” I added.

The old man remained silent, as what his boxer shorts was hiding grew larger and large before my eyes.

“Just close your eyes and relax. You’re still to tense in your legs.” I said and tried to keep my excitement out of my voice. The old man looked undecided as I worked over his upper leg like I had never done to anyone before. Then as I held my breath, he relaxed and lowered his head and closed his eyes again. I worked on his upper legs several more minutes before making my move. I slipped my fingers up the right leg of his boxer shorts as I massaged the upper most part of his inter thigh. Then I started to do the same with his left thick, the side his huge balls were hanging.

My fingers moved so smoothly over his upper thigh that the first time my finger touched his huge balls it seem completely natural. Even when I was working my finger under his balls to get to that part of his upper thigh, the old man didn’t seem to mind.

Then I let my fingers touch the silky skin of his huge dick.

“What in hell are you doing?” The old man’s voice was slow and cold as steel.

Instead of pulling my hand away I ran my fingers over the thick shaft of his enormous dick with such lightness and feel that I knew it felt great.

“I’m about to beat the hell out of you if you don’t take your hand off my dick.” The old man hissed.

Fear shot thought me, but I could stop. Instead, I found myself saying. “Shut up and enjoy it you old fuck!” As I grasped the shaft of the old man’s m0n5t3r dick and pulled the foreskin back. The only part of his dick I could see was through the opening of the fly of his boxer shorts.

“Let go of my dick you fucking queer.” The old man said as he lifted his head and started up at me.

Instead, I started jacking his dick from within his boxer shorts as I waited for his to hit me.

“Fucking asshole queer! I’m going to beat you to an inch of your life.” The old sheriff hissed.

Then I didn’t something that could have gotten me killed right then and there! I yelled. “Shut up!” As I pulled my hand out from the leg of his boxer short, reached up, caught the waistband of his red-checkered boxer shorts, and pulled them down. The old man huge dick popped out and stood straight up like a baseball bat. And then before he could react, I leaned forward and took the huge head of in my mouth. Even as I slid my lips down the thick shaft of the old sheriff’s huge dick, I felt him grab my head.

I expected instant dead. But the hand didn’t twist my head off like a cap on a long neck. Instead, the old man suddenly shoved my head down toward his crotch. “Fucking cock sucking queer.” He hissed as he sent his huge dick down my throat.

I gagged so bad that the old man finally pulled his dick out so that only the huge head of his dick was in my mouth. “Fucking pussy! You can’t even take it all.” He said but didn’t try to force his enormous dick down my throat again. He let me make love to his huge dick head. And in a few moments, I had him moaning. But under his breath, he continued to curse me and call me queer.

I slowly got used to the size of his enormous dick and was able to take more of his shaft down my throat. And strangely enough, the old man was almost gentle with me. His hands loosened their tight grip on my head and soon he was stroking my hair as I devoured his dick.

Then I pulled my mouth from his dick, moved down, and started licking the old son-of-a-bitch’s bull balls. The old man went spastic. So I licked his balls more and then managed to get one of his huge testicles in my mouth. The old man threw back his head and bellowed his pleasure.

Suddenly he was cuming. The old man’s spunk struck my face. His thick white cum ran down the thick shaft of the old man dick. I spit out his ball and started licking his cum off his dick as it gushed out his piss hole.

“Damn queer!” The old man shouted. Then he pushed me aside and turned over on his stomach. I took another chance and pulled my gray boxer shorts off and straddled his back and started massaging it again. But his time my dick was rubbing against the crack of the old man’s asshole.

I expected the old man to throw me off him at any moment as I worked my finger into the muscles of his shoulders as my hard dick head pressed against the bud of his old asshole. I paused and leaned forward and kissed the old man’s powerful shoulders. I moved down the old man’s back kissing and licking my way to the crack of his ass. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and started licking the old man asshole. He moaned and lifted his ass. I sent my tongue inside his asshole.

“Oh!” The old man exclaimed. “Pervert! Queer.” He exclaimed as I rimmed my tongue deep inside his asshole. He started to hunching my face with his ass as I tongue fucked him. Then I spit on my hand and lubricated my dick and slipped fully on the old man’s back as I guided my dick to his old asshole.

Suddenly the old man tensed up. I pushed the head of my dick against his asshole expecting him to leap out of bead the start beating on me. But he didn‘t. He moan in pain as I forced my dick head inside his asshole. Then I rammed my long thick dick up to my balls in the old son-of-a-bitch’s ass. As I said. “Take it like a man, you old slut” Then I was giving the meanest sheriff in Alabama a brutal fucking. And damn if the old bastard didn’t take my fucking and lift his powerful ass cheeks up asking for it deeper. I fucked him and just kept fucking him. I was anger at my fear of him. I wanted him to suffer now for causing so much terror in me. But finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I shot my big load deep inside the old man’s asshole.

“Turn over.” I demanded.

The powerful old man did as I commanded. His enormous dick was rock hard again. I moved down between his legs and started sucking it again. And with the old man mumbling “queer” and “faggot” under his breath. I swallowed his dick. He responded. He fucked my mouth with his enormous dick eagerly. Again, I made love to his huge dick! And when the powerful body of the old began to tremble, I took his second load of cum in my mouth but didn‘t swallow. Instead, after I had collected his entire load I slipped up and pressed my mouth the wide-eyed old man’s mouth. I forced him to open is mouth and I sent my tongue deep inside his mouth, sharing the cum with the old man.

The old man swallowed his own cum sucking it from my mouth. And then I forced him to kiss me. His kisses were powerful, manly. I felt such love for the old bastard that my heart felt as thought it would bust.

“Turn the fuck over.” I said when I finally broke off our embrace. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him but I knew that would be a mistake. When his back was pressed against my stomach, I added. “I’m going to fuck your ass all night. You’re my property now!” I growled. “Do you hear me?”

“Yes sir!” The old man sang out like he was answering a drill sergeant. I reached down between his legs and grabbed the old man by his huge testicles and pulled them back. The old man grunted. “Now, go to fucking sleep.” I ordered as I jerked brutally on the old bastard’s balls stretching his ball sack painful.

I fucked the old man two more time before dawn. Then made him sucked suck my dick before we got dressed to go fishing. The old man acted as thought nothing had happened as we fished the black water of the big lake. I wanted many times to tell him how much I loved him as we fished the calm, black waters of the lake but I knew that’s wasn’t going to be our relationship. I realized that the old bastard wasn’t a loving person. He needed someone to use him. He couldn’t stand any sign of weakness. If I told him I love him, he would probably beat the hell out of me. But love him I did.

That night after we came back to the cabin from eating raw oyster in an oyster shack in a near by town. I ordered him to strip naked. He did. I made the old man strike humiliating pose after pose before making him get down on his knees in front of me. I ordered him to take my dick out of my jeans and suck it. He did as I ordered and I shot off in his mouth. Then I set on the bed and had him stand in front of me while I sucked his dick.

Later that night I rimmed his asshole and then fucked him while making his squeeze his own balls as hard as he could. And I swear the old man was squeezing so hard on his big eggs that I thought they were going to burst. I spent my load on his back and then licked my own cum off his him. Later when he was asleep, I kissed his back lovingly and I wrapped my arms around him.
He’s all mine! All mine!

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