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The old Marine

I like to drink. And since my wife died of cancer I go out to the bars in Fort Dodge often. I'm a 70yo farmer from Humboldt, Iowa but I still thank I'm much younger until I look in the mirror. It ain't a pretty picture! What little hair I have is snow white. And looking in the mirror I can't tell where the crow's feet stop and the old age wrinkles start. Seems that my ears and nose have gotten bigger with each advancing year. But when I look at my body, it's still slim, well almost slim. Never had any body hair except for a little around my crotch, very little. My dick hasn't grown bigger like my ears and nose, but thank God it didn't shrink either. My dick might be average but I got a set of balls that would do a prize bull well.

I must admit that I go out to the bars mostly because I am horny. There's a lot of drunken sluts in some of the Fort Dodge bars, like the Brass Rail on main Street, that will go with an old farmer like me. But I haven't gone with any even though they have offered. I didn't know why until Friday was a week ago.

I was sitting at the bar at the Brass Rail drinking a Miller Light. I was well on my way to getting drunk as it was almost closing time and I had been there all evening. I was one of half a dozen drinking at the bar when this little old guy came in and took a seat next to me even though there were lots of empty bar stools. I had seen him in the Brass Rail a couple of times before but had never spoken to him.

Kate, the old red head that own the bar called the little old man Joe and brought him a mixed drink without asking what he wanted. And as he sipped on his drink, I studied him in the mirror behind the bar. He looked about my age even though his hair was darker and fuller than mine. Like I said, he was small but one of those wiry types that always surprise you with their strength. He was a nice looking old man, especially when I saw his big doe-like brown eyes.

As he took another swallow of his drink and set it back on the bar, I caught a glimpse of a Marine tattoo on his arm. I turned and asked him had he been in the Marines. He told me he had retired from the Marines after thirty years. Said even though he had been out for close to twenty years, he still missed them.

"Used to go out drinking with the guys on Friday nights and still do even though my wife bitches like crazy." The little old man told me as we struck up a conversation. I told him that my wife had died several months ago. "Yea, it's hard. Can't live with them and you can't live without them." He replied. "But what do you do for sex now. Don't tell me you just jack off." He added.

My face must have turn red because he said. "Hey, I lop my mule sometimes too." He bumped his leg against mine.

"Closing time!" Kate called out. "Drink up and get out!" The old red head yelled at us.

"Hell, I ain't ready to go home." The little old man next to me said. "I've been out so long that my old lady is going to be waiting up for me. Might as well keep her up a little later." He said. "You know of a bar that stays open later?"

I told him that all the bars closed at the same time.

"Damn! I'm not ready to go home." The little old man called out.

"If... if you like beer, I got a cooler full of Miller the back of my truck. When I was a kid I used to drive out to the old quarry and drink beer. Hell, I feel like doing that to night." I found myself saying. I was enjoying the little guy's company and like him I didn't want the night to end.

"Sounds like the plan to me!" The old Marine said. "Let get out of here before Kate starts throwing thing at us." He added and I knew from past experiences that he wasn't joking.

I was really second-guessing myself as I grabbed two Millers from my cooler and we climbed into the cab of my pickup. But damn it made me feel like I was twenty and not 70th to be heading to the quarry.

"Too bad we didn't bring one of those old sluts along with us." The old Marine said. I saw he grab his crotch out of the corner of my eye. "Hell, I horny." He added and took a long drink of from his can of beer.

"Me too. But I ain't got a wife to go home to fuck like you have." I told the old Marine as I pulled the pickup near the gravel quarry and parked.

"Well, truth be told, the old battle ax will not let me fuck her anymore. Says my dick it too big." The old Marine informed me.

I laughed and then said. "You got to be pulling my leg. Heck your not as big as a minute. If you've got a big dick it's the biggest thing about you." I said and laughed again.

"You don't believe me!" The old Marine said in a half angry voice. "Hell, I can prove it real easy." And with those words he unzipped his jeans and reached in and pulled out the longest thickest dick I had ever seen.

I just set there staring at his huge dick with my mouth open in shock. "Damn it. I feel cheated. Why should a little fuck like you have such a m0n5t3r dick?" I demanded.

It was the old Marine's turn to laugh. When he stopped he said. "Hey, yours can't be that small. Take it out and let see."

I guess I was really drunk at that point in time because I suddenly found myself unzipping my green work pants and pulling out my little cut dick. I glanced down at my puny dick and over at the old Marine's m0n5t3r dick and shook my head. "Damn, you sure got me beat."

"Make it hard. I bet you got a grower." He says as he began to move his foreskin back and forth over the mushroom head of his own dick as he eyed my little cut dick.

And damn if I didn't start jacking myself off right there in front of the old Marine. Even though the alcohol fog in my brain, I couldn't believe that I was actually jacking off in front of another man. Hell, I hadn't even done something like that when I was a kid.

With the old Marine watching, I really didn't expect my dick to get hard. But damn if it didn't swell up like I was twenty years old again. The thing go so hard that it was throbbing.

"Hell, you got a nice dick too. It's not long but nice and thick." The old Marine said in open admiration. "Show me your balls." He added.

And damn, I didn't even hesitate. I reached in and struggled to pull out my enormous set of balls.

"Wow, I ain't never seen such big nuts!" You must shoot a m0n5t3r load of cum." The old Marine said in admiration. Then without asking he reached down and grabbed my balls with his free hand. "Damn, they are m0n5t3r balls." He added as he began to massage my balls.

The shock of having another man touching my nuts stifled the protest in my throat. And by the time I recovered from the shock, the feel of the old Marine's rough hands on my bull balls felt so good that I didn't want him to stop. I leaned back and let him massage, pull and squeeze him balls until I thought I was going to shoot off on his hand. But just as I was nearing a climax he pulled his hand away from my balls.

Then suddenly he had his hand behind my neck and was pulling my head down toward his crotch. "Give my big dick a kiss." He told me as he forced my face closer and closer to his crotch.

I wanted to protest. But suddenly seeing his m0n5t3r dick inches from my face sent me into a state of sexual lust that I had never before encountered. I swear I tried to stop myself, but in spite of my inner battle, I found myself opening my mouth as he forced my face into his crotch.

Suddenly the old Marine's dick was in my mouth. And damn it I didn't start sucking the big mushroom head of his dick like I knew what I was doing.

"Shit! That feels great. Yea, suck my big dick." The old Marine cried out. Strangely enough his words got me even hotter. I actually found myself wanting to please the old Marine. So I took as much of his huge dick into my throat as I could without gagging.

"Yea, you old cocksucker, suck my dick. Suck Big Daddy! Suck him until he squirts!" The old Marine called out as I began to instinctively tongue the shaft of his dick. "God Damn, you are good, you old queer! Suck me, Fag!"

Instead of making me angry, the name calling threw me into a sexual frenzy. Suddenly I was doing the impossible. I was swallowing the old Marine huge dick an inch at the time. And damn it I didn't get his entire dick in my throat with out gagging.

"Fucking cock sucking, queer farmer!" The old Marine cursed as he began fucking my mouth like he was pumping his wife's pussy. "Make me cum, Fag! Do it!" He said slapping me hard on the back of my almost baldhead.

I went totally crazy with lust. I buried his long thick dick in my throat until my lips were touching his pubic hair. I don't know how many time I moved my mouth up and down the shaft of his dick as I tongued it. But suddenly the old Marine grabbed my head again and pushed it hard against his crotch as he shot his load deep into my throat. And then I was swallowing his cum to keep from choking.

Then he pushed my head away from his crotch. "Hell, that's enough. Don't you know when to quit?"

I straightened up as I watched the old Marine stuff his still hard dick back into his jeans. And then I was jacking my own dick as hard and as fast as I could. The old Marine turned and looked out the window toward the quarry as he drank his Miller Light. Even when I cried out and shoot off in my hand he didn't look at me right a way. He waited until I stopped moaning before he turned back to look at me.

"Rub it on your face!" He ordered me in a drill sergeant's voice. "Do it you fucking fag!" He shouted.

I found myself obeying him and smearing my huge load of sperm all over my face. It felt sticky and disgusting but damn if a part of me didn't enjoy feeling the cum running down my wrinkled face.

The old Marine finished his beer. "Get us some more beer and maybe I'll let you suck me off again before we head home."

I got out and retrieved two more Miller Lights form the back of the pickup. When I got back into the truck and handed the old Marine a beer he said. "I've been looking for an old faggot to suck me off. Seems like I finally found one.

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