Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

Grandpa's House

Written by BrandonSBCA

My name is Jake, I'm 20 years old, so glad to be out of the teen years. Ever since my Grandma died I've been trying my best be there for my
Grandpa. I'm the only child in my family, so he pretty much has nobody else
to talk to about it. I headed to his house one morning, unaware that he was
asleep, I went through the side door of his house, and he was asleep on the
couch, naked. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, my Grandpa sitting
there on the couch, his cock hanging down, he was hung like a horse, 5
inches hung. He was 61 years old, a beer belly which I didn't mind on a

I didn't know what to do at that point, having him waking up seeing
me looking at his naked body. It gave me a hard on watching him lay there
his eyes closed, his cock and balls on the couch. I decided to go out the
side door, go to his front door and ring the door bell. That might wake up
him so he can put something on. I would feel so embarrassed having someone
watches you wake up while you're still naked. I ran his door bell again; I
heard the door being unlocked on the other side. My Grandpa opened the
door; he had on a nice dark blue robe.

"Hello Jake, what brings you here?" He asked me.

"Hi Grandpa, just wanting to visit it's been almost two weeks since I saw
you, can I come in?" I asked him.

"Sure, come in." He told me.

I walked in looking around, I wonder what would have happened if I
took the first choice and woke up him while he was naked on the couch. I
walked over to kitchen sitting down on one of the tables; it looks like
Grandpa only had that robe on and nothing else underneath. He sat down on
one of the chairs, what he didn't know was that his balls could be clearly
visible from his robe. I looked down at them; they were just plopped on the
chair. He looked at me; he put his glasses on smiling at me.

"So Jake how was your weekend?" Grandpa asked me.

"It was okay Grandpa, I really wanted to see how you were pulling through,
and Mom said that you were having trouble the other night about being alone
here." I said in a concerned voice.

"Well Jake, it does get to me sometimes knowing that your Grandma is no
longer here. I miss her a lot. But I've discovered a whole new way to cope
with her not being here." Grandpa said.

I was getting kind of uncomfortable with where this conversation
was going. I didn't want to end up getting a hard on. I guess you can kind
of say I have a thing for my Grandpa. Seeing Grandpa's hung cock lying on
the couch 10 minutes ago was such a turn on. I listened to him carefully
wondering where the conversation would lead.

"Which is?" I asked him.

"Jake, do you ever jerk off? I'm sure kids at your age usually jerk off.
It's for pleasure I'm sure. I've been battling depression these first
couple of weeks, but every time I put on a porno I jerk off, I feel so much
better." Grandpa said.

"Grandpa, um, you're um...thing is hanging out" I told him.

"My....what is hanging out? Oh shit, I'm sorry Jake I didn't know." Grandpa
said putting his cock back inside his robe.

"It's okay Grandpa." I told him.

I couldn't take this shit anymore, I wanted so bad to suck his
cock. But I didn't know if he would let me. So I did the next best thing, I
grabbed a hold of my crotch trying to move my stiff cock inside my
pants. Grandpa's eyes shifted down looking at me positioning my cock in my

"Oh, I can see you're a little hard down there, unzip your pants, pull it
out, I'm pretty sure you need to let it out for some fresh air" Grandpa

I was in heaven, I was glad he wanted to see my manhood. I unzipped
my pants, pulling out my 7 inch hard cock. It laid there on my crotch, he
smiled looking at me. I knew that he was impressed by my cock. Grandpa
opened his robe revealing his 5 inch soft hung cock. He laid there, he had
big balls too.

"Well I guess I should let mine breathe for a while." Grandpa said sitting
on his chair.

My cock was beginning to stiffen, he was uncut, it was so hot
seeing his foreskin wrap around his cock head. I couldn't take the pressure
anymore so I got on my knees, moving myself closer to him. I took a hold of
his cock looking up at him. My Grandpa had the most amazed look on his face
seeing that I wanted his old cock. He smiled at me. I smiled back stroking
his cock slowly, his foreskin going up and down his cock head wrapping
around it. Oh my god I couldn't believe this. His cock begins to get hard,
as it grew in my hand I felt like it was getting larger and larger. By the
time he was fully stiff he was around 8 to 9 inches. I went down on him
taking it into my mouth, I heard him moan, his warm hands caressing my
hair. His foreskin moving around in my mouth each time his cock moved up
and down.
I couldn't believe I was blowing my own Grandpa in his kitchen. We
kept at it for about 10 more minutes until; I took my mouth off his
cock. My mouth was full of his wet precum. It tasted so good in my mouth.

"Hey lets go to the couch, take off your clothes Jake while you're at it."
Grandpa said.

I took off my shirt showing Grandpa my six pack abs; I lowered down
my pants stepping out of them. He sat on the couch observing my body, his
cock still rock hard in his hand. Grandpa was stroking his meat while
looking at me; my cock was still hard when blowing Grandpa. Grandpa spit on
his hand smearing it all over his own cock.

"Come here Jake, sit on Grandpa's cock." Grandpa said.

I've already been fucked before, so I knew my hole wouldn't be so
tight when accepting Grandpa's nice uncut cock, but 9 inches was fairly
large. I just hope it won't hurt. Grandpa continued to spit onto his hand
smearing it on his cock making it more wet and slippery. I turned around
trying to position myself to Grandpa's cock. Hopefully it will slip right
into my hole. I felt the tip of his head tickle my cheeks, I pushed gently
down on his cock, it slide into my hole feeling so good. I moaned out loud
feeling it enter, only half of it got into my ass, the rest would have to
be forced into me.

"Oh my god Grandpa your cock feels so fucking good in me" I said out loud.

"You seem loose; does this mean you've been fucked before son?" Grandpa
said grabbing onto my thighs pushing me down onto him.

"Yes sir, I've had many guys fuck my hole a lot, but I'm finally getting
your cock inside me." I told him.

"Good boy, now take Grandpa's cock into your ass." Grandpa said in a
demanding voice.

He pushed me down hard against his cock, I could feel his belly
hitting my ass, I kind of bounced off his belly, taking out half of
Grandpa's cock out from my hole, then he slammed my body back into his cock
sliding all the way in me. It was painful but the pleasure of having my
Grandpa fuck me in the ass was making the pain go away. I moaned and
screamed loud as much as I could. I didn't really care because I knew
nobody would hear us fucking. After a good 3 minutes of fucking, he pulled
out his cock from my ass. The feel of my ass closing while his cock exited
out felt like ecstasy.

"Okay Jake, get on the couch." Grandpa said.

I got on the couch laying on my back, I made sure that my head was
comfortable I wouldn't enjoy myself being fucked while my head laid in the
most uncomfortable place on the couch. He grabbed both of my legs putting
them both into the air. I felt both my legs kind of crack, it felt awesome,
I already knew where he wanted to put his cock at. He rested my legs on his
chest and shoulders, I felt his cock pocking my hole trying to get it in
correctly. I slid into, Grandpa's cock kind of hurt going inside this time
but when it was all in it was time to get fucked again.

"Oh yeah, take my cock Jake, feel good inside you?" Grandpa said groaning.

"Yes, oh my god yes! Fuck me hard Grandpa" I screamed.

He fucked me harder and harder, I could feel his balls slapping
against my ass, it felt so good. He was going faster and faster, I was only
screaming louder and louder each time he went in me. He pulled out of me
jerking his cock. He was moaning loud, his hand stroking faster and faster
on his wet cock.

"Oh yeah, I'm going to cum, oh yes! UGH!!!!!" Grandpa screamed.

His cum shot out all over my body and chest, another squirt hit my
mouth and face. I closed my eyes still feeling squirts of cum shoot over my
body and face. It felt so good having his cum shoot into my mouth, it
tasted real salty but I enjoyed his juice. Then I felt something on my
lips, Grandpa's cock sliding into my mouth, I took a hold of Grandpa's cock
cleaning his cock dry, I had to put my tongue through his foreskin to
finally get the cum from his cock. I used my other hand to rub his cum all
over my body. He took his cock out of my mouth. Then I felt Grandpa's lips
kissing my mouth. Grandpa never kissed me on the mouth before but it was so
fucking hot that I used my hand that was full of Grandpa's cum to jerk
myself off.
Grandpa took his lips off mine, I laid there on the couch still
with my eyes closed stroking my cock. I was about to explode anytime now. I
felt Grandpa's warm hands stop me from jerking my cock off. I felt his warm
mouth cover my cock. He was blowing me, this was turning me on so much that
I was about to explode.

"Grandpa, I'm about to cum. Oh yeah! Keep sucking my dick!" I screamed to

"Oh yeah Jake, shoot your hot load into Grandpa's mouth" Grandpa said
putting his mouth back onto my cock.

His mouth sucked on the tip of my cock head, I shot my cum,
hopefully it was shooting into Grandpa's mouth so he could taste my sweet
lovely cum in his mouth. Grandpa sucked and ate every bit of cum that shot
out from my dick. My body twitched for a moment the pleasure was
unbelievable. I was breathing hard opening my eyes; I could see Grandpa
cleaning my cock dry. He pushed himself up towards me kissing my mouth,
sending some of my own cum into my own mouth which tasted hot! Grandpa and
me laid there on the couch feeling each other's body. I was so glad that
this happened, now we can do this all the time I visit him.

"Jake that was amazing, you're a better lay than the delivery guy I had two
week ago?" Grandpa said laughing.

"What? You mean you've fucked other men?" I said confused.

"Yeah, this hot sexy Latino delivery man came by, he delivered my medicine
to me, I had my robe on, I guess my cock was poking out, he noticed, he sat
in his delivery stroke rubbing his bulge." Grandpa told me.

"What did he do then?" I asked him.

"He came back knocked on my door, I let him in, we fucked and cummed all
over each other. He took a shower, put his clothes back on and thanked me
for the lovely fuck then left." Grandpa said smiling.

My mouth dropped open in disbelief; Grandpa was having hot sexy
twinks in his house giving him head on a daily basis. I felt kind of
jealous of Grandpa, but then felt turned on just thinking about it.

I took a shower cleaning myself from Grandpa's dried cum. I put my
clothes back on seeing Grandpa standing there naked. I walked over to him
giving him a hug. He smiled kissing me on the cheek. I never could get the
question out of my head. Was my Grandpa bisexual or gay? I had to tell him.

"Grandpa, are you bisexual or gay?" I asked him hoping he would answer.

"I'm gay honey, I think your Grandmother would of wanted me to be happy for
who I was. Your parents don't know. It was only discussed between me and
your Grandma. I confessed to her that I was in fact gay all these years but
couldn't express myself to her about it. She was very accepting; her dying
words were for me to be happy, to find that special man in my life if I
ever do find it." Grandpa told me in the most serious voice ever.

"Grandpa, I think you already know I'm gay." I told him not worried at all
about what his reaction would be.

"I know you are, today it showed me that you are in fact gay and happy
about it. Don't ever be ashamed of who you are, accept yourself and others
will accept you to. Do your parents know?" Grandpa asked me.

"Yes they do know, they accept me Grandpa, I never felt happy to be who I
am" I said smiling.

"Good, I'm glad that you are who you are. Now I'll have someone to talk
with about my sex stories. Also if you want you can be apart of those sex
stories along with me." Grandpa said kissing me on the forehead.

"Thanks Grandpa, I bet the guys you have sex with are fucking hot" I said

"They sure are, they are the type of guys you find in porn movies" Grandpa
said laughing.

I gave Grandpa a hug and a kiss on the lips. I got into my car
sitting there watching him wave to me from his front door. I waved back at
him, I headed out into the highway thinking to myself. My Grandpa is gay,
now I can finally get a piece of action next time I visit him....

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