Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014

Granddaddy Suckles

Written by SanPalo

Late one night I heard someone come into my room, I knew it could only be one person and that was grandpa. He had never come into my room at night to my knowledge. I lay very still as I watched grandpa come over to the bed. Slowly he climbed onto the bed with his face near my crotch. I then felt his tongue licking my cock and balls. 

He picked up my cock and sucked it for sometime and then sucked each nut. I instantly got hard and my cock stood up on my stomach. Grandpa then raised up and pulled my cock to his mouth and sucked very vigorously on the head and deep throated me many times. I could not hold back very long and started squirting cum all in his mouth. He continued sucking and finished sucking the cum out. I thought he was finished and would go back to his room, but he laid his head on my right thigh and continued to suck. Grandpa must have laid there two or three hours sucking and playing with my cock and balls. His lips were in my pubic hairs as he sucked the entire soft cock into his mouth. 

He sucked like he was not ever going to get anymore, I wanted to pat him on the head and tell him he could have my cock anytime, but I was afraid he would get upset. He sucked and sucked and I started getting hard again and I could tell he was getting excited about getting another mouthful of my cum. I just relaxed letting him do anything he wanted, at one time he stuck a finger up my ass and massaged my prostate gland causing more juice to come into his mouth. It did not take long before I was shooting another big load into his awaiting mouth. I could hear him slurping up all the cum and could feel him licking the head as the cum was oozing out. Again he lay his head on my thigh and sucked for a couple more hours. He finally got his fill and headed back to his room. 

The next morning he had breakfast fixed for me. I walked in and he gave me a real big smile. I was hoping somehow we could eventually stop the night time rendezvous and we could get together in the daylight.
I was not sure if he preferred the night time sucking or would want to suck me during the day. I had to figure out someway to approach him with the idea. We always swam in his pool together and I thought this might be a chance to see if I could seduce him during the day. 

The next day when we were swimming I removed my swim suit And threw it upon the deck. Then I got out on the edge of the pool And displayed my hard cock to granddad. Grandpa looks over and sees My hard cock and asked me if I need to get my nuts off. I did not have to answer he came over and stood in the water in front of me and pulled my cock to his lips. He sucked and jacked me, I could not hold back, I emptied my nuts into his mouth. He stayed on me as usual sucking me like a calf suckles on its mother's teat. I just watched as granddad enjoyed my pacifier. 

We talked later and he told me he missed sucking cock as he had sucked his father and his grandfather when they were alive. I asked him if he liked to get sucked and he answered yes. So from then on its was 69 cock sucking for us both. 

Grandpa had a nice big cock and it felt great in my mouth. His load was huge and I thought the first time he shot in my mouth I was going to drown. I swallowed and swallowed and tasted his sweet, sweet juice. We enjoyed each other every night, he needed cum more than I did so I mostly supplied grandpa with mouthful of cum every night. Grandpa would cum about every other night, but I still loved to suck his cock and feel the hot cock resting in my mouth. It was extremely exciting to me that grandpa wanted more than anything to satisfy my needs. I knew he did get much pleasure from sucking me, but I knew he wanted more than anything to feel me shooting in his mouth knowing he was giving me the ultimate pleasure he could. 

Grandpa told me many times about how he would satisfy His father and grandfather. He said he could tell when his father And grandfather needed to be sucked. He would get them into a room When he knew they needed to cum and suck them off. Sometimes it would be a quicky because of the circumstances, but most times he said he had time to enjoy the cocks in his mouth and suck some for his pleasure. 

He told me he liked it most when he could get both his father's cock and His granddad's cock at the same time. He told me that was the ultimate pleasure for him and told me it was difficult but he did manage to suck both cocks off at the same time. He told me his father and grandfather would kiss and pinch and suck each others tits while he was on his knees sucking them. Grandpa told me that was the most volume of cum he has ever had and always looked forward to getting both cocks at the same time. 

I asked him didn't my father still have a brother living. I suggested we have my uncle come over sometime and grandpa could suck both Of us off at the same time. He liked the idea very much and I said I would set it up for this weekend, it was already Thursday. That night I called my uncle and asked if he would like to come over for the weekend. He stated that would be great since we had not seen each other in years. Uncle Bill was seventy-two but still worked part time. I asked him to come Friday night so we could have more time together.
Friday afternoon Uncle Bill knocked on the door and I let him in, he was a tall handsome man with white hair and medium to big build. We hugged and then I brought him in to meet my granddad on my mothers' side. It was strange they also hugged. It was amazing how much Bill looked like my father. We chatted for some time and then decided to go for a swim. We informed Bill we did not wear swimsuits, he stated that was fine he did not like to swim in a suit anyway. 

We all stripped and dove into the pool. It did not take long for granddad to zero in on Uncle Bill. Granddad would swim under water and swim between Uncle Bill's legs. I could see he would grope Uncle Bill when he Went under. Granddad did this several times and then Uncle Bill said he had to get out, he walks up the stairs and his big semi hard cock swung back and forth. 

Uncle Bill was not bashful and displayed his cock for us to see. Granddad asked Uncle Bill if he needed to get his nuts off, and Uncle Bill replied hell yes, you know someone to take care of this thing. Yes, replied granddad I can take care of that big cock for you. What can you do for me asked Uncle Bill. I can suck that thing and you will think you have it in some womens' pussy, they don't call me pussy lips for nothing. You will let me shoot off in your mouth asked Uncle Bill. Of course that is what it is all about except for me getting to pacify myself by sucking you. 

Bill I love to make men cum and then suck them for hours getting My satisfaction. What do you do with the cum after I shoot in your Mouth asked Uncle Bill. I swallow every last drop. Wow that is nice Stated Uncle Bill. Where do you want me to sit so you can suck me off Asked Uncle Bill. Sit on the edge of the pool and junior can suck your tits while I get your load. Then we can switch and let junior get a load while I suck your tits.

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