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Father in law confidential - the Trip begins

Written by jordongeff

When my wife and I moved back to Denver from Las Vegas, her mom and dad
flew down to help us with the move. After a few days of packing, the moving
van arrived and we basically got out of the way while the company loaded up
the truck. While the movers were busy doing their thing, Edward and I
dropped the girls off at the McCarran airport for their flight to Denver.
Edward and I were going to drive the car to Denver and meet up with the
girls in a few days.

Back at the house the movers were just about finished but it was
around six pm by the time they pulled away in their truck. With everything
finally taken care of we just needed to drop off the keys with the realtor
in the morning and hit the road for Denver as early as possible. So Edward
and I settled in, setting up an air mattress on the living room floor and a
portable TV to watch the ball game.

That night in the vacant house we rested in the solitude atop the
air mattress with out backs propped against the wall watching the small TV
that was elevated on a suitcase at the foot of the air bed. The cheers of
Dodgers and Rockies fans echoed in the empty room as we shared a case of
twenty four Bud that was on ice in a cooler next to Edward. After five
beers I began to feel the pull of the void and I let go and fell into a
dreamless sleep.

When I awoke later I was alone in the room. The light from the TV
flickered into the darkened room but the volume was turned all the way down
and the ball game was apparently over. Upstairs a toilet flushed and I
could hear the faucet turn on in the bath tub. A few seconds later I heard
the clunk of the lever to engage the shower, followed by the sound of the
spray hitting the bottom of the tub. Still feeling good from the beers I
decided to make my way upstairs and get ready for a shower in the master
bath. Upstairs the door to the main bath was wide open and I stopped and
leaned against the door frame, rubbing my eyes.

"About time you got up," Edward chuckled, "I'm gonna take a quick
shower tonight so I can just get up and go in the morning." He turned and
pulled his golf shirt off over his head to reveal a perfectly furry chest
and a fuzzy, full belly. Ed was about 5'6'' and though his brown hair was
really thinning on top he was hardly grey at all for being 66 years old. He
had the build of a small bull and aside from his obvious beer belly he was
in great shape. I watched him check his beard in the mirror as if he was
contemplating a shave. He turned sideways to me, facing the steaming
shower, and began to remove his pants. I watched closely as he lifted each
leg out of his trousers and I stared at the crotch of his underwear - he
sported a sizable pouch in his white cotton BVD briefs.

"I think I'll go jump in the shower in my bedroom," I said while
watching him, "I'll see you down stairs in a few minutes." I turned and
made my way toward the bedroom, but before I entered I glanced back down
the hall. From the shadows I could see directly into the bath room where
the door was still wide open. I thought it was a little strange that he
didn't shut the door, but without the girls around I guess he figured he
didn't need to. Overcome with lust I unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall
to my ankles and began pulling my cock slowly while I watched the show.

Edward slid his briefs down off his smooth white ass and flung them
onto his pile of clothes with a flick of his toe. I could see the perfect
trail of black hairs marching down from his navel to the broad patch of his
chest-nut-brown pubic hairs. His cock was a big, fat nub sitting atop a
nicely hung pair of big, furry nuts. His portly frame was sexy, no doubt,
but he carried himself with confidence that always made him seem sexy to
me. He was a man's man, who prided himself in his raw sensuality and I
wanted to be just like him. He loved to please women, and he took great
pride in his attention to the female orgasm. I knew because he'd tell you
all about it if you asked him, especially after a few beers. I guess
that's what made me so curious in the first place. Edward had told me
stories on several occasions about how he would make the girls crazy with
his big cock and how we could make love for hours, often cumming multiple
times. "Hosing them down," he called it. Wow! I tried not to appear too
interested those times as I listened, but I always got an erection while
watching him tell those stories. As he spoke in his deep, soft voice he had
this habit of adjusting his balls with a tweak of his hand every so often,
making anyone with him momentarily shift their attention to the outline of
his nuts filling out a nice package in whatever pants he wore. Still,
aside from my constant "crotch watch" campaign, I had never seen him fully
naked until then.

I watched, captivated. He raised his leg to step into the tub and I could
see his dark balls hanging against his other thigh. He stepped into the
shower and aimed the shower head on an angle toward the wall - there was no
shower curtain because everything had been removed when we packed. I
watched him wash his hair and lather up his chest and rinse the shampoo
from his head. He reached down and turned off the water but he continued
to lather his body with a bar of soap. There is something incredibly
erotic about watching a man wash his cock and balls and seeing the white
suds swept over their chest and pubic hairs. He raised his feet, one at a
time to the edge of the tub to soap them up and it was then that I was
given a better view of his soapy cock, suddenly grown thicker and longer
since entering the shower. Even semi aroused his cock surpassed mine in
length and thickness. I remember thinking that all the stories must have
been true. Edward really did have a m0n5t3r cock that would make the girls
He soaped up his butt cheeks and worked a hand in deep to clean his
ass. With his other hand he began stroking his cock, pulling it,
stretching it out and cleaning around the head. I could see he was almost
fully erect as he slid his soap cover hand over his slippery cock. I was
waiting for him to really get going on it, but instead he turned on then
shower and began to rinse off the suds. My God he was beautiful: so thick
and portly and rugged, glistening under the rivers of water streaming down
his back and over his chest. He was so self confident and horny. He was

I wanted to stay and watch him dry off but I knew if I waited much
longer he'd catch me wanking myself in the hall way. While he was busy
rinsing I hurried into my old master bedroom - there was a glass shower
stall there and I stripped down and got in and began washing up. My cock
remained hard as I went about my shower routine. I washed my hair last and
when I was done I twisted the water off and reached for a towel.

My eyes were three quarters closed when I saw Edward step forward
and hand me a towel.

"It's a little wet from when I used it but it's the only one we
got," he said, "Guess we didn't think we'd be having one last shower here."

"Thanks," I said and I took the towel and held it so the length of
it draped down in front of me blocking his direct view of my hard cock.

"What goes around comes around," he said with a smile and I watched
him turn and leave the room wearing nothing but his clean, white BVD's.

A few minutes later, holding the towel around my waist, I headed
back to the living room and I could hear the TV again as I made my way down
the stairs. Edward, still wearing nothing but his briefs, reclined on his
side of the air mattress with his back propped up against the wall, his
legs out stretched and crossed at the ankles. He looked like a big furry
bear in underwear! When he saw me he tilted his beer and finished it, then
he reached into the cooler beside him and fished out two more.

"We gotta finish these tonight," he said, "we can't bring these
with us in the car and I don't plan on throwing em away."

I took the beer from him and popped the lid and took a deep drink.
I gazed down at him as he watched the TV and in the flickering light I
swear his briefs were so full that they couldn't possibly hold any more.

I dug a pair of underwear out of my small suitcase and turned my
back to him and slipped them on.

"No need to be shy around me, boy," he said, "Hell, you got no need
to be shy packing they way you are. I seen you in the shower."

I wanted to say something about seeing him too, but I let it pass
with a laugh. I made myself comfortable on the mattress beside him,
sitting as he was with my pack against the wall, wearing nothing but my
We watched an old rerun of Hawaii-5-O and drank our suds and I was
really starting to get a buzz after my seventh beer. No longer sleepy
after the shower I laid awake watching TV until Edward slid down further on
the bed and fell asleep on top of the blankets. After he had been snoring
for a few minutes I adjusted myself to get a better view of his cock and
belly. Once again my cock was as hard as a rock and I pulled it out from
the top of my underwear and began to pull it slowly, savoring the
masturbation while looking down at Edward.

I stopped to finish off the bottom of my beer and realized I was
getting a little drunk. I wanted another beer. I slid up close to Edward,
close enough that I could feel the heat from his skin down the length of my
body. I picked a spot over his groin and leaned over him slowly to reach
into the cooler for a beer. I lingered there, feeling his package pressed
under me, feeling the hairs on his belly bristle against mine. I remember
the heat - his groin was so hot that I could feel its radiance against my
abdomen. He stirred and I quickly pulled a beer out of the cooler and sat
up-right, dripping a trail of ice cold water across his chest. He was
startled awake and looked over at me with wide eyes, but still half asleep.

"Sorry, just getting another beer," I said.

"Oh, no problem," he said, relaxing again, "I just needed a little
nap. I think I'll join you."

Ed got himself a beer and sat up a little to drink it.

A couple more beers flowed into us and all our cares slowly drifted

"Tell me one of your stories," I asked, "one of your 'girls gone
wild' stories. A real good one."

At that point the beer was really talking and Edward began
recounting a trip to Germany when he was in the army and how he screwed two
girls at the same time in a barn behind their father's house.

As he told the story I watched him lower his left hand onto his
crotch, cupping his package and rubbing his thumb back and forth over the
top of the white cotton.

I slipped my hand into my underwear and began rubbing myself and I
whispered to him, "Jesus I can't stand it. I'm just way too fucking drunk
and horny."

As if I hadn't said a word, Edward just went right on with his
story, which ended with him blowing his load twice, once on each of the
I pulled my cock out and began stroking its full length beside him
and that got his attention.

"There," he said, "I told you there was no need to be shy around
old Edward. But unless you're quick to reload I'd slow down a bit."

I stopped stroking myself and looked down at Ed, drinking him up
with my eyes, feasting on his image before me.

"Have you ever done a three way where the woman was fucking another
man at the same time?" I asked, probing for a bisexual type encounter.

"There have been a few times where that's happened, but it was
never by choice. Sometimes you find yourself in situations where the best
thing to do is just to go with the flow," he said, "If it feels good do it!
...those are words I live by."

"God, I'm feeling good right now," I said, stroking my cock again.

"Me too," Edward said, "but I never get off alone, so if you don't
mind?" He spread his leg over to my side of the bed and crossed his leg
over mine down near the ankle. I watched him slip his hand down under the
elastic waist band of his briefs to fondle himself.

I leaned toward him and whispered in his ear, "I thought you'd
never ask," and I moved down next to him, putting skin to burning skin. I
rolled onto my left side and leaned my body toward him as he lay on his
back. I hiked my right leg up over his thigh until my knee made contact
with his hand that was still in his underwear. I ran my hand over his
hairy chest and gently pinched both nipples, and then I rubbed my hand down
over his furry belly until my fingers entered into his thick, brown pubic
patch. I raked my fingers though his pubes for several minutes - I was
enchanted by the softness, thrilled by the sensation of heat so near by. I
lowered my hand on top of his underwear, where I could feel his hand
caressing himself beneath.

"Now see what you're doing to me?" he said.

I propped myself up on his chest to watch him. He pulled his hand
out of his shorts and the thick mushroom head of his cock was poking up
under the elastic waist of his briefs. I watched his dick grow and stretch
until the shaft was lying up on his lower abdomen and his cock head had
extended beyond his belly button. It was the first time I had watched a
man get an erection, but I knew in my heart that this was no ordinary man.
I moved my hand down to feel his balls under the soft white cotton briefs
and they felt big and hot under my fingers. I slid my hand up and grasped
his throbbing organ and jacked him slowly, savoring the sensation of having
the largest cock I had ever seen sliding under my palm.

"Sweet Jesus, look at that, " I said, stroking his rock hard

I slipped off my underwear then helped Edward remove his as well.
I got down between his legs and pushed his knees up to his chest to help
serve up his ass hole and Ed looped his arms down under his knees to help
hold the position.

I licked around his hairy ball sack. He smelled faintly of soap
and old spice. I made my way down to his perfect rose bud, licking the rim
around and around.

"Ohh, yeah.... Niiiccccce," Edward groaned, "I guess you _can_
teach an old dog new tricks."

I grabbed hold of his big, old cock and began pounding on it,
stroking it's full length while continuing to rim him. I worked my tongue
in and around his hole as best I could and I sucked and nibbled at him,
pressing my face down hard on his ass. I looked up to watch Edward: his
eyes were closed and his head was lying off to one side, his mouth was open
and his tongue was swirling around his lips. I slid my middle finger past
his sphincter muscle and began fucking him with my finger.

"Ohh, that's it!" he said and he grabbed hold of his cock and
milked it, hard.

His body tensed beneath me and a couple of minutes later his cock
exploded. I watched his cock fire a stream of cum like a rocket - a line
of thick, white ejaculate flew up onto his chin and down on his neck. The
second string flew onto his chest, spanning from his left nipple half way
down his belly and it lay, suspended, on his carpet of body hair. The
final spurts left a big puddle of cum just above his belly button.

I leaned over him and sucked up his pool of cum and swallowed. I
sucked up the rivers of cum, up over his chest, up the side of his neck and
onto his chin. Edward grabbed my head and pressed my cum covered lips onto
his month and filled me with his tongue, sucking and kissing his own seed
from my lips. He embraced me and continued to make love to my mouth.

I rolled over onto my back as Edward sat up and began digging
through his overnight bag. Seconds later he was kneeling at the foot of
the mattress with a small tube of Vaseline. I didn't think it was very

"This has come in handy a few times and now I never leave home
without it. The old girl gets dry and this makes getting into her a whole
lot easier," he said, "Want to try it?" His cock was still rock hard and
throbbing as he smeared it with the Vaseline.

"Sure, I have always wanted a lubed up nine inch beer can shoved
into my ass," I said sarcastically. But that's about what it looked like.
He had grown so long and thick that I couldn't imagine getting it inside
"Just lean back like I was and we'll take our time," Edward said,
as he slipped a couple of slippery fingers into my ass. He worked it, nice
and slow until he was pressing the tips of four fingers past my rose bud.
I watched his every move with wonder. He seemed to know just what to do
and I trusted him to be gentle. It felt nice, but I wanted more. I
reached down and pulled his hand away.

"Please... try it now."

"Now you just relax and enjoy it, boy. Once you get past the burn
you let me know and I'll ride you as long and as hard as you like. You
take the reigns now, cuz this old stud is gonna make a mare out of you."

Edward leaned back and dropped his cock head down against my gaping
ass hole and began to slowly mount me. The pain was intense and it burned
like mad. He moved the head completely in and out a few times, but on each
re-entry he pushed a little harder and a little deeper. After about 20
minutes of this he began to pick up the speed a little and I could really
feel him filling up my ass with his big cock.

"Nice," I whispered.

"You ready now, son?"

"Ummm," I moaned.

"Your as ready as your gonna be," Edward said.

He held my legs up by the ankles and with a thrust of his broad
hips he dropped his cock into me all the way. I felt like I was going to
split in two and I gasped as the pain spiked up through my spine.

"Fuck!" I hissed, unable to say another word at that moment. I
reached up and dug my fingers into his back as he began to pump his m0n5t3r
cock into me. Faster and faster he slammed, in and out - empty, full,
empty, full. The sensation was both sensual and terrifying.

"Faster," I said, "Fuck me harder. HARDER!"

Edward shifted his weight and suddenly he was like an engine firing
all it's pistons at once.

My hard cock, laying on my belly, began to spray cum up onto my
chest as Edward continued his final assault.

He rode me without mercy, hard and deep, pounding his cocks full
length into my ass for a good two or three minutes.

"Christ, I can't take any more!" I cried.

"Ok, boy," he said, "all you had to do was say so." He leaned back
onto his knees and quickly withdrew his massive organ and began pumping it
with his fist. I looked down to watch him and it almost didn't look real
the way his hand was only covering about half of his shaft. I watched him
work his big, purple cock into a frenzy until his juice began to fly. He
tilted his head back and opened his mouth and groaned as he held his cock
steady. I watched the piss slit on the head of his cock gape open as jets
of clear cum... sprayed... out.... over me.

Edward was glistening with sweat all over his hairy chest and his
cock dripped like a faucet with a bad gasket. He leaned forward and
pressed his body on top of mine, sliding his board chest through our
mingled juices. I raked my fingers across his back and held him tight,
savoring the weight of his big, burly frame.

"That was beautiful," I said.

"That... was some honest to goodness man sex," Edward said as he
rolled off of me onto his back, "Welcome to the family."

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