Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

Charlie Bagman

There weren't any shiny gold buttons or epaulettes on his uniform, but
the way the conductor carried himself seemed a bit military. Perhaps it
was the confident walk; almost a march. A striking older man, more
torso than legs, I guessed him to be not much over five feet tall. He
had a dark olive completion with wavy salt-n-pepper hair. The original
jet-black of his hair made the shadow of his beard nearly blue under
that leather-skinned jaw. He had a thick mustache below a very
Mediterranean nose.

I watched him working from across the platform. Courteous, he seemed to
bow slightly as he spoke to the passengers, leaning in to let them know
he was focused on their needs. "Yes, Ma'am. I'll see to it personally"
he assured a woman fussing about her expensive luggage. She watched him
over the top of her glasses as he picked up all three of her suitcases
and headed down the platform - ignoring the empty luggage cart just next
to him. He walked at a brisk pace as though the luggage weighed

When he returned to the booth near the main gate he was nearly knocked
down by a disheveled man racing through with a cart stacked with cases.
The man had a look of near panic as he described his personal chaos to
the conductor, gesturing at the contents of his luggage cart. (His
ticket was still in his briefcase buried at the bottom of the pile.)
"Let's see if we can check you in without it" said the conductor in a
husky baritone. "I can bring the case to your seat if you'd like." The
conductor was there to take care of everything. He anticipated
passengers' needs (as well as needy passengers.) He was still smiling
and nodding, looking very relaxed as he took control of the man's cart
and headed over toward me.

I was standing at the service window of the station's little café. The
conductor parked his cart next to mine. Spotting my luggage tags he
said, "Good afternoon, Sir. I see you'll be joining us." "Oh, yes", I
replied rather clumsily. Now that he was right next to me the impact of
just how hot this guy was had hit me. He had dark wild eyebrows over
green eyes that bore right through me. I temporarily lost my ability to
speak as all of the blood in my brain had traveled south.

He crossed in front of me, squatting a bit to read my tags. As he bent
down to look closer I leaned in, my gaze drawn to the back of his neck
just inside his shirt collar. I imagined gently running my fingers down
the trail of wiry black hairs I saw. The texture would feel like wool
as it spread down across his shoulders. I studied the hair on his
wrists, leading from under his shirt cuffs across the back of strong,
masculine hands as he jotted notes on my tags. Even his scent was sexy.
An old-fashioned cologne I couldn't quite place, mixed with his natural
musky, manly scent both soothed and exhilarated me. I inhaled slowly
trying to make the moment last.

He tilted his face up to me and paused. I wondered if he was reading my
thoughts as he smiled, catching me again with those beautiful green
eyes. I wanted to grab him and stick my tongue down his throat. His
thick mustache was just waiting for me to gnaw on it. "Steady, boy," I
thought to myself.

Gesturing to a nearby bench he said, "Why not have a seat there, Sir?
It'll be a bit warmer in the sunlight. I can take these to your cabin;
have everything ready by the time you're aboard." "Sure. Great", I
managed. In my desire to make a good impression I wanted to help by
moving my cart closer to the train, but he cut me off. He gently but
firmly caught my wrist with his right hand while taking the cart handle
with his left. He had a stronger grip than I'd imagined. "Take your
time. We don't depart for another 40 minutes," he said, releasing my
wrist to shake my hand. "It's no trouble," he assured me before I could
voice any objection. Still smiling, he gave my hand an extra squeeze.

As he turned to go I realized I'd stopped breathing.
I exhaled slowly
watching his retreat, remembering his gorgeous, piercing eyes and warm
smile. What had seemed like just a cute, older guy across the platform
turned out to be a seriously hot daddy for which I was developing a
major hard-on. Watching him head off down the platform I sighed and
turned to find his sunny bench.

I enjoyed passing the time by watching him work. At first I thought
that seeing how he interacted with the other passengers would give me an
opportunity to learn about my co-travelers. Then I realized that all I
was doing was fantasizing about him being naked. How much of that fur,
if any, spread across the rest of him? Did being short of stature mean
he had a small dick or was he one of "nature's surprises" like I'd met
once or twice? I really wanted a chance to find answers to these
questions, but knew it wasn't likely to happen.

That evening, after a very good meal in the dining car, I began the walk
back to my cabin. I saw him at the other end of a narrow corridor.
Slowing as we approached each other, we exchanged pleasantries. "Hello
again", I said as we came up to each other. "Hi there! Did you enjoy
dinner?", he asked. "Oh, yes. It was great." "Good". It was clear he
was on his way somewhere, so I stepped back against one wall to let him
by. It turned into to a moment I'd never forget. Not only did he fail
to avoid brushing against me as he squeezed past, but he made a point of
slowing down and actually pushing his ass into me as he slid by . There
was a relaxed feeling to his butt muscles against my crotch. I
immediately went hard. I don't think I'd ever gone fully erect that
fast. Ever. I didn't even know a guy could. After he slid past me he
looked over his shoulder and smiled. This wasn't one of his
professional "have a nice day" smiles. No. There was a distinct
twinkle in his eye. He continued down the corridor leaving me standing
there staring after him. "I'll be checking on you around 8:30 to make
sure everything's to your liking" he said without looking back. "Fine",
I replied with a dazed grin. I continued down the corridor, trying to
smooth out the bulge he'd left in my pants.

At 8:30 there was a light rap on my cabin door. (The conductor was
punctual, of course.) I opened it to find those sexy green eyes looking
at me has he flashed that warm smile again. "Everything alright, sir?",
he asked. He spoke loud enough to sound businesslike. "Yes, fine.
Thank you." I replied just as loud. I was enjoying the role play,
particularly as it was real. I stepped back hoping he'd follow me in to
the cabin. The conductor did a quick check up and down the corridor.
There was no one around to see as he entered.

While stepping in he closed and locked the door in a single motion. We
fell into an embrace, sharing a long passionate kiss. We began
frantically pulling off our clothes. I didn't know if he was eager or
just didn't have much time to "fraternize with the passengers" before
continuing on with his chores, but he wasn't waiting for any
conversation. I certainly didn't mind.

As his shirt came off I saw that, though not quite as hairy as some of
the "bears" I liked to see, there was plenty of body hair to enjoy. His
forearms were particularly hairy leading to those masculine hands I'd
admired earlier. The black and white fur on his chest hung like moss on
a branch. It continued down his stomach, getting darker and thicker
until it ended in a black bush above his rising cock.

This time I wanted to be the one to offer service so I quickly dropped
to my knees and took his dick in my hands. His uncut rod had a
thickness that filled my mouth nicely has I slid my lips over it and
took it in down to its base. He exhaled slowly as he stood there, his
hands on my shoulders. I could smell that old fashioned cologne again
along with his natural musk. My tongue worked his fully erect shaft as
I moved slowly up and down. I pulled up again to enjoy a good look at
his knob. I exposed the rest of its head, sliding back his foreskin and
licked around the tip.

I pushed him toward the bed and he sat down. He leaned back and spread
his legs wide allowing me better access. I held his foreskin back,
again working my tongue around his dickhead. My other hand was feeling
the hair on his balls. They were much larger and heavier than I'd
expected. I thought about what his load might taste like.

I took his dick in my hands, stroking up and down as I worked my tongue
to down under his nuts. I gnawed gently here and there, slowing the
pace of my stroking on his dick. He moaned a bit, then a bit more.
After a delicious minute or two he sudden exhaled, "No!" I was nearly
knocked over as he jumped up. He was getting too close, too soon so I
paused and waited for his cue. Whatever he wanted next, I was going to
do my best to please him; not that I didn't have ideas of my own.

Earlier in the day I'd fantasized about what it'd be like to fuck him.
Those fantasies were about to be realized as he turned around knelt on
the bed with his butt now at my eye level. I set in quickly on eating
his ass. Making my tongue wide and flat, I covered his hole and licked
long, broad strokes up and down his crack. Starting low against the
back of his balls and on up to where his crack ended at his tailbone. I
continued slowly moving up then down again. He moaned deep and low. I
could tell he was enjoying it as he squirmed a bit, pushing his ass back
into my face.

Using my hands to spread his checks, I looked at his waiting hole. The
dark ring that lead inside was wet with my saliva. I stared licking in
circles around his hole. He continued to push back into me. I slid my
tongue in to his warm canal and continued to work my way in until I
couldn't get my tongue in any further. He continued moaning as I worked
my tongue in and around. I felt him start to relax even more. He
leaned forward laying his forehead on his folded arms, tipping his ass
up a bit.

He was breathing heavily when I finally stood up. He looked back
without saying anything, but his sexy green-eyed gaze told me he was
ready for me to stick my cock in. I worked up some spit in my mouth,
transferred it to my fingers and spread it around my fully erect cock.
I set the tip against his hole and paused: this was the moment I wanted
to last forever.

I leaned in without shoving, just keeping my dick pressed against his
hole. I felt his ass start to relax. The more it relaxed the more my
dick edged in. As the head of my dick slipped in he gasped. He was
pretty tight. I didn't want to hurt him. I tried to keep the pressure
constant while letting him take me in at his own pace, leaning back in
to me. I heard him gasp again so I pulled back. He leaned forward
without letting me pull out, but enough to let off the pressure.

His breathing leveled out and he started to push back again. I slid
back in, going only a bit deeper than before. Keeping it all rather
shallow, began to slowly fuck him. I worked it back and forth, in and
out as his tight ass relaxed further. Putting his hands against the
wall, he rose up and pushed ass back and down on my dick. It was time
to go in all the way. I listened to his long slow intake of breath as I
slowly pushed until my bush was pressed flat against his ass. "Yes", he
moaned as he reached back to pull me against him, making sure I was all
of the way in.

It looked so hot to see his salt-n-pepper hair, the fur on his shoulders
and back with traces going all the way down to the ass my cock was now
firmly buried in. I pulled out and pushed back in. Out and back,
making the slowest of rhythms. He turned back to face me again and I
leaned forward to kiss him. We held a kiss as I worked his ass. He
turned back to the wall and moaned as I continued, now moving a bit

Every so often he would squeeze my dick with his ass muscles. He rocked
left and right, spreading his legs a bit wider. I continued to pick up
the pace. My fucking worked up to a solid rhythm, my balls occasionally
slapping against him. I almost laughed to realized that we'd settled in
to a grove that kept time with the train's motion. The rhythm of the
wheels clacking over the tracks matched our pumping.

He began moaning low. It was very quiet, but with an encouraging note.
As I continued to fuck him his moaning grew louder. His ass felt so
good that I knew I couldn't hold back much longer. "You O.K.?" I
managed, panting heavily. "Yes, yes I'm fine", he breathed. "I'm
getting very close", I said, making it clear that if we didn't change
course soon I was going to shoot my load. "Uh huh", was his only reply.
I was about to pop. He pushed back hard in to me. That was my cue to
go for it. It was only another three or four strokes before I slammed
up against him and held myself there, my dick in him as deep as it could
get. "Oh!" I gasped as my cock began to throb, pumping my load into his
ass. My head spun and my vision went blurry. He was moaning and
rocking, his warm hole enveloping my throbbing cock. "Yes! Yessss...",
he said, ending in a whisper.

As my cock's throbbing lessened and I started to go soft I reach around
and under to jack him off, but he gently pushed my hand away. "No,
that's O.K.", he said. My head was spinning too much to protest, so I
slowly pulled out and stepped back. He stayed kneeling laying his head
back down on his arms. I stared at his hole, now visibly open wider
than when I'd first gone down on it. I could see traces of my cum as I
watched the hole pulsing along with his breathing.

After resting a moment he got up off the bed and went to my water
closet. He took some tissue from the roll and made a bit of a wad. He
place it at his hole as he pulled his underpants back on. I sat down on
the bed and watched as he got dressed. I felt a bit guilty that he
didn't have an orgasm after the incredible experience I'd just had. He
smiled, never saying a word as he prepared to leave. He bent down and
kissed me, then silently exited my cabin.

Turning to lay back on my bed, I sighed, listening to the sound of the
wheels on the track. I slowly drifted off to sleep and dreamt of my
handsome train conductor.

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