Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

Altar Boy

Written by Joe Sledge

When I was 16 I was an altar boy at my Catholic Church. We lived
right next to the church and the old priest wanted me there all
the time to help him out. One day he called me to his rectory and
told me he wanted me to draw his bath. He then told me to hold his
hand while he got in the tub, to keep him from slipping. He opened
his robe and dropped it to the floor. I was amazed to see that he
wasn't wearing anything underneath; not even any underwear.

He was so old and wrinkled that he looked funny naked. I was
fascinated by his big limp penis and droopy dangling balls. He
must have noticed because he asked if I would bathe him. He
explained that it would be a sin for him to stroke his own penis,
but it was safe for me to. I thought it was neat to hold the heavy
wrinkled thing in my hands. On my knees by the tub I pulled on his
penis with both hands, surprised when it grew long and stiff.
Father O'Malley laid his head back saying "Bless you my child"
over and over as I washed his wiener till it exploded, squirting
his hot holy water all over my hands. He thanked me, saying that I
had rescued him from temptation.

He said he would repay me by performing the ritual of holy
fellatio on me. He got out of the tub and dried off, telling me to
remove all of my clothes. With both of us naked he had me sit on a
velvet stool while he knelt on a velvet cushion in front of me. My
young dick was hard as stone as he dripped holy water on it. Then
he removed his dentures and slid his lips all the way to the base.
He pumped my pecker with his mouth, licking and gumming it
delightfully. He was humming hymns as he sucked, adding a
wonderful little buzz to the sensations. When my orgasm hit I was
shocked that he continued to suck me, swallowing gobs of sticky
sperm as he licked and gnawed my jerking pecker.

The next day I looked forward to another visit with the priest.
This time he told me that he needed cleansing in another area. He
rolled over in the tub and raised his wrinkled rear high in the
air. I used a soapy sponge to bathe the cheeks, but he said to use
my fingers to cleanse along the crack. I could tell that he
enjoyed it when I touched his butthole, so I rubbed it good. He
then told me to be a dear and insert a finger into his rectum to
make sure it was clean inside. I thought it was weird, but went
along, sliding my pointer in and out, looking forward to the
ritual that would follow.

When he rolled back over I saw that his penis was already long and
hard, so I hand washed it again, causing an eruption very quickly.
While he dried off I quickly stripped and took my position on the
stool without even being told. He sucked my dick for a few minutes
and then stopped. He asked if I could do him another favor. With
my dick raging I said "anything." He explained that it was very
important that a man of God be very clean and pure, and that he
was concerned that his rectum was still not clean enough. He asked
me to insert my penis into his rectum and try to ejaculate semen
into his bowels. He said that semen was very pure and would anoint
and cleanse him in divine fashion.

He slobbered on my dick to make it slippery and then turned his
ass to face me. He spread his knees wide and told me to put my
knees on the cushion between his. He then spread his ass wide with
his hands and invited me inside. I was surprised at how easily my
dick slid into him. At his insistence I buried my penis balls-deep
into his butt and started pumping in and out of him like a horn
dog. Father O'Malley was loving it, bouncing back against me with
every thrust as he recited the rosary. I liked his butthole even
better than his mouth. It felt almost as good, and I was more in
control. Soon I was filling his most unholy regions with my sacred
syrup. Every afternoon from then on I made my mother proud with my
private sessions with the Holy Father.

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