Montag, 10. Februar 2014

A Man called Horse

People call me 'Horse'. I know it's not my name, at least I think it's not. Don' really remember. Some people call me 'Old Horse' cause I'm old. I don't remember my age. But when I look in the mirror I look old. My hair is all white. Even the hair on my chest is white. I got lots of wrinkles. Guess that makes me old. But I see plenty of people here older.

I know I been here in the County Hospital a long time. Maybe all my life. Can't remember. I like to go naked. They make me wear my boxer shorts. I don't like to wear them. If I don't they lock me in my room. When there aren't any guards nearby. I let my dick hang out. I like to show people my old dick. Makes me feel good. They call me 'Horse' cause it so big. I like when old men play with it. I don't like to show it to women.

Johnny is older than me. At least he says he is. He doesn't have any hair on his head. Sometimes he and I go in the bathroom. He likes to suck my dick. I like it. Makes me feel real good. He sucks it until white stuff runs out of my pee pee hole. He always wants to put his dick into my mouth. I tell him no. So he plays with his dick until white stuff squirts out. I hold my hand out to catch it. It feels warm in the palm of my hand. I like rubbing his white stuff on my face.

Sometimes Johnny wants me to stick my dick in his potty hole. He makes me spit on my dick first. Then he bends over and grabs the top of the toilet. It's hard to get my dick in his potty hole. My dick is so big. His old potty hole is so small. He makes lots of noise when I force my dick into him. Sometime other old men come into the bathroom to watch. I like it when they do. I like watching them play with their dicks. I tell them to come close to me. I like it when their white stuff squirts on me.

The guards don't bother me when I am putting my dick in Johnny's potty hole. Some of them watch. An old guard name Mr. Bill likes to feel my balls while I my inside Johnny's potty hold. He tells me to fuck Johnny hard. I don't like to say that word. But I like to hear him say it. When Mr. Bill is watching, I pump my dick as hard and as fast inside Johnny's potty hole as I can.

Johnny doesn't like me to do it to him hard. But I am big and Johnny is little old man. I make him take my horse dick even when he pleads with me to stop. Mr. Bill likes to hear Johnny pleading for me to take my dick out of him. He always squirts his white stuff fast when Johnny is crying out in pain.

Sometime five old men will squirt on me while I am putting my horse dick inside Johnny's potty hold. I like to feel their white stuff on my body. I love it when there is so much that it runs down my legs. Yes, putting my horse dick into Johnny's potty hold it the best fun. But Johnny will not let me put it in him often. Says it hurts too much. But I keep trying to pull him into the bathroom until he finally says yes.

We got a new doctor. His name is Dr. Burke. I have to go see him. The guards tell me. They make me put on the blue jumpsuit that everyone else wears. I tell them no. They tell me that they will lock me in my room. So I put it on. I hate it. Then the guards takes me to see Dr. Burke. He is a small skinny old man. He doesn't have any hair on his head like Johnny. I like the color of his eyes. They are blue like the sky gets in winter. I wonder if he will let me put my horse dick in his potty hole like I do with Johnny.

He talks but I don't understand what he is saying most of the time. He doesn't call me Horse. He calls me Johnson. I try telling him my name is "Horse". But the sounds that come out of my mouth doesn't make sense to me. He smiles and shakes his head and says he can't understand me".

I unzip my blue jumpsuit and pull out my dick and balls. Dr. Burke's eyes get really big. He stares as my dick. I like the way he looks at it. Makes me feel good. Makes my dick swell up.

"Damn! What a cock!" Dr. Burke says. "Where did you ever get such a monster!"

I don't say anything cause I don't know where I got it. I just start playing with my old horse dick to make it feel good and swell up bigger.

"You better put it back in your pants." Dr. Burke tells me. But I see the way he is looking at my old dick. I know he likes watching me play with it. I kept playing with my dick. "Put it away before a nurse walks in and I get into trouble." Dr. Burke tells me. I just walk around his desk until my dick in only inches from his face.

"Go back and sit down." Dr. Burke orders me.

I just stand in front of my playing with my old dick.

Suddenly he gets up. I think he is going to call the guards. I know they will lock me in my room. But I don't put my dick back into my jumpsuit. I just stand there playing with it.

But Dr. Burke doesn't call the guards. He locks the door. Then he walks back and sits down behind his desk again. He smiles at me. I step forward until my old horse dick is touching the old doctor's lips.

I pull the foreskin over the head of my dick. The old doctor kisses it. Then he starts sucking on my foreskin. I like it. He bits my foreskin. It hurts but it is a good hurt. Makes my old horse dick jerk. I like the way the old doctor looks up at me as he sucks and bites on my foreskin.

"God! Damn! I never saw a cock so big. You are a freak, a crazy old freak." The old doctors says but he is smiling so I know he isn't saying something bad to me.

I want to tell him that I like him but I don't remember how. I open my mouth to tell him I like him but only a strange noise comes out.

"I bet you are trying to tell me you like what I am doing to you." The old doctor says.

I nod my head. And push my dick in his mouth. I want him to suck it. I want to feel it deep in his mouth. The old doctors seems to understand what I want. He swallows my horse dick deeper than Johnny ever does. He kept swallowing my dick until his lips are pressed against my pubic hair. It feels wonderful to be so deep in the old doctor's mouth. But he can't hold my horse dick buried inside his mouth very long.

"Damn, I never deep throated such a monster cock before." The old doctor says between gasp for air. "Damn, what a wonderful dick." He kisses my dick. I like that. Nobody ever kisses it.

Suddenly the old doctor stands up. I get scared. I don't know what he is going to do to me. He presses his mouth to mine. He forces my mouth open with his tongue. I don't remember being kissed like this before. But I seem to know what to do. I moan as I put my tongue into the old doctor's mouth. I feel strange. I want to keep kissing the old doctor forever. But he pulls away.

"Damn. You know how to kiss." The old doctor tells me. I watch the doctor unzip his pants and pull out his dick. It is big and long but still small compared to mine. "You want to suck it?" The old doctor asks me.

I shake my head.

"You got me so hot. Come on and suck me some." The old doctors pleads.

I don't want to put his dick in my mouth. But I don't want to make him mad. So I kneel down in front of the old doctor. I close my eyes and open my mouth. I feel his big dick inside my mouth. I open my eyes. I like the taste of the old doctor's dick. I like having my face close to his gray pubic hair. I start sucking his dick. He moves it against my gums. I think that if I still had teeth it would hurt him to rub his dick against my gums.

The old doctor moaned as he pushed his big old dick deeper and deeper into my throat. I felt like gagging but I fight the feeling. I want desperately to please the old doctor. I finally take all of his dick in my mouth. I could tell the old doctor is pleased by the sounds he is making.

"I don't want to cum." The old doctor says, pulling his dick out of my mouth. He stands up. Then reaches down and takes hold of my old horse dick. "Damn, I wonder if I could take it up the ass." He says as he pulls my foreskin back and forth over the head of my dick until I began to leak. He stops a moment and reached into a draw of his desk and takes out a small tub and squeezed some of its contents into his hand. Then he rubs it all over my dick.

Suddenly the old doctor starts unbuckling his pants and then pulls them down and his under shorts too. Then he turns his pale butt to me and leans over and grabs the side of his desk. "Fuck me!"

I grabbed my old horse dick. It feels slippery from the stuff the old doctor put on it. But it maks my dick head slip into his potty hole easier.

"Easy! Damn it's big!" The old doctor called out. I like the sound of his voice so I grab his hips and ram a third of my horse dick into his potty hole. The old doctor arches his back and gasps for breath. His potty hold is tighter than old Johnny's is and very hot. I sent several more inches of my huge horse dick into his potty hole. He starts to scream but stops himself. I guess he didn't want to guards to come. But I liked being watched so I just shove the rest of my horse dick into him. He tried to jerk away from my horse dick but I am a big man and I hold the little old doctor and don't let him move away.

"Take it out! Please take it out. You're killing me." The little old doctor begs. I laughed. I don't remember laughing before. I loved his voice. I want to hear him beg some more so I started pumping my old horse dick in and out of his tight old potty hole harder than I have ever pumped it into Johnny.

The old doctors maks funny sounds. He tries to break away but I am a big man. Finally he stopped protesting. "Yes! Yes. Give it to me you crazy old fool." He calls out. Knowing that he likes it maks me feel good. I try to pump my old horse dick into him even harder and faster.

Then suddenly I felt the white stuff shooting from my horse dick deep into the bowels of the old doctor's potty hole. It feels wonderful. I want to keep doing it to him but my old horse dick goes limp and popped out of his potty hole.

So I got down on my knees and turn to doctor around so that his big dick was pointing to my face. I tried to tell him I wanted his white stuff on my face.

"What? What do you want?" The old doctor said cocking his head from side to side as he tried to make out something from the strange sounds coming from my mouth. "You want me to cum on your face!" He finally asked.

I nodded my head.

The old doctor grabs his dick and started pumping it while pointing it directly at my face. I looked up into his blue eyes and tried to tell him that I loved him. But only the funny strange sounds comes out of my mouth. Still it seems to excite the old doctor. Then when he eyes got that strange faraway look like Johnny's does, I know that he is going to squirt his white stuff.

He does. His white stuff strikes my face. It feels wonderful. Some hits me on the forehead. Some more on the mouth. He squirts so much that it runs down my chin by the time he stops squirting.

I reached up and rubbed in all over my face. It feels nice and sticky. The old doctor watched me until I stopped. Then he tells me to zip up my jump suit. I smiled and nodded my head. Then he leads me to the door and called the guard to come and get me.

The guard is Mr. Bill. He takes me to my room and tells me to take off my jump suit. I smiled because I like it when people see me naked. I do as he asks. He starts playing with my horse dick until it got hard again. I like that. It makes me smile. I like Mr. Bill because he's old. This is the fist he has ever come into my room.

"I heard Dr. Burke making a terrible noise. Did you fuck the old man?" Mr. Bill asked.

I nodded my head.

"Gee, I would have loved to see you fucking the old doc in the ass. I bet he carried on something awful." The old guard said. "I bet he will not be able to sit down comfortable for a week after have this up his ass." He added lifting my old horse dick. "Hell, I wish God had given this to me instead a crazy old man like you. I sure could make my wife scream bloody murder with a dick like this."

The old guard unzipped his pants and pulled out a dick a little bigger than Old Johnny's.

"Come on and suck me off, Horse." He said.

I shook my head. I didn't want to suck Mr. Bill's dick.

"I'll make you wear your jumpsuit all the time if you don't suck me off." Mr. Bill tells me. "You going to suck me or not?" The old guard asks.

I nodded my head.

The old guard crotch smells of sweat. I liked the smell. I start sucking on his dick immediately. He moans. I enjoy the sounds. I like pleasing him. But not as much as I ded the old doctor. When he suddenly began to tense up, I think Mr. Bill is going to squirt his white stuff in my mouth. But instead he pulls his dick out.

"Go and lie down on the bed on your stomach, Horse." Mr. Bill orders me.

I always do what Mr. Bill asks me cause I like him. Sometimes when other guards ask me to do things I play like I don't know what they mean.

"Grab the top rail of the bunk with both hands." Mr. Bill orders. I don't know why he wants me to do that but I do as he asks. Then I feel him putting handcuffs on both my wrist and cuffing me to the head of the bunk.

I tried to tell Mr. Bill that I hadn't done anything wrong. But that gargling noise came out of my mouth. And he tells me to shut up. Then I feel him rubbing his dick against my potty hole. I tried to buck him off me but I could not. I didn't want him to put his dick in my potty hole.

That didn't stop Mr. Bill. The old guard pushed his hard dick against my potty hole. It hurts. But I didn't call out. I know that I couldn't stop Mr. Bill. So I just spread my legs as he presses the head of his old dick harder and harder against my potty hole.

It feels like he is pushing a red-hot poker inside me as his dick enters my old potty hole. I have to bit me lip to keep from calling out. But I didn't want to get Mr. Bill in trouble. And I remember how much I hurt the old doctor when I had pushed my horse dick inside of him. I think it must be right for Mr. Bill to do that same to me, even though I don't want him to.

Mr. Bill reaches between my legs and grabs my bull sized balls and starts squeezing them in his big hands. He hurt me. But it is a good hurt. And it makes my potty hole suddenly feel different. The next thing I know I am enjoying Mr. Bill putting his dick in my potty hole. I started making happy sounds as he squeezes my big balls harder and harder.

Then something strange happens. I squirted my white stuff on the bunk without even touching my horse dick. And almost immediately Mr. Bill starts squirting his white stuff inside my potty hole. I can feel it. His white stuff feels hot as it squirts inside me. Makes me feel good all over. Now I know why Old Johnny and the old doctor likes me to put my horse dick in their potty holes.

I think Mr. Bill is afraid of me when he unlocks the handcuffs. He steps back and grabs his nightstick. But I smiled at him as I get up. He smiles back at me and put away his nightstick and pats me on the back. "You're all right, Horse." He tells me. I smile again and point to the big pool of white stuff I had squirted on the bed."

"Man, you cum like a horse too. Never see such a load of cum." He says as he watches me scoop it up in my hands and smear it all over may face and chest. "But you are one crazy old man." He added as he leaves.

I put on my boxer shorts but I let my horse dick hang out as I leave my room and walk down the hall. Other patients look at my horse dick. But some of the women hid their faces when they see me coming. I don't care if they look. I only want the other old men to see my horse dick.