Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014

The Sheriff

The old son-of-a-bitch was the meanest sheriff in in the entire state of Alabama. He stood six feet tall and weighed three hundred pounds, but it was all muscle in spite of his head of solid white bushy hair. He was 68 years old but still the most feared lawman in Alabama. He had put more drunks and disorderly men in the hospital than any man in uniform in Alabama.

I meet him when I was in my early fifties. I was bumming around Dothan, Alabama staying with my parents in between gigs at Cowboys, a redneck lounge just south of Dothan. I played the guitar and sang whenever they couldn’t book anyone better. My dream of making it as a singer had faded years before, but I like drinking and redneck bars so I kept at it.

I still ran after women although my heart wasn’t in it. I loved looking at old men, especially at the gym in Dothan that I belonged to. Nothing turned me on as much as watching an old man soaping himself up and taking his time doing it. Yea, I’m queer. But I’ve kept it to myself all these years. And except for some bathhouse sex, I ain’t had much man-to-man sex. See, I’m only turned on by old men and well they ain’t many of them that have offered themselves to me, except like I said in the bathhouses.

Well the moment I laid eyes on that mean motherfucker, I was in love! I just never experienced nothing like the feeling I got when I looked out over the audience that night and saw the big mean old motherfucker sitting alone at a table staring at me. I ain’t saying he was good looking, but he sure pushed my button. I don’t know if it was his bushy solid white hair or that big tuff of gray chest hair poking out of the top of his plaid shirt. Hell maybe it was his huge ears and that big nose atop a cruel mouth that attracted me. But one think I knew from my first look, he was a mean motherfucker!

But like a moth drawn to a bright, burning, killing, light, I was drawn to the old sheriff. After my set was over, I walked up to the big old man and said hello.

“You got a good voice there, son.” The old sheriff said. “Sit down and let me buy you a beer.”

That was the start of our relationship. I had a beer with him and chatted with him a little. He had a very deep voice that drove me wild. And when I finally got to sneak a look at his crotch, the size of the bulge took my breath away.

But the mean son-of-a-bitch wasn’t easy to make friends with. I must have seen him at Cowboys for almost six months before I started to feel like we were getting to be friends. I moved on him slow. I had seen him knock cold more than one redneck that made a comment he didn’t like to try something funny with him.

Then one night a year after I first met him, he came in while I was playing my last set. He looked especially angry that night. After I finished, I set with him. I didn’t ask him why he was so upset. But, he told me he had been forced to resign as sheriff of Houston County. Seems he had beaten up a couple of black guys and the shit had hit the fan and he either had to resign or stand trial for police brutality. Pop chose to resign.

The old man was in a bad mood. And I was flabbergasted when he confided to me, after seven beers, that I was his only friend. The old bastard was divorced and hated his ex-wife and his kids. And seems that he had stepped on so many toes that nobody in the sheriff department could stand his guts.

“Hey, why don’t we go down to Dead Lakes fishing tomorrow?” I said. “My daddy build an old cabin down there and we can stay in it for couple of days and drink beer and fish and to hell with everyone.” I added.

“Damn, it that’s not the best damn idea I’ve heard in a while. When do you want to leave?” The old man said and he stared into my eyes with his bloodshot cold blue eyes.

“When ever.” I answered feeling a rush of excitement at the prospect of being alone with Pop. “How about now?” I added. “I’m finished with my set. We can grab out rods and reels. Daddy keeps a bass boat and motor at the fish landing where his cabin is.” I added.

“Hell! Yea.” The old sheriff exclaimed and slammed his long neck bottle of Bud down on the table.

The old man followed me home where I grabbed the keys to the cabin and my fishing gear and then hopped on his truck with him and we made a quick stop at his house before heading for dead lakes. The drives was only two hours. We both downed three long necks on the ride.

“Hell, there’s only one bedroom!” The mean son-of-a-bitch roared when I unlocked the cabin and turned the lights on illuminated the one room cabin.

“It’s a king size bed. Hell, it’s like two beds. I’ll sleep on one side and you on the other.” I said.

“Hell, I ain’t no damn queer. I’m not going to sleep with another man.” Pop said spitting out the words like he was cursing.

“Look how damn big it is.” I said putting down the ice chest and pulling out two long necks. “Here.” I said. I handed him the Bud and then I walked to the side of the bed. “See how fucking big it is. It like two damn beds!”

“And shit fire! You don’t even have a sofa to sleep on.” Pop said as raised the beer to his lips. As he chugged the beer, he pointed with his free hand to the three straight chairs and one rocking chair positioned in a sitting area.

“Ah. I ain’t no big deal.” I said as I twisted off the top of my Bud and took a big swallow.

“Yea right!” The old man said. He took a sip of his beer. “I would sleep in the truck but my back it giving me fits.” He added.

“What’s wrong with it?” I asked after taking another swallow of my beer.

“Hurt it knocking around those to black guys. Fucking dope dealers.” He said and winced as he straightened up and leaned backward.

“My daddy’s got a bad back. I massage it for him and he says it works wonders. Learned how to massage from a Japanese girl in Atlanta I was screwing.” I said. “Let me work on your back.” I added.

“Hell. No. It’ll be all right.” Pop said. He turned his Bud up and didn’t bring it from his lips until it was drained.

I retrieved another beer and handed it to him. “Daddy swears by my massage.” I said.

“You got any aspirins?” Pop asked.


“Hell! The pain is driving me crazy.” He added.

“Come and strip down to your shorts and let me give you a massage. I can’t make it worse.” I told the old man and sort of held my breath for his reply.

“Shit. Got to do something.” The old man said as he started taking his clothes off.

I started undressing too.

“Why in the hell are you taking your clothes off?” Pop roared looking at me like he was fixing to charge me.

“I have to straddle your back. Hell, my jeans will bust out if I tried to do that with them on.” I said in a matter of fact manner as I continued to pull off my shirt and then my jeans. Leaving me in my boxer short and my T-shirt.

Pop eyed me suspiciously for a long moment then he pulled off his shirt.

“Take you T-shirt off to.” I told him.

The old man looked like he was going to refuse.

“Take it off.”

Slowly the old man pulled his T-shirt over his head. The sight of his gray haired chest astounded me. The big old man that the longest, grayest chest hairs I had ever seen on a man. An urge to run my fingers through the thick gray hair on the old man’s chest gripped me. My hands were shaking from the effort to keep my distance from him.

Then he pulled off his jeans and damn if his legs weren’t as hairy as his chest. I wanted to lick my way up his body starting with his feet. And even though his boxer shorts were very loose, his huge dick pushed out the front of them and when the old man sit on the bed, they gapped open enough that I caught a glimpse of his huge pale dick.

“Lie on your stomach.” I told him as I turned away from him to hid my growing hard on.

The old man did as I asked. I turned back to face him and climbed on the bed. Then I straddle his back and knelt over him. An electric shock flowed through my fingers when I touched them his hairy upper back. I could feel my dick throbbing as I began to massage the old man hairy back. And I suddenly found myself thinking that I just might get myself killed if I made a pass at the old son-of-a-bitch. But I also knew that I couldn’t stop myself.

God! Did I put all the love I felt for the old mean sheriff in my hands as I manipulated the muscles of his upper back and then slowly started to work my way downward. And from the sighs of relief, I knew that my massage was working.

“Never felt something so good.” The old man said.

The feel of my finger against the old man’s hairy back got me so excited that I feared I was going to cum in my boxer shorts. I had to fight to keep from shooting off as I moved my hands down to his lower back. Then my hands were brushing the waistband of the old man’s boxer shorts. A moment later, I let the tips of my finger slid under the waistband of his boxer shorts and touch the cheeks of his extremely hair ass. I wanted to push them down further inside his boxer shorts but forced myself instead to move down and began to massage the old man thick upper thighs.

The old man sort of tensed up but didn’t say anything as I worked my finger against his upper thighs and even sliding my finger up the legs of his boxer shorts. But I spend only a quick moment massaging so high up his thighs that I was almost massaging the cheeks of his ass before moving my hands down his leg. I work methodically down his legs and then began to massage the old man’s feet. And he was moaning and sighing like crazy.

“Turn over so I can do your front side.” I said not knowing how the old man would react to my demand.

For a moment, he didn’t do anything. Then with a loud grunt, he slowly turned over on his back. I glanced at his face. His stare was almost angry. I smiled “How does it feel so far?” I asked.

“I ain’t rightly felt nothing like it. Hell my back feels years younger and my legs feel great too.” The old man confessed in a gruff tone of voice. As I began to work on the instep of his feet, he watched me with glaring blue eyes that followed my hands as I worked my way past his ankle and up his leg. Then the pleasure of my massage caused him to close his eyes and relax again. And since his eyes were closed, I could lean forward and peep inside the fly of his boxer shorts as I massaged his upper legs. I could see the pale skin on the thick shaft of his dick and once again, I found myself fighting to keep from cuming.

I wanted desperately to slide my finger up the front of the leg of his boxer shorts but fear of the old man kept me from doing it. He was a big man and although older than me, I knew that he could easily beat the shit out of me with one hand tied behind him. So I just kept working on his upper legs.

And then I started noticing that the bulge in the crotch of his boxer shorts was growing.

“That’s enough you’re probably getting tired.” The old man said suddenly opening his eyes. I kept working on is upper leg as though I hadn’t heard him even though I was breathing fast from my fear of what he would do if I didn’t stop.

“Too bad we didn’t bring a couple of bargirls from Cowboys with us.” I said. “A couple of them are good fucks.” I added.

The old man remained silent, as what his boxer shorts was hiding grew larger and large before my eyes.

“Just close your eyes and relax. You’re still to tense in your legs.” I said and tried to keep my excitement out of my voice. The old man looked undecided as I worked over his upper leg like I had never done to anyone before. Then as I held my breath, he relaxed and lowered his head and closed his eyes again. I worked on his upper legs several more minutes before making my move. I slipped my fingers up the right leg of his boxer shorts as I massaged the upper most part of his inter thigh. Then I started to do the same with his left thick, the side his huge balls were hanging.

My fingers moved so smoothly over his upper thigh that the first time my finger touched his huge balls it seem completely natural. Even when I was working my finger under his balls to get to that part of his upper thigh, the old man didn’t seem to mind.

Then I let my fingers touch the silky skin of his huge dick.

“What in hell are you doing?” The old man’s voice was slow and cold as steel.

Instead of pulling my hand away I ran my fingers over the thick shaft of his enormous dick with such lightness and feel that I knew it felt great.

“I’m about to beat the hell out of you if you don’t take your hand off my dick.” The old man hissed.

Fear shot thought me, but I could stop. Instead, I found myself saying. “Shut up and enjoy it you old fuck!” As I grasped the shaft of the old man’s m0n5t3r dick and pulled the foreskin back. The only part of his dick I could see was through the opening of the fly of his boxer shorts.

“Let go of my dick you fucking queer.” The old man said as he lifted his head and started up at me.

Instead, I started jacking his dick from within his boxer shorts as I waited for his to hit me.

“Fucking asshole queer! I’m going to beat you to an inch of your life.” The old sheriff hissed.

Then I didn’t something that could have gotten me killed right then and there! I yelled. “Shut up!” As I pulled my hand out from the leg of his boxer short, reached up, caught the waistband of his red-checkered boxer shorts, and pulled them down. The old man huge dick popped out and stood straight up like a baseball bat. And then before he could react, I leaned forward and took the huge head of in my mouth. Even as I slid my lips down the thick shaft of the old sheriff’s huge dick, I felt him grab my head.

I expected instant dead. But the hand didn’t twist my head off like a cap on a long neck. Instead, the old man suddenly shoved my head down toward his crotch. “Fucking cock sucking queer.” He hissed as he sent his huge dick down my throat.

I gagged so bad that the old man finally pulled his dick out so that only the huge head of his dick was in my mouth. “Fucking pussy! You can’t even take it all.” He said but didn’t try to force his enormous dick down my throat again. He let me make love to his huge dick head. And in a few moments, I had him moaning. But under his breath, he continued to curse me and call me queer.

I slowly got used to the size of his enormous dick and was able to take more of his shaft down my throat. And strangely enough, the old man was almost gentle with me. His hands loosened their tight grip on my head and soon he was stroking my hair as I devoured his dick.

Then I pulled my mouth from his dick, moved down, and started licking the old son-of-a-bitch’s bull balls. The old man went spastic. So I licked his balls more and then managed to get one of his huge testicles in my mouth. The old man threw back his head and bellowed his pleasure.

Suddenly he was cuming. The old man’s spunk struck my face. His thick white cum ran down the thick shaft of the old man dick. I spit out his ball and started licking his cum off his dick as it gushed out his piss hole.

“Damn queer!” The old man shouted. Then he pushed me aside and turned over on his stomach. I took another chance and pulled my gray boxer shorts off and straddled his back and started massaging it again. But his time my dick was rubbing against the crack of the old man’s asshole.

I expected the old man to throw me off him at any moment as I worked my finger into the muscles of his shoulders as my hard dick head pressed against the bud of his old asshole. I paused and leaned forward and kissed the old man’s powerful shoulders. I moved down the old man’s back kissing and licking my way to the crack of his ass. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and started licking the old man asshole. He moaned and lifted his ass. I sent my tongue inside his asshole.

“Oh!” The old man exclaimed. “Pervert! Queer.” He exclaimed as I rimmed my tongue deep inside his asshole. He started to hunching my face with his ass as I tongue fucked him. Then I spit on my hand and lubricated my dick and slipped fully on the old man’s back as I guided my dick to his old asshole.

Suddenly the old man tensed up. I pushed the head of my dick against his asshole expecting him to leap out of bead the start beating on me. But he didn‘t. He moan in pain as I forced my dick head inside his asshole. Then I rammed my long thick dick up to my balls in the old son-of-a-bitch’s ass. As I said. “Take it like a man, you old slut” Then I was giving the meanest sheriff in Alabama a brutal fucking. And damn if the old bastard didn’t take my fucking and lift his powerful ass cheeks up asking for it deeper. I fucked him and just kept fucking him. I was anger at my fear of him. I wanted him to suffer now for causing so much terror in me. But finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I shot my big load deep inside the old man’s asshole.

“Turn over.” I demanded.

The powerful old man did as I commanded. His enormous dick was rock hard again. I moved down between his legs and started sucking it again. And with the old man mumbling “queer” and “faggot” under his breath. I swallowed his dick. He responded. He fucked my mouth with his enormous dick eagerly. Again, I made love to his huge dick! And when the powerful body of the old began to tremble, I took his second load of cum in my mouth but didn‘t swallow. Instead, after I had collected his entire load I slipped up and pressed my mouth the wide-eyed old man’s mouth. I forced him to open is mouth and I sent my tongue deep inside his mouth, sharing the cum with the old man.

The old man swallowed his own cum sucking it from my mouth. And then I forced him to kiss me. His kisses were powerful, manly. I felt such love for the old bastard that my heart felt as thought it would bust.

“Turn the fuck over.” I said when I finally broke off our embrace. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him but I knew that would be a mistake. When his back was pressed against my stomach, I added. “I’m going to fuck your ass all night. You’re my property now!” I growled. “Do you hear me?”

“Yes sir!” The old man sang out like he was answering a drill sergeant. I reached down between his legs and grabbed the old man by his huge testicles and pulled them back. The old man grunted. “Now, go to fucking sleep.” I ordered as I jerked brutally on the old bastard’s balls stretching his ball sack painful.

I fucked the old man two more time before dawn. Then made him sucked suck my dick before we got dressed to go fishing. The old man acted as thought nothing had happened as we fished the black water of the big lake. I wanted many times to tell him how much I loved him as we fished the calm, black waters of the lake but I knew that’s wasn’t going to be our relationship. I realized that the old bastard wasn’t a loving person. He needed someone to use him. He couldn’t stand any sign of weakness. If I told him I love him, he would probably beat the hell out of me. But love him I did.

That night after we came back to the cabin from eating raw oyster in an oyster shack in a near by town. I ordered him to strip naked. He did. I made the old man strike humiliating pose after pose before making him get down on his knees in front of me. I ordered him to take my dick out of my jeans and suck it. He did as I ordered and I shot off in his mouth. Then I set on the bed and had him stand in front of me while I sucked his dick.

Later that night I rimmed his asshole and then fucked him while making his squeeze his own balls as hard as he could. And I swear the old man was squeezing so hard on his big eggs that I thought they were going to burst. I spent my load on his back and then licked my own cum off his him. Later when he was asleep, I kissed his back lovingly and I wrapped my arms around him.
He’s all mine! All mine!

Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

The old Marine

I like to drink. And since my wife died of cancer I go out to the bars in Fort Dodge often. I'm a 70yo farmer from Humboldt, Iowa but I still thank I'm much younger until I look in the mirror. It ain't a pretty picture! What little hair I have is snow white. And looking in the mirror I can't tell where the crow's feet stop and the old age wrinkles start. Seems that my ears and nose have gotten bigger with each advancing year. But when I look at my body, it's still slim, well almost slim. Never had any body hair except for a little around my crotch, very little. My dick hasn't grown bigger like my ears and nose, but thank God it didn't shrink either. My dick might be average but I got a set of balls that would do a prize bull well.

I must admit that I go out to the bars mostly because I am horny. There's a lot of drunken sluts in some of the Fort Dodge bars, like the Brass Rail on main Street, that will go with an old farmer like me. But I haven't gone with any even though they have offered. I didn't know why until Friday was a week ago.

I was sitting at the bar at the Brass Rail drinking a Miller Light. I was well on my way to getting drunk as it was almost closing time and I had been there all evening. I was one of half a dozen drinking at the bar when this little old guy came in and took a seat next to me even though there were lots of empty bar stools. I had seen him in the Brass Rail a couple of times before but had never spoken to him.

Kate, the old red head that own the bar called the little old man Joe and brought him a mixed drink without asking what he wanted. And as he sipped on his drink, I studied him in the mirror behind the bar. He looked about my age even though his hair was darker and fuller than mine. Like I said, he was small but one of those wiry types that always surprise you with their strength. He was a nice looking old man, especially when I saw his big doe-like brown eyes.

As he took another swallow of his drink and set it back on the bar, I caught a glimpse of a Marine tattoo on his arm. I turned and asked him had he been in the Marines. He told me he had retired from the Marines after thirty years. Said even though he had been out for close to twenty years, he still missed them.

"Used to go out drinking with the guys on Friday nights and still do even though my wife bitches like crazy." The little old man told me as we struck up a conversation. I told him that my wife had died several months ago. "Yea, it's hard. Can't live with them and you can't live without them." He replied. "But what do you do for sex now. Don't tell me you just jack off." He added.

My face must have turn red because he said. "Hey, I lop my mule sometimes too." He bumped his leg against mine.

"Closing time!" Kate called out. "Drink up and get out!" The old red head yelled at us.

"Hell, I ain't ready to go home." The little old man next to me said. "I've been out so long that my old lady is going to be waiting up for me. Might as well keep her up a little later." He said. "You know of a bar that stays open later?"

I told him that all the bars closed at the same time.

"Damn! I'm not ready to go home." The little old man called out.

"If... if you like beer, I got a cooler full of Miller the back of my truck. When I was a kid I used to drive out to the old quarry and drink beer. Hell, I feel like doing that to night." I found myself saying. I was enjoying the little guy's company and like him I didn't want the night to end.

"Sounds like the plan to me!" The old Marine said. "Let get out of here before Kate starts throwing thing at us." He added and I knew from past experiences that he wasn't joking.

I was really second-guessing myself as I grabbed two Millers from my cooler and we climbed into the cab of my pickup. But damn it made me feel like I was twenty and not 70th to be heading to the quarry.

"Too bad we didn't bring one of those old sluts along with us." The old Marine said. I saw he grab his crotch out of the corner of my eye. "Hell, I horny." He added and took a long drink of from his can of beer.

"Me too. But I ain't got a wife to go home to fuck like you have." I told the old Marine as I pulled the pickup near the gravel quarry and parked.

"Well, truth be told, the old battle ax will not let me fuck her anymore. Says my dick it too big." The old Marine informed me.

I laughed and then said. "You got to be pulling my leg. Heck your not as big as a minute. If you've got a big dick it's the biggest thing about you." I said and laughed again.

"You don't believe me!" The old Marine said in a half angry voice. "Hell, I can prove it real easy." And with those words he unzipped his jeans and reached in and pulled out the longest thickest dick I had ever seen.

I just set there staring at his huge dick with my mouth open in shock. "Damn it. I feel cheated. Why should a little fuck like you have such a m0n5t3r dick?" I demanded.

It was the old Marine's turn to laugh. When he stopped he said. "Hey, yours can't be that small. Take it out and let see."

I guess I was really drunk at that point in time because I suddenly found myself unzipping my green work pants and pulling out my little cut dick. I glanced down at my puny dick and over at the old Marine's m0n5t3r dick and shook my head. "Damn, you sure got me beat."

"Make it hard. I bet you got a grower." He says as he began to move his foreskin back and forth over the mushroom head of his own dick as he eyed my little cut dick.

And damn if I didn't start jacking myself off right there in front of the old Marine. Even though the alcohol fog in my brain, I couldn't believe that I was actually jacking off in front of another man. Hell, I hadn't even done something like that when I was a kid.

With the old Marine watching, I really didn't expect my dick to get hard. But damn if it didn't swell up like I was twenty years old again. The thing go so hard that it was throbbing.

"Hell, you got a nice dick too. It's not long but nice and thick." The old Marine said in open admiration. "Show me your balls." He added.

And damn, I didn't even hesitate. I reached in and struggled to pull out my enormous set of balls.

"Wow, I ain't never seen such big nuts!" You must shoot a m0n5t3r load of cum." The old Marine said in admiration. Then without asking he reached down and grabbed my balls with his free hand. "Damn, they are m0n5t3r balls." He added as he began to massage my balls.

The shock of having another man touching my nuts stifled the protest in my throat. And by the time I recovered from the shock, the feel of the old Marine's rough hands on my bull balls felt so good that I didn't want him to stop. I leaned back and let him massage, pull and squeeze him balls until I thought I was going to shoot off on his hand. But just as I was nearing a climax he pulled his hand away from my balls.

Then suddenly he had his hand behind my neck and was pulling my head down toward his crotch. "Give my big dick a kiss." He told me as he forced my face closer and closer to his crotch.

I wanted to protest. But suddenly seeing his m0n5t3r dick inches from my face sent me into a state of sexual lust that I had never before encountered. I swear I tried to stop myself, but in spite of my inner battle, I found myself opening my mouth as he forced my face into his crotch.

Suddenly the old Marine's dick was in my mouth. And damn it I didn't start sucking the big mushroom head of his dick like I knew what I was doing.

"Shit! That feels great. Yea, suck my big dick." The old Marine cried out. Strangely enough his words got me even hotter. I actually found myself wanting to please the old Marine. So I took as much of his huge dick into my throat as I could without gagging.

"Yea, you old cocksucker, suck my dick. Suck Big Daddy! Suck him until he squirts!" The old Marine called out as I began to instinctively tongue the shaft of his dick. "God Damn, you are good, you old queer! Suck me, Fag!"

Instead of making me angry, the name calling threw me into a sexual frenzy. Suddenly I was doing the impossible. I was swallowing the old Marine huge dick an inch at the time. And damn it I didn't get his entire dick in my throat with out gagging.

"Fucking cock sucking, queer farmer!" The old Marine cursed as he began fucking my mouth like he was pumping his wife's pussy. "Make me cum, Fag! Do it!" He said slapping me hard on the back of my almost baldhead.

I went totally crazy with lust. I buried his long thick dick in my throat until my lips were touching his pubic hair. I don't know how many time I moved my mouth up and down the shaft of his dick as I tongued it. But suddenly the old Marine grabbed my head again and pushed it hard against his crotch as he shot his load deep into my throat. And then I was swallowing his cum to keep from choking.

Then he pushed my head away from his crotch. "Hell, that's enough. Don't you know when to quit?"

I straightened up as I watched the old Marine stuff his still hard dick back into his jeans. And then I was jacking my own dick as hard and as fast as I could. The old Marine turned and looked out the window toward the quarry as he drank his Miller Light. Even when I cried out and shoot off in my hand he didn't look at me right a way. He waited until I stopped moaning before he turned back to look at me.

"Rub it on your face!" He ordered me in a drill sergeant's voice. "Do it you fucking fag!" He shouted.

I found myself obeying him and smearing my huge load of sperm all over my face. It felt sticky and disgusting but damn if a part of me didn't enjoy feeling the cum running down my wrinkled face.

The old Marine finished his beer. "Get us some more beer and maybe I'll let you suck me off again before we head home."

I got out and retrieved two more Miller Lights form the back of the pickup. When I got back into the truck and handed the old Marine a beer he said. "I've been looking for an old faggot to suck me off. Seems like I finally found one.

Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

Grandpa's House

Written by BrandonSBCA

My name is Jake, I'm 20 years old, so glad to be out of the teen years. Ever since my Grandma died I've been trying my best be there for my
Grandpa. I'm the only child in my family, so he pretty much has nobody else
to talk to about it. I headed to his house one morning, unaware that he was
asleep, I went through the side door of his house, and he was asleep on the
couch, naked. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, my Grandpa sitting
there on the couch, his cock hanging down, he was hung like a horse, 5
inches hung. He was 61 years old, a beer belly which I didn't mind on a

I didn't know what to do at that point, having him waking up seeing
me looking at his naked body. It gave me a hard on watching him lay there
his eyes closed, his cock and balls on the couch. I decided to go out the
side door, go to his front door and ring the door bell. That might wake up
him so he can put something on. I would feel so embarrassed having someone
watches you wake up while you're still naked. I ran his door bell again; I
heard the door being unlocked on the other side. My Grandpa opened the
door; he had on a nice dark blue robe.

"Hello Jake, what brings you here?" He asked me.

"Hi Grandpa, just wanting to visit it's been almost two weeks since I saw
you, can I come in?" I asked him.

"Sure, come in." He told me.

I walked in looking around, I wonder what would have happened if I
took the first choice and woke up him while he was naked on the couch. I
walked over to kitchen sitting down on one of the tables; it looks like
Grandpa only had that robe on and nothing else underneath. He sat down on
one of the chairs, what he didn't know was that his balls could be clearly
visible from his robe. I looked down at them; they were just plopped on the
chair. He looked at me; he put his glasses on smiling at me.

"So Jake how was your weekend?" Grandpa asked me.

"It was okay Grandpa, I really wanted to see how you were pulling through,
and Mom said that you were having trouble the other night about being alone
here." I said in a concerned voice.

"Well Jake, it does get to me sometimes knowing that your Grandma is no
longer here. I miss her a lot. But I've discovered a whole new way to cope
with her not being here." Grandpa said.

I was getting kind of uncomfortable with where this conversation
was going. I didn't want to end up getting a hard on. I guess you can kind
of say I have a thing for my Grandpa. Seeing Grandpa's hung cock lying on
the couch 10 minutes ago was such a turn on. I listened to him carefully
wondering where the conversation would lead.

"Which is?" I asked him.

"Jake, do you ever jerk off? I'm sure kids at your age usually jerk off.
It's for pleasure I'm sure. I've been battling depression these first
couple of weeks, but every time I put on a porno I jerk off, I feel so much
better." Grandpa said.

"Grandpa, um, you're um...thing is hanging out" I told him.

"My....what is hanging out? Oh shit, I'm sorry Jake I didn't know." Grandpa
said putting his cock back inside his robe.

"It's okay Grandpa." I told him.

I couldn't take this shit anymore, I wanted so bad to suck his
cock. But I didn't know if he would let me. So I did the next best thing, I
grabbed a hold of my crotch trying to move my stiff cock inside my
pants. Grandpa's eyes shifted down looking at me positioning my cock in my

"Oh, I can see you're a little hard down there, unzip your pants, pull it
out, I'm pretty sure you need to let it out for some fresh air" Grandpa

I was in heaven, I was glad he wanted to see my manhood. I unzipped
my pants, pulling out my 7 inch hard cock. It laid there on my crotch, he
smiled looking at me. I knew that he was impressed by my cock. Grandpa
opened his robe revealing his 5 inch soft hung cock. He laid there, he had
big balls too.

"Well I guess I should let mine breathe for a while." Grandpa said sitting
on his chair.

My cock was beginning to stiffen, he was uncut, it was so hot
seeing his foreskin wrap around his cock head. I couldn't take the pressure
anymore so I got on my knees, moving myself closer to him. I took a hold of
his cock looking up at him. My Grandpa had the most amazed look on his face
seeing that I wanted his old cock. He smiled at me. I smiled back stroking
his cock slowly, his foreskin going up and down his cock head wrapping
around it. Oh my god I couldn't believe this. His cock begins to get hard,
as it grew in my hand I felt like it was getting larger and larger. By the
time he was fully stiff he was around 8 to 9 inches. I went down on him
taking it into my mouth, I heard him moan, his warm hands caressing my
hair. His foreskin moving around in my mouth each time his cock moved up
and down.
I couldn't believe I was blowing my own Grandpa in his kitchen. We
kept at it for about 10 more minutes until; I took my mouth off his
cock. My mouth was full of his wet precum. It tasted so good in my mouth.

"Hey lets go to the couch, take off your clothes Jake while you're at it."
Grandpa said.

I took off my shirt showing Grandpa my six pack abs; I lowered down
my pants stepping out of them. He sat on the couch observing my body, his
cock still rock hard in his hand. Grandpa was stroking his meat while
looking at me; my cock was still hard when blowing Grandpa. Grandpa spit on
his hand smearing it all over his own cock.

"Come here Jake, sit on Grandpa's cock." Grandpa said.

I've already been fucked before, so I knew my hole wouldn't be so
tight when accepting Grandpa's nice uncut cock, but 9 inches was fairly
large. I just hope it won't hurt. Grandpa continued to spit onto his hand
smearing it on his cock making it more wet and slippery. I turned around
trying to position myself to Grandpa's cock. Hopefully it will slip right
into my hole. I felt the tip of his head tickle my cheeks, I pushed gently
down on his cock, it slide into my hole feeling so good. I moaned out loud
feeling it enter, only half of it got into my ass, the rest would have to
be forced into me.

"Oh my god Grandpa your cock feels so fucking good in me" I said out loud.

"You seem loose; does this mean you've been fucked before son?" Grandpa
said grabbing onto my thighs pushing me down onto him.

"Yes sir, I've had many guys fuck my hole a lot, but I'm finally getting
your cock inside me." I told him.

"Good boy, now take Grandpa's cock into your ass." Grandpa said in a
demanding voice.

He pushed me down hard against his cock, I could feel his belly
hitting my ass, I kind of bounced off his belly, taking out half of
Grandpa's cock out from my hole, then he slammed my body back into his cock
sliding all the way in me. It was painful but the pleasure of having my
Grandpa fuck me in the ass was making the pain go away. I moaned and
screamed loud as much as I could. I didn't really care because I knew
nobody would hear us fucking. After a good 3 minutes of fucking, he pulled
out his cock from my ass. The feel of my ass closing while his cock exited
out felt like ecstasy.

"Okay Jake, get on the couch." Grandpa said.

I got on the couch laying on my back, I made sure that my head was
comfortable I wouldn't enjoy myself being fucked while my head laid in the
most uncomfortable place on the couch. He grabbed both of my legs putting
them both into the air. I felt both my legs kind of crack, it felt awesome,
I already knew where he wanted to put his cock at. He rested my legs on his
chest and shoulders, I felt his cock pocking my hole trying to get it in
correctly. I slid into, Grandpa's cock kind of hurt going inside this time
but when it was all in it was time to get fucked again.

"Oh yeah, take my cock Jake, feel good inside you?" Grandpa said groaning.

"Yes, oh my god yes! Fuck me hard Grandpa" I screamed.

He fucked me harder and harder, I could feel his balls slapping
against my ass, it felt so good. He was going faster and faster, I was only
screaming louder and louder each time he went in me. He pulled out of me
jerking his cock. He was moaning loud, his hand stroking faster and faster
on his wet cock.

"Oh yeah, I'm going to cum, oh yes! UGH!!!!!" Grandpa screamed.

His cum shot out all over my body and chest, another squirt hit my
mouth and face. I closed my eyes still feeling squirts of cum shoot over my
body and face. It felt so good having his cum shoot into my mouth, it
tasted real salty but I enjoyed his juice. Then I felt something on my
lips, Grandpa's cock sliding into my mouth, I took a hold of Grandpa's cock
cleaning his cock dry, I had to put my tongue through his foreskin to
finally get the cum from his cock. I used my other hand to rub his cum all
over my body. He took his cock out of my mouth. Then I felt Grandpa's lips
kissing my mouth. Grandpa never kissed me on the mouth before but it was so
fucking hot that I used my hand that was full of Grandpa's cum to jerk
myself off.
Grandpa took his lips off mine, I laid there on the couch still
with my eyes closed stroking my cock. I was about to explode anytime now. I
felt Grandpa's warm hands stop me from jerking my cock off. I felt his warm
mouth cover my cock. He was blowing me, this was turning me on so much that
I was about to explode.

"Grandpa, I'm about to cum. Oh yeah! Keep sucking my dick!" I screamed to

"Oh yeah Jake, shoot your hot load into Grandpa's mouth" Grandpa said
putting his mouth back onto my cock.

His mouth sucked on the tip of my cock head, I shot my cum,
hopefully it was shooting into Grandpa's mouth so he could taste my sweet
lovely cum in his mouth. Grandpa sucked and ate every bit of cum that shot
out from my dick. My body twitched for a moment the pleasure was
unbelievable. I was breathing hard opening my eyes; I could see Grandpa
cleaning my cock dry. He pushed himself up towards me kissing my mouth,
sending some of my own cum into my own mouth which tasted hot! Grandpa and
me laid there on the couch feeling each other's body. I was so glad that
this happened, now we can do this all the time I visit him.

"Jake that was amazing, you're a better lay than the delivery guy I had two
week ago?" Grandpa said laughing.

"What? You mean you've fucked other men?" I said confused.

"Yeah, this hot sexy Latino delivery man came by, he delivered my medicine
to me, I had my robe on, I guess my cock was poking out, he noticed, he sat
in his delivery stroke rubbing his bulge." Grandpa told me.

"What did he do then?" I asked him.

"He came back knocked on my door, I let him in, we fucked and cummed all
over each other. He took a shower, put his clothes back on and thanked me
for the lovely fuck then left." Grandpa said smiling.

My mouth dropped open in disbelief; Grandpa was having hot sexy
twinks in his house giving him head on a daily basis. I felt kind of
jealous of Grandpa, but then felt turned on just thinking about it.

I took a shower cleaning myself from Grandpa's dried cum. I put my
clothes back on seeing Grandpa standing there naked. I walked over to him
giving him a hug. He smiled kissing me on the cheek. I never could get the
question out of my head. Was my Grandpa bisexual or gay? I had to tell him.

"Grandpa, are you bisexual or gay?" I asked him hoping he would answer.

"I'm gay honey, I think your Grandmother would of wanted me to be happy for
who I was. Your parents don't know. It was only discussed between me and
your Grandma. I confessed to her that I was in fact gay all these years but
couldn't express myself to her about it. She was very accepting; her dying
words were for me to be happy, to find that special man in my life if I
ever do find it." Grandpa told me in the most serious voice ever.

"Grandpa, I think you already know I'm gay." I told him not worried at all
about what his reaction would be.

"I know you are, today it showed me that you are in fact gay and happy
about it. Don't ever be ashamed of who you are, accept yourself and others
will accept you to. Do your parents know?" Grandpa asked me.

"Yes they do know, they accept me Grandpa, I never felt happy to be who I
am" I said smiling.

"Good, I'm glad that you are who you are. Now I'll have someone to talk
with about my sex stories. Also if you want you can be apart of those sex
stories along with me." Grandpa said kissing me on the forehead.

"Thanks Grandpa, I bet the guys you have sex with are fucking hot" I said

"They sure are, they are the type of guys you find in porn movies" Grandpa
said laughing.

I gave Grandpa a hug and a kiss on the lips. I got into my car
sitting there watching him wave to me from his front door. I waved back at
him, I headed out into the highway thinking to myself. My Grandpa is gay,
now I can finally get a piece of action next time I visit him....

Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014

Granddaddy Suckles

Written by SanPalo

Late one night I heard someone come into my room, I knew it could only be one person and that was grandpa. He had never come into my room at night to my knowledge. I lay very still as I watched grandpa come over to the bed. Slowly he climbed onto the bed with his face near my crotch. I then felt his tongue licking my cock and balls. 

He picked up my cock and sucked it for sometime and then sucked each nut. I instantly got hard and my cock stood up on my stomach. Grandpa then raised up and pulled my cock to his mouth and sucked very vigorously on the head and deep throated me many times. I could not hold back very long and started squirting cum all in his mouth. He continued sucking and finished sucking the cum out. I thought he was finished and would go back to his room, but he laid his head on my right thigh and continued to suck. Grandpa must have laid there two or three hours sucking and playing with my cock and balls. His lips were in my pubic hairs as he sucked the entire soft cock into his mouth. 

He sucked like he was not ever going to get anymore, I wanted to pat him on the head and tell him he could have my cock anytime, but I was afraid he would get upset. He sucked and sucked and I started getting hard again and I could tell he was getting excited about getting another mouthful of my cum. I just relaxed letting him do anything he wanted, at one time he stuck a finger up my ass and massaged my prostate gland causing more juice to come into his mouth. It did not take long before I was shooting another big load into his awaiting mouth. I could hear him slurping up all the cum and could feel him licking the head as the cum was oozing out. Again he lay his head on my thigh and sucked for a couple more hours. He finally got his fill and headed back to his room. 

The next morning he had breakfast fixed for me. I walked in and he gave me a real big smile. I was hoping somehow we could eventually stop the night time rendezvous and we could get together in the daylight.
I was not sure if he preferred the night time sucking or would want to suck me during the day. I had to figure out someway to approach him with the idea. We always swam in his pool together and I thought this might be a chance to see if I could seduce him during the day. 

The next day when we were swimming I removed my swim suit And threw it upon the deck. Then I got out on the edge of the pool And displayed my hard cock to granddad. Grandpa looks over and sees My hard cock and asked me if I need to get my nuts off. I did not have to answer he came over and stood in the water in front of me and pulled my cock to his lips. He sucked and jacked me, I could not hold back, I emptied my nuts into his mouth. He stayed on me as usual sucking me like a calf suckles on its mother's teat. I just watched as granddad enjoyed my pacifier. 

We talked later and he told me he missed sucking cock as he had sucked his father and his grandfather when they were alive. I asked him if he liked to get sucked and he answered yes. So from then on its was 69 cock sucking for us both. 

Grandpa had a nice big cock and it felt great in my mouth. His load was huge and I thought the first time he shot in my mouth I was going to drown. I swallowed and swallowed and tasted his sweet, sweet juice. We enjoyed each other every night, he needed cum more than I did so I mostly supplied grandpa with mouthful of cum every night. Grandpa would cum about every other night, but I still loved to suck his cock and feel the hot cock resting in my mouth. It was extremely exciting to me that grandpa wanted more than anything to satisfy my needs. I knew he did get much pleasure from sucking me, but I knew he wanted more than anything to feel me shooting in his mouth knowing he was giving me the ultimate pleasure he could. 

Grandpa told me many times about how he would satisfy His father and grandfather. He said he could tell when his father And grandfather needed to be sucked. He would get them into a room When he knew they needed to cum and suck them off. Sometimes it would be a quicky because of the circumstances, but most times he said he had time to enjoy the cocks in his mouth and suck some for his pleasure. 

He told me he liked it most when he could get both his father's cock and His granddad's cock at the same time. He told me that was the ultimate pleasure for him and told me it was difficult but he did manage to suck both cocks off at the same time. He told me his father and grandfather would kiss and pinch and suck each others tits while he was on his knees sucking them. Grandpa told me that was the most volume of cum he has ever had and always looked forward to getting both cocks at the same time. 

I asked him didn't my father still have a brother living. I suggested we have my uncle come over sometime and grandpa could suck both Of us off at the same time. He liked the idea very much and I said I would set it up for this weekend, it was already Thursday. That night I called my uncle and asked if he would like to come over for the weekend. He stated that would be great since we had not seen each other in years. Uncle Bill was seventy-two but still worked part time. I asked him to come Friday night so we could have more time together.
Friday afternoon Uncle Bill knocked on the door and I let him in, he was a tall handsome man with white hair and medium to big build. We hugged and then I brought him in to meet my granddad on my mothers' side. It was strange they also hugged. It was amazing how much Bill looked like my father. We chatted for some time and then decided to go for a swim. We informed Bill we did not wear swimsuits, he stated that was fine he did not like to swim in a suit anyway. 

We all stripped and dove into the pool. It did not take long for granddad to zero in on Uncle Bill. Granddad would swim under water and swim between Uncle Bill's legs. I could see he would grope Uncle Bill when he Went under. Granddad did this several times and then Uncle Bill said he had to get out, he walks up the stairs and his big semi hard cock swung back and forth. 

Uncle Bill was not bashful and displayed his cock for us to see. Granddad asked Uncle Bill if he needed to get his nuts off, and Uncle Bill replied hell yes, you know someone to take care of this thing. Yes, replied granddad I can take care of that big cock for you. What can you do for me asked Uncle Bill. I can suck that thing and you will think you have it in some womens' pussy, they don't call me pussy lips for nothing. You will let me shoot off in your mouth asked Uncle Bill. Of course that is what it is all about except for me getting to pacify myself by sucking you. 

Bill I love to make men cum and then suck them for hours getting My satisfaction. What do you do with the cum after I shoot in your Mouth asked Uncle Bill. I swallow every last drop. Wow that is nice Stated Uncle Bill. Where do you want me to sit so you can suck me off Asked Uncle Bill. Sit on the edge of the pool and junior can suck your tits while I get your load. Then we can switch and let junior get a load while I suck your tits.

Montag, 10. Februar 2014

A Man called Horse

People call me 'Horse'. I know it's not my name, at least I think it's not. Don' really remember. Some people call me 'Old Horse' cause I'm old. I don't remember my age. But when I look in the mirror I look old. My hair is all white. Even the hair on my chest is white. I got lots of wrinkles. Guess that makes me old. But I see plenty of people here older.

I know I been here in the County Hospital a long time. Maybe all my life. Can't remember. I like to go naked. They make me wear my boxer shorts. I don't like to wear them. If I don't they lock me in my room. When there aren't any guards nearby. I let my dick hang out. I like to show people my old dick. Makes me feel good. They call me 'Horse' cause it so big. I like when old men play with it. I don't like to show it to women.

Johnny is older than me. At least he says he is. He doesn't have any hair on his head. Sometimes he and I go in the bathroom. He likes to suck my dick. I like it. Makes me feel real good. He sucks it until white stuff runs out of my pee pee hole. He always wants to put his dick into my mouth. I tell him no. So he plays with his dick until white stuff squirts out. I hold my hand out to catch it. It feels warm in the palm of my hand. I like rubbing his white stuff on my face.

Sometimes Johnny wants me to stick my dick in his potty hole. He makes me spit on my dick first. Then he bends over and grabs the top of the toilet. It's hard to get my dick in his potty hole. My dick is so big. His old potty hole is so small. He makes lots of noise when I force my dick into him. Sometime other old men come into the bathroom to watch. I like it when they do. I like watching them play with their dicks. I tell them to come close to me. I like it when their white stuff squirts on me.

The guards don't bother me when I am putting my dick in Johnny's potty hole. Some of them watch. An old guard name Mr. Bill likes to feel my balls while I my inside Johnny's potty hold. He tells me to fuck Johnny hard. I don't like to say that word. But I like to hear him say it. When Mr. Bill is watching, I pump my dick as hard and as fast inside Johnny's potty hole as I can.

Johnny doesn't like me to do it to him hard. But I am big and Johnny is little old man. I make him take my horse dick even when he pleads with me to stop. Mr. Bill likes to hear Johnny pleading for me to take my dick out of him. He always squirts his white stuff fast when Johnny is crying out in pain.

Sometime five old men will squirt on me while I am putting my horse dick inside Johnny's potty hold. I like to feel their white stuff on my body. I love it when there is so much that it runs down my legs. Yes, putting my horse dick into Johnny's potty hold it the best fun. But Johnny will not let me put it in him often. Says it hurts too much. But I keep trying to pull him into the bathroom until he finally says yes.

We got a new doctor. His name is Dr. Burke. I have to go see him. The guards tell me. They make me put on the blue jumpsuit that everyone else wears. I tell them no. They tell me that they will lock me in my room. So I put it on. I hate it. Then the guards takes me to see Dr. Burke. He is a small skinny old man. He doesn't have any hair on his head like Johnny. I like the color of his eyes. They are blue like the sky gets in winter. I wonder if he will let me put my horse dick in his potty hole like I do with Johnny.

He talks but I don't understand what he is saying most of the time. He doesn't call me Horse. He calls me Johnson. I try telling him my name is "Horse". But the sounds that come out of my mouth doesn't make sense to me. He smiles and shakes his head and says he can't understand me".

I unzip my blue jumpsuit and pull out my dick and balls. Dr. Burke's eyes get really big. He stares as my dick. I like the way he looks at it. Makes me feel good. Makes my dick swell up.

"Damn! What a cock!" Dr. Burke says. "Where did you ever get such a monster!"

I don't say anything cause I don't know where I got it. I just start playing with my old horse dick to make it feel good and swell up bigger.

"You better put it back in your pants." Dr. Burke tells me. But I see the way he is looking at my old dick. I know he likes watching me play with it. I kept playing with my dick. "Put it away before a nurse walks in and I get into trouble." Dr. Burke tells me. I just walk around his desk until my dick in only inches from his face.

"Go back and sit down." Dr. Burke orders me.

I just stand in front of my playing with my old dick.

Suddenly he gets up. I think he is going to call the guards. I know they will lock me in my room. But I don't put my dick back into my jumpsuit. I just stand there playing with it.

But Dr. Burke doesn't call the guards. He locks the door. Then he walks back and sits down behind his desk again. He smiles at me. I step forward until my old horse dick is touching the old doctor's lips.

I pull the foreskin over the head of my dick. The old doctor kisses it. Then he starts sucking on my foreskin. I like it. He bits my foreskin. It hurts but it is a good hurt. Makes my old horse dick jerk. I like the way the old doctor looks up at me as he sucks and bites on my foreskin.

"God! Damn! I never saw a cock so big. You are a freak, a crazy old freak." The old doctors says but he is smiling so I know he isn't saying something bad to me.

I want to tell him that I like him but I don't remember how. I open my mouth to tell him I like him but only a strange noise comes out.

"I bet you are trying to tell me you like what I am doing to you." The old doctor says.

I nod my head. And push my dick in his mouth. I want him to suck it. I want to feel it deep in his mouth. The old doctors seems to understand what I want. He swallows my horse dick deeper than Johnny ever does. He kept swallowing my dick until his lips are pressed against my pubic hair. It feels wonderful to be so deep in the old doctor's mouth. But he can't hold my horse dick buried inside his mouth very long.

"Damn, I never deep throated such a monster cock before." The old doctor says between gasp for air. "Damn, what a wonderful dick." He kisses my dick. I like that. Nobody ever kisses it.

Suddenly the old doctor stands up. I get scared. I don't know what he is going to do to me. He presses his mouth to mine. He forces my mouth open with his tongue. I don't remember being kissed like this before. But I seem to know what to do. I moan as I put my tongue into the old doctor's mouth. I feel strange. I want to keep kissing the old doctor forever. But he pulls away.

"Damn. You know how to kiss." The old doctor tells me. I watch the doctor unzip his pants and pull out his dick. It is big and long but still small compared to mine. "You want to suck it?" The old doctor asks me.

I shake my head.

"You got me so hot. Come on and suck me some." The old doctors pleads.

I don't want to put his dick in my mouth. But I don't want to make him mad. So I kneel down in front of the old doctor. I close my eyes and open my mouth. I feel his big dick inside my mouth. I open my eyes. I like the taste of the old doctor's dick. I like having my face close to his gray pubic hair. I start sucking his dick. He moves it against my gums. I think that if I still had teeth it would hurt him to rub his dick against my gums.

The old doctor moaned as he pushed his big old dick deeper and deeper into my throat. I felt like gagging but I fight the feeling. I want desperately to please the old doctor. I finally take all of his dick in my mouth. I could tell the old doctor is pleased by the sounds he is making.

"I don't want to cum." The old doctor says, pulling his dick out of my mouth. He stands up. Then reaches down and takes hold of my old horse dick. "Damn, I wonder if I could take it up the ass." He says as he pulls my foreskin back and forth over the head of my dick until I began to leak. He stops a moment and reached into a draw of his desk and takes out a small tub and squeezed some of its contents into his hand. Then he rubs it all over my dick.

Suddenly the old doctor starts unbuckling his pants and then pulls them down and his under shorts too. Then he turns his pale butt to me and leans over and grabs the side of his desk. "Fuck me!"

I grabbed my old horse dick. It feels slippery from the stuff the old doctor put on it. But it maks my dick head slip into his potty hole easier.

"Easy! Damn it's big!" The old doctor called out. I like the sound of his voice so I grab his hips and ram a third of my horse dick into his potty hole. The old doctor arches his back and gasps for breath. His potty hold is tighter than old Johnny's is and very hot. I sent several more inches of my huge horse dick into his potty hole. He starts to scream but stops himself. I guess he didn't want to guards to come. But I liked being watched so I just shove the rest of my horse dick into him. He tried to jerk away from my horse dick but I am a big man and I hold the little old doctor and don't let him move away.

"Take it out! Please take it out. You're killing me." The little old doctor begs. I laughed. I don't remember laughing before. I loved his voice. I want to hear him beg some more so I started pumping my old horse dick in and out of his tight old potty hole harder than I have ever pumped it into Johnny.

The old doctors maks funny sounds. He tries to break away but I am a big man. Finally he stopped protesting. "Yes! Yes. Give it to me you crazy old fool." He calls out. Knowing that he likes it maks me feel good. I try to pump my old horse dick into him even harder and faster.

Then suddenly I felt the white stuff shooting from my horse dick deep into the bowels of the old doctor's potty hole. It feels wonderful. I want to keep doing it to him but my old horse dick goes limp and popped out of his potty hole.

So I got down on my knees and turn to doctor around so that his big dick was pointing to my face. I tried to tell him I wanted his white stuff on my face.

"What? What do you want?" The old doctor said cocking his head from side to side as he tried to make out something from the strange sounds coming from my mouth. "You want me to cum on your face!" He finally asked.

I nodded my head.

The old doctor grabs his dick and started pumping it while pointing it directly at my face. I looked up into his blue eyes and tried to tell him that I loved him. But only the funny strange sounds comes out of my mouth. Still it seems to excite the old doctor. Then when he eyes got that strange faraway look like Johnny's does, I know that he is going to squirt his white stuff.

He does. His white stuff strikes my face. It feels wonderful. Some hits me on the forehead. Some more on the mouth. He squirts so much that it runs down my chin by the time he stops squirting.

I reached up and rubbed in all over my face. It feels nice and sticky. The old doctor watched me until I stopped. Then he tells me to zip up my jump suit. I smiled and nodded my head. Then he leads me to the door and called the guard to come and get me.

The guard is Mr. Bill. He takes me to my room and tells me to take off my jump suit. I smiled because I like it when people see me naked. I do as he asks. He starts playing with my horse dick until it got hard again. I like that. It makes me smile. I like Mr. Bill because he's old. This is the fist he has ever come into my room.

"I heard Dr. Burke making a terrible noise. Did you fuck the old man?" Mr. Bill asked.

I nodded my head.

"Gee, I would have loved to see you fucking the old doc in the ass. I bet he carried on something awful." The old guard said. "I bet he will not be able to sit down comfortable for a week after have this up his ass." He added lifting my old horse dick. "Hell, I wish God had given this to me instead a crazy old man like you. I sure could make my wife scream bloody murder with a dick like this."

The old guard unzipped his pants and pulled out a dick a little bigger than Old Johnny's.

"Come on and suck me off, Horse." He said.

I shook my head. I didn't want to suck Mr. Bill's dick.

"I'll make you wear your jumpsuit all the time if you don't suck me off." Mr. Bill tells me. "You going to suck me or not?" The old guard asks.

I nodded my head.

The old guard crotch smells of sweat. I liked the smell. I start sucking on his dick immediately. He moans. I enjoy the sounds. I like pleasing him. But not as much as I ded the old doctor. When he suddenly began to tense up, I think Mr. Bill is going to squirt his white stuff in my mouth. But instead he pulls his dick out.

"Go and lie down on the bed on your stomach, Horse." Mr. Bill orders me.

I always do what Mr. Bill asks me cause I like him. Sometimes when other guards ask me to do things I play like I don't know what they mean.

"Grab the top rail of the bunk with both hands." Mr. Bill orders. I don't know why he wants me to do that but I do as he asks. Then I feel him putting handcuffs on both my wrist and cuffing me to the head of the bunk.

I tried to tell Mr. Bill that I hadn't done anything wrong. But that gargling noise came out of my mouth. And he tells me to shut up. Then I feel him rubbing his dick against my potty hole. I tried to buck him off me but I could not. I didn't want him to put his dick in my potty hole.

That didn't stop Mr. Bill. The old guard pushed his hard dick against my potty hole. It hurts. But I didn't call out. I know that I couldn't stop Mr. Bill. So I just spread my legs as he presses the head of his old dick harder and harder against my potty hole.

It feels like he is pushing a red-hot poker inside me as his dick enters my old potty hole. I have to bit me lip to keep from calling out. But I didn't want to get Mr. Bill in trouble. And I remember how much I hurt the old doctor when I had pushed my horse dick inside of him. I think it must be right for Mr. Bill to do that same to me, even though I don't want him to.

Mr. Bill reaches between my legs and grabs my bull sized balls and starts squeezing them in his big hands. He hurt me. But it is a good hurt. And it makes my potty hole suddenly feel different. The next thing I know I am enjoying Mr. Bill putting his dick in my potty hole. I started making happy sounds as he squeezes my big balls harder and harder.

Then something strange happens. I squirted my white stuff on the bunk without even touching my horse dick. And almost immediately Mr. Bill starts squirting his white stuff inside my potty hole. I can feel it. His white stuff feels hot as it squirts inside me. Makes me feel good all over. Now I know why Old Johnny and the old doctor likes me to put my horse dick in their potty holes.

I think Mr. Bill is afraid of me when he unlocks the handcuffs. He steps back and grabs his nightstick. But I smiled at him as I get up. He smiles back at me and put away his nightstick and pats me on the back. "You're all right, Horse." He tells me. I smile again and point to the big pool of white stuff I had squirted on the bed."

"Man, you cum like a horse too. Never see such a load of cum." He says as he watches me scoop it up in my hands and smear it all over may face and chest. "But you are one crazy old man." He added as he leaves.

I put on my boxer shorts but I let my horse dick hang out as I leave my room and walk down the hall. Other patients look at my horse dick. But some of the women hid their faces when they see me coming. I don't care if they look. I only want the other old men to see my horse dick.

Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

Father in law confidential - the Trip begins

Written by jordongeff

When my wife and I moved back to Denver from Las Vegas, her mom and dad
flew down to help us with the move. After a few days of packing, the moving
van arrived and we basically got out of the way while the company loaded up
the truck. While the movers were busy doing their thing, Edward and I
dropped the girls off at the McCarran airport for their flight to Denver.
Edward and I were going to drive the car to Denver and meet up with the
girls in a few days.

Back at the house the movers were just about finished but it was
around six pm by the time they pulled away in their truck. With everything
finally taken care of we just needed to drop off the keys with the realtor
in the morning and hit the road for Denver as early as possible. So Edward
and I settled in, setting up an air mattress on the living room floor and a
portable TV to watch the ball game.

That night in the vacant house we rested in the solitude atop the
air mattress with out backs propped against the wall watching the small TV
that was elevated on a suitcase at the foot of the air bed. The cheers of
Dodgers and Rockies fans echoed in the empty room as we shared a case of
twenty four Bud that was on ice in a cooler next to Edward. After five
beers I began to feel the pull of the void and I let go and fell into a
dreamless sleep.

When I awoke later I was alone in the room. The light from the TV
flickered into the darkened room but the volume was turned all the way down
and the ball game was apparently over. Upstairs a toilet flushed and I
could hear the faucet turn on in the bath tub. A few seconds later I heard
the clunk of the lever to engage the shower, followed by the sound of the
spray hitting the bottom of the tub. Still feeling good from the beers I
decided to make my way upstairs and get ready for a shower in the master
bath. Upstairs the door to the main bath was wide open and I stopped and
leaned against the door frame, rubbing my eyes.

"About time you got up," Edward chuckled, "I'm gonna take a quick
shower tonight so I can just get up and go in the morning." He turned and
pulled his golf shirt off over his head to reveal a perfectly furry chest
and a fuzzy, full belly. Ed was about 5'6'' and though his brown hair was
really thinning on top he was hardly grey at all for being 66 years old. He
had the build of a small bull and aside from his obvious beer belly he was
in great shape. I watched him check his beard in the mirror as if he was
contemplating a shave. He turned sideways to me, facing the steaming
shower, and began to remove his pants. I watched closely as he lifted each
leg out of his trousers and I stared at the crotch of his underwear - he
sported a sizable pouch in his white cotton BVD briefs.

"I think I'll go jump in the shower in my bedroom," I said while
watching him, "I'll see you down stairs in a few minutes." I turned and
made my way toward the bedroom, but before I entered I glanced back down
the hall. From the shadows I could see directly into the bath room where
the door was still wide open. I thought it was a little strange that he
didn't shut the door, but without the girls around I guess he figured he
didn't need to. Overcome with lust I unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall
to my ankles and began pulling my cock slowly while I watched the show.

Edward slid his briefs down off his smooth white ass and flung them
onto his pile of clothes with a flick of his toe. I could see the perfect
trail of black hairs marching down from his navel to the broad patch of his
chest-nut-brown pubic hairs. His cock was a big, fat nub sitting atop a
nicely hung pair of big, furry nuts. His portly frame was sexy, no doubt,
but he carried himself with confidence that always made him seem sexy to
me. He was a man's man, who prided himself in his raw sensuality and I
wanted to be just like him. He loved to please women, and he took great
pride in his attention to the female orgasm. I knew because he'd tell you
all about it if you asked him, especially after a few beers. I guess
that's what made me so curious in the first place. Edward had told me
stories on several occasions about how he would make the girls crazy with
his big cock and how we could make love for hours, often cumming multiple
times. "Hosing them down," he called it. Wow! I tried not to appear too
interested those times as I listened, but I always got an erection while
watching him tell those stories. As he spoke in his deep, soft voice he had
this habit of adjusting his balls with a tweak of his hand every so often,
making anyone with him momentarily shift their attention to the outline of
his nuts filling out a nice package in whatever pants he wore. Still,
aside from my constant "crotch watch" campaign, I had never seen him fully
naked until then.

I watched, captivated. He raised his leg to step into the tub and I could
see his dark balls hanging against his other thigh. He stepped into the
shower and aimed the shower head on an angle toward the wall - there was no
shower curtain because everything had been removed when we packed. I
watched him wash his hair and lather up his chest and rinse the shampoo
from his head. He reached down and turned off the water but he continued
to lather his body with a bar of soap. There is something incredibly
erotic about watching a man wash his cock and balls and seeing the white
suds swept over their chest and pubic hairs. He raised his feet, one at a
time to the edge of the tub to soap them up and it was then that I was
given a better view of his soapy cock, suddenly grown thicker and longer
since entering the shower. Even semi aroused his cock surpassed mine in
length and thickness. I remember thinking that all the stories must have
been true. Edward really did have a m0n5t3r cock that would make the girls
He soaped up his butt cheeks and worked a hand in deep to clean his
ass. With his other hand he began stroking his cock, pulling it,
stretching it out and cleaning around the head. I could see he was almost
fully erect as he slid his soap cover hand over his slippery cock. I was
waiting for him to really get going on it, but instead he turned on then
shower and began to rinse off the suds. My God he was beautiful: so thick
and portly and rugged, glistening under the rivers of water streaming down
his back and over his chest. He was so self confident and horny. He was

I wanted to stay and watch him dry off but I knew if I waited much
longer he'd catch me wanking myself in the hall way. While he was busy
rinsing I hurried into my old master bedroom - there was a glass shower
stall there and I stripped down and got in and began washing up. My cock
remained hard as I went about my shower routine. I washed my hair last and
when I was done I twisted the water off and reached for a towel.

My eyes were three quarters closed when I saw Edward step forward
and hand me a towel.

"It's a little wet from when I used it but it's the only one we
got," he said, "Guess we didn't think we'd be having one last shower here."

"Thanks," I said and I took the towel and held it so the length of
it draped down in front of me blocking his direct view of my hard cock.

"What goes around comes around," he said with a smile and I watched
him turn and leave the room wearing nothing but his clean, white BVD's.

A few minutes later, holding the towel around my waist, I headed
back to the living room and I could hear the TV again as I made my way down
the stairs. Edward, still wearing nothing but his briefs, reclined on his
side of the air mattress with his back propped up against the wall, his
legs out stretched and crossed at the ankles. He looked like a big furry
bear in underwear! When he saw me he tilted his beer and finished it, then
he reached into the cooler beside him and fished out two more.

"We gotta finish these tonight," he said, "we can't bring these
with us in the car and I don't plan on throwing em away."

I took the beer from him and popped the lid and took a deep drink.
I gazed down at him as he watched the TV and in the flickering light I
swear his briefs were so full that they couldn't possibly hold any more.

I dug a pair of underwear out of my small suitcase and turned my
back to him and slipped them on.

"No need to be shy around me, boy," he said, "Hell, you got no need
to be shy packing they way you are. I seen you in the shower."

I wanted to say something about seeing him too, but I let it pass
with a laugh. I made myself comfortable on the mattress beside him,
sitting as he was with my pack against the wall, wearing nothing but my
We watched an old rerun of Hawaii-5-O and drank our suds and I was
really starting to get a buzz after my seventh beer. No longer sleepy
after the shower I laid awake watching TV until Edward slid down further on
the bed and fell asleep on top of the blankets. After he had been snoring
for a few minutes I adjusted myself to get a better view of his cock and
belly. Once again my cock was as hard as a rock and I pulled it out from
the top of my underwear and began to pull it slowly, savoring the
masturbation while looking down at Edward.

I stopped to finish off the bottom of my beer and realized I was
getting a little drunk. I wanted another beer. I slid up close to Edward,
close enough that I could feel the heat from his skin down the length of my
body. I picked a spot over his groin and leaned over him slowly to reach
into the cooler for a beer. I lingered there, feeling his package pressed
under me, feeling the hairs on his belly bristle against mine. I remember
the heat - his groin was so hot that I could feel its radiance against my
abdomen. He stirred and I quickly pulled a beer out of the cooler and sat
up-right, dripping a trail of ice cold water across his chest. He was
startled awake and looked over at me with wide eyes, but still half asleep.

"Sorry, just getting another beer," I said.

"Oh, no problem," he said, relaxing again, "I just needed a little
nap. I think I'll join you."

Ed got himself a beer and sat up a little to drink it.

A couple more beers flowed into us and all our cares slowly drifted

"Tell me one of your stories," I asked, "one of your 'girls gone
wild' stories. A real good one."

At that point the beer was really talking and Edward began
recounting a trip to Germany when he was in the army and how he screwed two
girls at the same time in a barn behind their father's house.

As he told the story I watched him lower his left hand onto his
crotch, cupping his package and rubbing his thumb back and forth over the
top of the white cotton.

I slipped my hand into my underwear and began rubbing myself and I
whispered to him, "Jesus I can't stand it. I'm just way too fucking drunk
and horny."

As if I hadn't said a word, Edward just went right on with his
story, which ended with him blowing his load twice, once on each of the
I pulled my cock out and began stroking its full length beside him
and that got his attention.

"There," he said, "I told you there was no need to be shy around
old Edward. But unless you're quick to reload I'd slow down a bit."

I stopped stroking myself and looked down at Ed, drinking him up
with my eyes, feasting on his image before me.

"Have you ever done a three way where the woman was fucking another
man at the same time?" I asked, probing for a bisexual type encounter.

"There have been a few times where that's happened, but it was
never by choice. Sometimes you find yourself in situations where the best
thing to do is just to go with the flow," he said, "If it feels good do it!
...those are words I live by."

"God, I'm feeling good right now," I said, stroking my cock again.

"Me too," Edward said, "but I never get off alone, so if you don't
mind?" He spread his leg over to my side of the bed and crossed his leg
over mine down near the ankle. I watched him slip his hand down under the
elastic waist band of his briefs to fondle himself.

I leaned toward him and whispered in his ear, "I thought you'd
never ask," and I moved down next to him, putting skin to burning skin. I
rolled onto my left side and leaned my body toward him as he lay on his
back. I hiked my right leg up over his thigh until my knee made contact
with his hand that was still in his underwear. I ran my hand over his
hairy chest and gently pinched both nipples, and then I rubbed my hand down
over his furry belly until my fingers entered into his thick, brown pubic
patch. I raked my fingers though his pubes for several minutes - I was
enchanted by the softness, thrilled by the sensation of heat so near by. I
lowered my hand on top of his underwear, where I could feel his hand
caressing himself beneath.

"Now see what you're doing to me?" he said.

I propped myself up on his chest to watch him. He pulled his hand
out of his shorts and the thick mushroom head of his cock was poking up
under the elastic waist of his briefs. I watched his dick grow and stretch
until the shaft was lying up on his lower abdomen and his cock head had
extended beyond his belly button. It was the first time I had watched a
man get an erection, but I knew in my heart that this was no ordinary man.
I moved my hand down to feel his balls under the soft white cotton briefs
and they felt big and hot under my fingers. I slid my hand up and grasped
his throbbing organ and jacked him slowly, savoring the sensation of having
the largest cock I had ever seen sliding under my palm.

"Sweet Jesus, look at that, " I said, stroking his rock hard

I slipped off my underwear then helped Edward remove his as well.
I got down between his legs and pushed his knees up to his chest to help
serve up his ass hole and Ed looped his arms down under his knees to help
hold the position.

I licked around his hairy ball sack. He smelled faintly of soap
and old spice. I made my way down to his perfect rose bud, licking the rim
around and around.

"Ohh, yeah.... Niiiccccce," Edward groaned, "I guess you _can_
teach an old dog new tricks."

I grabbed hold of his big, old cock and began pounding on it,
stroking it's full length while continuing to rim him. I worked my tongue
in and around his hole as best I could and I sucked and nibbled at him,
pressing my face down hard on his ass. I looked up to watch Edward: his
eyes were closed and his head was lying off to one side, his mouth was open
and his tongue was swirling around his lips. I slid my middle finger past
his sphincter muscle and began fucking him with my finger.

"Ohh, that's it!" he said and he grabbed hold of his cock and
milked it, hard.

His body tensed beneath me and a couple of minutes later his cock
exploded. I watched his cock fire a stream of cum like a rocket - a line
of thick, white ejaculate flew up onto his chin and down on his neck. The
second string flew onto his chest, spanning from his left nipple half way
down his belly and it lay, suspended, on his carpet of body hair. The
final spurts left a big puddle of cum just above his belly button.

I leaned over him and sucked up his pool of cum and swallowed. I
sucked up the rivers of cum, up over his chest, up the side of his neck and
onto his chin. Edward grabbed my head and pressed my cum covered lips onto
his month and filled me with his tongue, sucking and kissing his own seed
from my lips. He embraced me and continued to make love to my mouth.

I rolled over onto my back as Edward sat up and began digging
through his overnight bag. Seconds later he was kneeling at the foot of
the mattress with a small tube of Vaseline. I didn't think it was very

"This has come in handy a few times and now I never leave home
without it. The old girl gets dry and this makes getting into her a whole
lot easier," he said, "Want to try it?" His cock was still rock hard and
throbbing as he smeared it with the Vaseline.

"Sure, I have always wanted a lubed up nine inch beer can shoved
into my ass," I said sarcastically. But that's about what it looked like.
He had grown so long and thick that I couldn't imagine getting it inside
"Just lean back like I was and we'll take our time," Edward said,
as he slipped a couple of slippery fingers into my ass. He worked it, nice
and slow until he was pressing the tips of four fingers past my rose bud.
I watched his every move with wonder. He seemed to know just what to do
and I trusted him to be gentle. It felt nice, but I wanted more. I
reached down and pulled his hand away.

"Please... try it now."

"Now you just relax and enjoy it, boy. Once you get past the burn
you let me know and I'll ride you as long and as hard as you like. You
take the reigns now, cuz this old stud is gonna make a mare out of you."

Edward leaned back and dropped his cock head down against my gaping
ass hole and began to slowly mount me. The pain was intense and it burned
like mad. He moved the head completely in and out a few times, but on each
re-entry he pushed a little harder and a little deeper. After about 20
minutes of this he began to pick up the speed a little and I could really
feel him filling up my ass with his big cock.

"Nice," I whispered.

"You ready now, son?"

"Ummm," I moaned.

"Your as ready as your gonna be," Edward said.

He held my legs up by the ankles and with a thrust of his broad
hips he dropped his cock into me all the way. I felt like I was going to
split in two and I gasped as the pain spiked up through my spine.

"Fuck!" I hissed, unable to say another word at that moment. I
reached up and dug my fingers into his back as he began to pump his m0n5t3r
cock into me. Faster and faster he slammed, in and out - empty, full,
empty, full. The sensation was both sensual and terrifying.

"Faster," I said, "Fuck me harder. HARDER!"

Edward shifted his weight and suddenly he was like an engine firing
all it's pistons at once.

My hard cock, laying on my belly, began to spray cum up onto my
chest as Edward continued his final assault.

He rode me without mercy, hard and deep, pounding his cocks full
length into my ass for a good two or three minutes.

"Christ, I can't take any more!" I cried.

"Ok, boy," he said, "all you had to do was say so." He leaned back
onto his knees and quickly withdrew his massive organ and began pumping it
with his fist. I looked down to watch him and it almost didn't look real
the way his hand was only covering about half of his shaft. I watched him
work his big, purple cock into a frenzy until his juice began to fly. He
tilted his head back and opened his mouth and groaned as he held his cock
steady. I watched the piss slit on the head of his cock gape open as jets
of clear cum... sprayed... out.... over me.

Edward was glistening with sweat all over his hairy chest and his
cock dripped like a faucet with a bad gasket. He leaned forward and
pressed his body on top of mine, sliding his board chest through our
mingled juices. I raked my fingers across his back and held him tight,
savoring the weight of his big, burly frame.

"That was beautiful," I said.

"That... was some honest to goodness man sex," Edward said as he
rolled off of me onto his back, "Welcome to the family."

Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

Altar Boy

Written by Joe Sledge

When I was 16 I was an altar boy at my Catholic Church. We lived
right next to the church and the old priest wanted me there all
the time to help him out. One day he called me to his rectory and
told me he wanted me to draw his bath. He then told me to hold his
hand while he got in the tub, to keep him from slipping. He opened
his robe and dropped it to the floor. I was amazed to see that he
wasn't wearing anything underneath; not even any underwear.

He was so old and wrinkled that he looked funny naked. I was
fascinated by his big limp penis and droopy dangling balls. He
must have noticed because he asked if I would bathe him. He
explained that it would be a sin for him to stroke his own penis,
but it was safe for me to. I thought it was neat to hold the heavy
wrinkled thing in my hands. On my knees by the tub I pulled on his
penis with both hands, surprised when it grew long and stiff.
Father O'Malley laid his head back saying "Bless you my child"
over and over as I washed his wiener till it exploded, squirting
his hot holy water all over my hands. He thanked me, saying that I
had rescued him from temptation.

He said he would repay me by performing the ritual of holy
fellatio on me. He got out of the tub and dried off, telling me to
remove all of my clothes. With both of us naked he had me sit on a
velvet stool while he knelt on a velvet cushion in front of me. My
young dick was hard as stone as he dripped holy water on it. Then
he removed his dentures and slid his lips all the way to the base.
He pumped my pecker with his mouth, licking and gumming it
delightfully. He was humming hymns as he sucked, adding a
wonderful little buzz to the sensations. When my orgasm hit I was
shocked that he continued to suck me, swallowing gobs of sticky
sperm as he licked and gnawed my jerking pecker.

The next day I looked forward to another visit with the priest.
This time he told me that he needed cleansing in another area. He
rolled over in the tub and raised his wrinkled rear high in the
air. I used a soapy sponge to bathe the cheeks, but he said to use
my fingers to cleanse along the crack. I could tell that he
enjoyed it when I touched his butthole, so I rubbed it good. He
then told me to be a dear and insert a finger into his rectum to
make sure it was clean inside. I thought it was weird, but went
along, sliding my pointer in and out, looking forward to the
ritual that would follow.

When he rolled back over I saw that his penis was already long and
hard, so I hand washed it again, causing an eruption very quickly.
While he dried off I quickly stripped and took my position on the
stool without even being told. He sucked my dick for a few minutes
and then stopped. He asked if I could do him another favor. With
my dick raging I said "anything." He explained that it was very
important that a man of God be very clean and pure, and that he
was concerned that his rectum was still not clean enough. He asked
me to insert my penis into his rectum and try to ejaculate semen
into his bowels. He said that semen was very pure and would anoint
and cleanse him in divine fashion.

He slobbered on my dick to make it slippery and then turned his
ass to face me. He spread his knees wide and told me to put my
knees on the cushion between his. He then spread his ass wide with
his hands and invited me inside. I was surprised at how easily my
dick slid into him. At his insistence I buried my penis balls-deep
into his butt and started pumping in and out of him like a horn
dog. Father O'Malley was loving it, bouncing back against me with
every thrust as he recited the rosary. I liked his butthole even
better than his mouth. It felt almost as good, and I was more in
control. Soon I was filling his most unholy regions with my sacred
syrup. Every afternoon from then on I made my mother proud with my
private sessions with the Holy Father.

Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

Charlie Bagman

There weren't any shiny gold buttons or epaulettes on his uniform, but
the way the conductor carried himself seemed a bit military. Perhaps it
was the confident walk; almost a march. A striking older man, more
torso than legs, I guessed him to be not much over five feet tall. He
had a dark olive completion with wavy salt-n-pepper hair. The original
jet-black of his hair made the shadow of his beard nearly blue under
that leather-skinned jaw. He had a thick mustache below a very
Mediterranean nose.

I watched him working from across the platform. Courteous, he seemed to
bow slightly as he spoke to the passengers, leaning in to let them know
he was focused on their needs. "Yes, Ma'am. I'll see to it personally"
he assured a woman fussing about her expensive luggage. She watched him
over the top of her glasses as he picked up all three of her suitcases
and headed down the platform - ignoring the empty luggage cart just next
to him. He walked at a brisk pace as though the luggage weighed

When he returned to the booth near the main gate he was nearly knocked
down by a disheveled man racing through with a cart stacked with cases.
The man had a look of near panic as he described his personal chaos to
the conductor, gesturing at the contents of his luggage cart. (His
ticket was still in his briefcase buried at the bottom of the pile.)
"Let's see if we can check you in without it" said the conductor in a
husky baritone. "I can bring the case to your seat if you'd like." The
conductor was there to take care of everything. He anticipated
passengers' needs (as well as needy passengers.) He was still smiling
and nodding, looking very relaxed as he took control of the man's cart
and headed over toward me.

I was standing at the service window of the station's little café. The
conductor parked his cart next to mine. Spotting my luggage tags he
said, "Good afternoon, Sir. I see you'll be joining us." "Oh, yes", I
replied rather clumsily. Now that he was right next to me the impact of
just how hot this guy was had hit me. He had dark wild eyebrows over
green eyes that bore right through me. I temporarily lost my ability to
speak as all of the blood in my brain had traveled south.

He crossed in front of me, squatting a bit to read my tags. As he bent
down to look closer I leaned in, my gaze drawn to the back of his neck
just inside his shirt collar. I imagined gently running my fingers down
the trail of wiry black hairs I saw. The texture would feel like wool
as it spread down across his shoulders. I studied the hair on his
wrists, leading from under his shirt cuffs across the back of strong,
masculine hands as he jotted notes on my tags. Even his scent was sexy.
An old-fashioned cologne I couldn't quite place, mixed with his natural
musky, manly scent both soothed and exhilarated me. I inhaled slowly
trying to make the moment last.

He tilted his face up to me and paused. I wondered if he was reading my
thoughts as he smiled, catching me again with those beautiful green
eyes. I wanted to grab him and stick my tongue down his throat. His
thick mustache was just waiting for me to gnaw on it. "Steady, boy," I
thought to myself.

Gesturing to a nearby bench he said, "Why not have a seat there, Sir?
It'll be a bit warmer in the sunlight. I can take these to your cabin;
have everything ready by the time you're aboard." "Sure. Great", I
managed. In my desire to make a good impression I wanted to help by
moving my cart closer to the train, but he cut me off. He gently but
firmly caught my wrist with his right hand while taking the cart handle
with his left. He had a stronger grip than I'd imagined. "Take your
time. We don't depart for another 40 minutes," he said, releasing my
wrist to shake my hand. "It's no trouble," he assured me before I could
voice any objection. Still smiling, he gave my hand an extra squeeze.

As he turned to go I realized I'd stopped breathing.
I exhaled slowly
watching his retreat, remembering his gorgeous, piercing eyes and warm
smile. What had seemed like just a cute, older guy across the platform
turned out to be a seriously hot daddy for which I was developing a
major hard-on. Watching him head off down the platform I sighed and
turned to find his sunny bench.

I enjoyed passing the time by watching him work. At first I thought
that seeing how he interacted with the other passengers would give me an
opportunity to learn about my co-travelers. Then I realized that all I
was doing was fantasizing about him being naked. How much of that fur,
if any, spread across the rest of him? Did being short of stature mean
he had a small dick or was he one of "nature's surprises" like I'd met
once or twice? I really wanted a chance to find answers to these
questions, but knew it wasn't likely to happen.

That evening, after a very good meal in the dining car, I began the walk
back to my cabin. I saw him at the other end of a narrow corridor.
Slowing as we approached each other, we exchanged pleasantries. "Hello
again", I said as we came up to each other. "Hi there! Did you enjoy
dinner?", he asked. "Oh, yes. It was great." "Good". It was clear he
was on his way somewhere, so I stepped back against one wall to let him
by. It turned into to a moment I'd never forget. Not only did he fail
to avoid brushing against me as he squeezed past, but he made a point of
slowing down and actually pushing his ass into me as he slid by . There
was a relaxed feeling to his butt muscles against my crotch. I
immediately went hard. I don't think I'd ever gone fully erect that
fast. Ever. I didn't even know a guy could. After he slid past me he
looked over his shoulder and smiled. This wasn't one of his
professional "have a nice day" smiles. No. There was a distinct
twinkle in his eye. He continued down the corridor leaving me standing
there staring after him. "I'll be checking on you around 8:30 to make
sure everything's to your liking" he said without looking back. "Fine",
I replied with a dazed grin. I continued down the corridor, trying to
smooth out the bulge he'd left in my pants.

At 8:30 there was a light rap on my cabin door. (The conductor was
punctual, of course.) I opened it to find those sexy green eyes looking
at me has he flashed that warm smile again. "Everything alright, sir?",
he asked. He spoke loud enough to sound businesslike. "Yes, fine.
Thank you." I replied just as loud. I was enjoying the role play,
particularly as it was real. I stepped back hoping he'd follow me in to
the cabin. The conductor did a quick check up and down the corridor.
There was no one around to see as he entered.

While stepping in he closed and locked the door in a single motion. We
fell into an embrace, sharing a long passionate kiss. We began
frantically pulling off our clothes. I didn't know if he was eager or
just didn't have much time to "fraternize with the passengers" before
continuing on with his chores, but he wasn't waiting for any
conversation. I certainly didn't mind.

As his shirt came off I saw that, though not quite as hairy as some of
the "bears" I liked to see, there was plenty of body hair to enjoy. His
forearms were particularly hairy leading to those masculine hands I'd
admired earlier. The black and white fur on his chest hung like moss on
a branch. It continued down his stomach, getting darker and thicker
until it ended in a black bush above his rising cock.

This time I wanted to be the one to offer service so I quickly dropped
to my knees and took his dick in my hands. His uncut rod had a
thickness that filled my mouth nicely has I slid my lips over it and
took it in down to its base. He exhaled slowly as he stood there, his
hands on my shoulders. I could smell that old fashioned cologne again
along with his natural musk. My tongue worked his fully erect shaft as
I moved slowly up and down. I pulled up again to enjoy a good look at
his knob. I exposed the rest of its head, sliding back his foreskin and
licked around the tip.

I pushed him toward the bed and he sat down. He leaned back and spread
his legs wide allowing me better access. I held his foreskin back,
again working my tongue around his dickhead. My other hand was feeling
the hair on his balls. They were much larger and heavier than I'd
expected. I thought about what his load might taste like.

I took his dick in my hands, stroking up and down as I worked my tongue
to down under his nuts. I gnawed gently here and there, slowing the
pace of my stroking on his dick. He moaned a bit, then a bit more.
After a delicious minute or two he sudden exhaled, "No!" I was nearly
knocked over as he jumped up. He was getting too close, too soon so I
paused and waited for his cue. Whatever he wanted next, I was going to
do my best to please him; not that I didn't have ideas of my own.

Earlier in the day I'd fantasized about what it'd be like to fuck him.
Those fantasies were about to be realized as he turned around knelt on
the bed with his butt now at my eye level. I set in quickly on eating
his ass. Making my tongue wide and flat, I covered his hole and licked
long, broad strokes up and down his crack. Starting low against the
back of his balls and on up to where his crack ended at his tailbone. I
continued slowly moving up then down again. He moaned deep and low. I
could tell he was enjoying it as he squirmed a bit, pushing his ass back
into my face.

Using my hands to spread his checks, I looked at his waiting hole. The
dark ring that lead inside was wet with my saliva. I stared licking in
circles around his hole. He continued to push back into me. I slid my
tongue in to his warm canal and continued to work my way in until I
couldn't get my tongue in any further. He continued moaning as I worked
my tongue in and around. I felt him start to relax even more. He
leaned forward laying his forehead on his folded arms, tipping his ass
up a bit.

He was breathing heavily when I finally stood up. He looked back
without saying anything, but his sexy green-eyed gaze told me he was
ready for me to stick my cock in. I worked up some spit in my mouth,
transferred it to my fingers and spread it around my fully erect cock.
I set the tip against his hole and paused: this was the moment I wanted
to last forever.

I leaned in without shoving, just keeping my dick pressed against his
hole. I felt his ass start to relax. The more it relaxed the more my
dick edged in. As the head of my dick slipped in he gasped. He was
pretty tight. I didn't want to hurt him. I tried to keep the pressure
constant while letting him take me in at his own pace, leaning back in
to me. I heard him gasp again so I pulled back. He leaned forward
without letting me pull out, but enough to let off the pressure.

His breathing leveled out and he started to push back again. I slid
back in, going only a bit deeper than before. Keeping it all rather
shallow, began to slowly fuck him. I worked it back and forth, in and
out as his tight ass relaxed further. Putting his hands against the
wall, he rose up and pushed ass back and down on my dick. It was time
to go in all the way. I listened to his long slow intake of breath as I
slowly pushed until my bush was pressed flat against his ass. "Yes", he
moaned as he reached back to pull me against him, making sure I was all
of the way in.

It looked so hot to see his salt-n-pepper hair, the fur on his shoulders
and back with traces going all the way down to the ass my cock was now
firmly buried in. I pulled out and pushed back in. Out and back,
making the slowest of rhythms. He turned back to face me again and I
leaned forward to kiss him. We held a kiss as I worked his ass. He
turned back to the wall and moaned as I continued, now moving a bit

Every so often he would squeeze my dick with his ass muscles. He rocked
left and right, spreading his legs a bit wider. I continued to pick up
the pace. My fucking worked up to a solid rhythm, my balls occasionally
slapping against him. I almost laughed to realized that we'd settled in
to a grove that kept time with the train's motion. The rhythm of the
wheels clacking over the tracks matched our pumping.

He began moaning low. It was very quiet, but with an encouraging note.
As I continued to fuck him his moaning grew louder. His ass felt so
good that I knew I couldn't hold back much longer. "You O.K.?" I
managed, panting heavily. "Yes, yes I'm fine", he breathed. "I'm
getting very close", I said, making it clear that if we didn't change
course soon I was going to shoot my load. "Uh huh", was his only reply.
I was about to pop. He pushed back hard in to me. That was my cue to
go for it. It was only another three or four strokes before I slammed
up against him and held myself there, my dick in him as deep as it could
get. "Oh!" I gasped as my cock began to throb, pumping my load into his
ass. My head spun and my vision went blurry. He was moaning and
rocking, his warm hole enveloping my throbbing cock. "Yes! Yessss...",
he said, ending in a whisper.

As my cock's throbbing lessened and I started to go soft I reach around
and under to jack him off, but he gently pushed my hand away. "No,
that's O.K.", he said. My head was spinning too much to protest, so I
slowly pulled out and stepped back. He stayed kneeling laying his head
back down on his arms. I stared at his hole, now visibly open wider
than when I'd first gone down on it. I could see traces of my cum as I
watched the hole pulsing along with his breathing.

After resting a moment he got up off the bed and went to my water
closet. He took some tissue from the roll and made a bit of a wad. He
place it at his hole as he pulled his underpants back on. I sat down on
the bed and watched as he got dressed. I felt a bit guilty that he
didn't have an orgasm after the incredible experience I'd just had. He
smiled, never saying a word as he prepared to leave. He bent down and
kissed me, then silently exited my cabin.

Turning to lay back on my bed, I sighed, listening to the sound of the
wheels on the track. I slowly drifted off to sleep and dreamt of my
handsome train conductor.