Freitag, 31. Januar 2014

The best business trip

Jerry was in his late fifties, a little under 6 feet tall, about 250
pounds, with beautiful neatly trimmed white hair that made you want to
run your fingers through....massaging until you hear him moan in

He was an executive in the company I worked for and I lusted after him
every time he walked past my office.

He was married. He had grown kids and even grandkids. He was definitely
off-limits. Then...he walked into my office and asked if I'd be
interested in joining him on a visit to a customer. The customer was a 4
hour drive away from the office. I agreed. Why not?

As we drove together for 4 hours, we talked. He asked about my life and
my family. He told me about his. He told me his wife had suffered a
stroke a few years ago and she was numb on one side. In lighter moments,
he joked and laughed and patted my leg as he did. I loved every time he
touched me. I hoped he didn't see the erection I got from just being
near him.

We arrived at the hotel and he went to the front desk to take care of
details. He came back to me and said, "It looks like they messed up the
reservation. I hope you don't mind sharing a room." I did not mind at
all! I was hoping just to get a glimpse of this sexy mature man naked.

We went up to our room. It had 2 beds. I chose one. He took the other.
As I was unpacking my suitcase, he asked, "I am really tired from the
drive. I need a swim before dinner. How about you?"

I agreed to go for a swim and began to undress. He sat on his bed.

I noticed he was watching me. I didn't know what to do. Then, he said,
"Wow. You have a nice sized one. I wish mine was that big."

My cock is about 6 inches and nothing special but it was nice to hear
him say that.

"Thanks." I said as I stood there naked, not ready to put my swim trunks

"Can I take a closer look at that," he asked. I was ready to faint! I
couldn't believe he was asking this!

"Sure," I said, and I walked over to where he was sitting on the hotel

He took me in his hand, gently cupping my balls and then stroking my
shaft softly.

After a few moments, he asked quietly, "Can I suck you?"

"Yes, " I replied softly.

He took me in his mouth and softly and gently massaged me with his
tongue. He was wet and warm and amazingly gentle. I exploded in his

He smiled at me and said, "Let's go hit that pool now."

We had dinner. I was completely in shock at what had happened. He was
amazing. I had no idea he was interested in me all those months I had
sat in my office hoping he'd just walk by my door.

That evening, I laid in my bed. He pulled my covers back and crawled in
too. He kissed my chest and stomach and public hair and then took me in
his mouth again. He sucked and sucked until I exploded again. He patted
me on the behind and went back to his own bed.

He looked over at me and asked, "What time would you like to get up?" I
said, "About 7." He said, "Okay, I'll take care of it."

I awoke in the middle of the night to a warm, wonderful sensation. It
was 2:54 a.m. Jerry was in my bed, kneeling over me, sucking me again.
After a wonderful while, I exploded in his mouth again. He patted me on
the butt again, smiled, and said, "See you in the morning."

I awoke again. There was that wonderful wet feeling again. Jerry was in
my bed again. My cock was in the mouth of that sexy, white haired mature
man again. He sucked and sucked until I exploded again. He smiled again
and patted me on the butt again. "Let's get a shower," he said.

We showered together, washing every inch of each other's bodies,
exploring and enjoying. I sucked him in the shower. He was about 4
inches long and hard as a rock. He came in my mouth with a loud sigh.

We dried each other off and got dressed for our meeting with our client.

We drove back home occasionally holding hands in the car.

When we got back to the office, it was as if nothing had ever happened.
Jerry went back to being an executive husband, father and grandfather.

Now though, he smiles at me as he passes my office, and I remember that
fantastic trip when my dreams came true.

Maybe it'll happen again? I hope so.

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