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Hot Uncle

I was 18 years old when I had my first sex experience with my uncle. He was my mom's oldest brother, still single and lived alone. He was in the early sixties and has a very attractive look.
It was the year-end holidays. I was off from school and loving it because I could stay with my Uncle Barney to spend my holidays. Staying up late on the computer and waking up late in the day was like a dream. It was great having the whole house to myself during the days and I could do anything I liked.

One day, I was watching some movie when Uncle Barney came home from work around 5. He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off and sat on the couch.

"Uncle," I said while looking at him, "How was work?"

"Exhausting." He said with his eyes closed while he was relaxing.

He then put his head back and closed his eyes to rest. I meanwhile stayed in my position staring at the bulge in his Dockers. I felt myself lost in looking at it.
I went behind Uncle Barney in his couch and started to rub his shoulders. I peered over to see his face with a big smile. I knew this was great for him. It sort of brought us closer together. I slowly started to work my way down to his chest and front neck area. I then stopped, walked around to his front and squatted in between his legs. I continued and gave a good rubbing to his chest. Soon I worked my way down to his belly. I could see he was very excited. He had an erection, which is so obvious to almost any person wearing Dockers. I stopped rubbing him and put a hand on each of his thighs to balance myself.

"I see someone is a little excited." I said with a grin.

"Sorry, but you do great rubs." He said with a smile.

"Well I am gonna make dinner, you rest for awhile?" I said.

When the dinner was ready, I called Uncle Barney but he could almost sleep through any noise. So I walked toward him and told him to wake up. He got up and went into the bathroom where I heard the shower turn on. I had dinner on the table by the time he was done. I heard the door opened as he wandered out with a towel wrapped around his neck and totally naked. I must have gave a surprised look because he said, "Sorry Shane, I didn't feel like going up stairs to get my underwear. Okay with you?"

I came back to my senses and said, "Yeah.". He sat down and we chatting aimlessly while having our dinner.

After I had finished with the dishes and said, "I'm gonna go online and play some games for awhile". I then started walking the room while he went back to his room and turned on the TV. I walked into my room with the biggest hard on. I quickly lay on my bed and pulled out my cock and started to jerk off thinking about Uncle Barney's cock. If it could be about 4 inches long soft, I wondered how big it could be hard. I thought of me sucking his balls. I thought of him fucking me in the ass and how good it would feel to have him in me. Thinking of him thrusting in and out of me was just too much as I started to come all over my chest. I lay on my bed before I came back to reality and cleaned myself up.

After a 3 hours game, I paddled up the stairs and entered Uncle Barney's room to find him in his bed sleeping in just his brief, with the TV on. I switched off the TV and I climbed into the bed, lying beside him. As I lay there beside Uncle Barney, trying to get back asleep, my uncle suddenly rolled over and put his arm on me. It really was quite a nice feeling having his half-naked body against me and his arm around me. I lay there for quite a while enjoying the feeling of him so near to me. I looked at his firm chest and reached out my hand, gently ran my hand along his chest. I continued to run my hand along his chest, making my way to one of his nipples. I then gently touched the nipple.

I continued my exploration of my uncle's sleeping body and moved my hand over his stomach. I made my way down slowly, now beginning to feel a bit nervous. My hand reached the waistband of his brief. I stopped to make sure that he was still sleeping, and then gently ran my hand along the fabric of his brief. My hand then felt what I was looking for; the hot rod, which I knew, was his cock. I ran my hand softly along the length and back and then down along his balls. I had to feel it in my hand. I found my way back to the waistband and slid my hand inside, all the while monitoring my uncle for any sign of waking.

My hand reached to his hair at the base of his cock and then moved to the shaft. I was touching another man's cock for the first time and it was my uncle's. Each time I breathed could smell his odor, which had become lightly muskier since my hand had gone into his brief. As I breathed in his scent and squeezed the shaft of his cock, it was getting hard; it seemed to get a little firmer in my hand. I continued to squeeze the shaft as it expanded in my hand. I ran my hand along the length of his dick. When I reached the head, it seemed inflated and hard. I could feel his foreskin rolling easily back and forth. It was very soft, but stretched by his thick cock.

Once again I wrapped my hand around his cock and felt the length. It was thick I was dizzy with excitement. My uncle's hard cock was in my hand. As I was moving his foreskin back and forth over the head one more time, he began to make moans of pleasure which really put me over the top because I was starting to get hard and suddenly he moved. He was awake.

Uncle Barney looked at me and I was so scared, taking my hand away. But I was surprise he didn't say anything till he turned around and said, "Why don't you finish me off."

That was great as I grew a smile on my face. I reached out my hand to his waistband and pulled it down, exposing his fully hard cock. It was really thick and long, leaking pre-cum. He spread his legs and took my head in his hand and guided me to his cock. Licking my lips, I took my tongue out to catch a falling drop of my uncle's cum, taking it in for a taste. I then licked the pre-cum covered head. Holding onto the large shaft with my right hand, I began to pull the skin back and forth, masturbating Uncle Barney's cock. First slow and then fast, tugging and pulling on it. I then licked the side of Uncle Barney's shaft as I continued to jack it off. I took some pre-cum to slide it up and down his cock, now sliding my hand up and down.

Pushing my face into that hairy pubic, I opened my mouth wide and greedily started to suck it. I looked up to Uncle Barney, his eyes were closed and head tilted back moaning softly, "Uummm Good son. Keep on doing. Uuhhh."

I started to suck it fast. My hand was rubbing his thigh while the other was holding his cock, sucking wildly on it. His breathing became really heavy as well as his moaning. "Uummm Oohhh FasterAaahhh I'm gonna cum." He said with an out-of-breath voice. I fastened my suction and soon felt him shoot his cum in my mouth. Shot after shot hit the back of my throat. It felt as if he almost filled my mouth. I enjoyed it greatly as I continued to suck his cock. "Uummm. Uchhh That was so great." He said while lifting my head off his cock.

Lifting my head up to meet his face, his lips almost touched my lips. He lowers them, touching my lips. Both our heads tilting to the side as our lips merge and our mouths opened. Kiss getting very passionate, and very long. With my hands gripping the bed blankets hard, closing my eyes, kissing my uncle softly. Both of us began to moan softly enjoying this all way too much. He then broke the kiss.

With that Uncle Barney ripped off my shorts and brief to expose my fully hard cock. He reached over the bed to my hard cock and began to gently run his fingers up and down the length of the shaft. "You have a nice cock, son." He said has he reached down to stroke my cock.

Uncle then took out a KY jelly and said, "Why don't you just give me a good fuck?" With that he laid his face down on the bed as I came up behind him. "Lube me up really good and be very gentle."

"Ok." I said, thinking that what I had seen in the porn movie. I took a big glop of jelly and started to put it on his hairy ass. I then worked in a finger into uncle slowly. I then began to rub he jelly all over my cock. I put my cock head at his hole and pushed some of the head in. It was tight and hot. Uncle Barney moaned as I started to slip more of my cock into him. I was soon totally inside him and my balls touching his butt.

"Aaahhh Oowww Great. Fuck me, Shane." Uncle Barney moaned.

I then slowly pushed in and pulled out, humping back and forth. Faster and faster. His hairs on his ass were tickling me but it was great. He was so tight that it felt like his ass was hugging my cock. I knew I was almost done. The fact of me fucking my uncle was just too much for me as I began to shoot in his ass. I must have shot 5 or 6 powerful shots into him as my climax started to come down. I pulled myself off of my uncle and just laid there with my hard on in the air. Uncle Barney got up and came over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then asked, "So you think you can take me?"

I smiled and turn over on my belly and offered my ass to him. He began to lube up his cock and get behind me and he started to rub some of the jelly in my ass and stuck his finger in my ass.

"OwwwAahhh" I yelled in pain.

"Sorry, Shane. Relax." Uncle Barney said and continued to 'loosen me up'. I soon felt the head of his dick against my ass as he began to enter me. The pain was great.

"It starting to feel good now. UummmOohhh" I moaned. I could tell he was soon fully in me as he began to pull out and thrust into me really hard. Each thrust felt better than the last one. He could keep a better steady pace than I could, but he's had experience. After a while I started to get my erection again and it was hurting bad since I was on my stomach. He was still giving me a good fuck. I would have shot twice already. I could hear him getting out of breath. And he was dripping sweat. He was soon grunting and pounding my ass like a wild animal. He fucked me harder and harder and our breathing became heavier.
"Ouchhh Aahhh I'm cumming." He Screamed and started to tense up and then was shooting in me. Each shot was hotter than the last. When he was finished he pulled out of me and laid down on the bed beside me.

I still had my hard on though. I couldn't stop thinking about what I did with my uncle so it wouldn't go away. Uncle Barney reached over with his hand and started to jack my cock off for me. The hair on his arms would tickle me on the down stroke. "Faster Faster Uummm" I told him. But instead he let go and crawled over to my cock and started to suck me off. He sucked me wild and took all my length inside his mouth. I was in heaven. I came quickly in his mouth in which he happily swallowed.

When he was done sucking me he got up and lay down next to me and covered us with the sheets. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips but then started to kiss me. We broke the kiss and he hugged me over toward him and closed his eyes. I knew he was very tired. I was very tired too and I went to sleep with him hugging me.

I loved my uncle and I would stay over night more often with him.

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