Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

Sucking Santa

I know it's probably terrible of me, but I've always had kind of a thing for Santa Claus. His long white beard and the way he laughs always sends waves of excitement directly to my dick. I know he's married to Mrs. Claus. But in my fantasies, he'll let anyone go down on his chimney. After all, Santa is known for being a very giving soul.

It was about 4:00 a.m. Christmas morning. I woke up having to pee so bad I thought I was going to explode. I knew finishing off that six pack right before going to bed was going to come back to haunt me. As I headed down the hall toward the bathroom, I glanced over and saw someone standing in my living room. He had his back to me, but I could still see that the guy was in a Santa costume.

"Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my house?" I said, taking a few cautious steps into the room. I know I should have been scared - the guy might have a gun. But I was hoping even if he was here to rob the place, he'd at least let me pee first.

"Go ahead and tend your bladder. I'll wait," the man said as he turned around. Yep. It was Santa alright. He was smiling and holding a slice of steaming pizza in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other.

I sort of scratched my head for a minute, then decided to hit the toilet. When you gotta go... Besides, now I was starting to feel like this was a set-up for a practical joke one of my sick friends would play on me. I figured at some point, Santa would turn on some music and do a strip tease or something. But how did he know I had to pee and where did he get hot pizza at this hour on Christmas morning?

When I got back, Santa was just popping open a bottle of beer and setting it down on the coffee table next to a slice of pizza. "I was hoping you were going to join me," he said gesturing to the table. "I'm afraid I'm several beers and a couple of slices ahead of you."

"Do I know you?" I asked as I took a big bite of the best pizza I ever tasted and washed it down with the best ale I ever drank.

"I thought you did," he replied, tugging on his beard to show that it was real. "I am Santa Claus. It has been a very rough night and I didn't think you'd mind if I took a break here for a while before going home. I just had to have something other than cookies and milk.

"Why do people assume that I would want cookies and milk? Give me pizza and beer any day." And with that, he threw off his hat and wiped the sweat from his brow. Then he unbuttoned his jacket, showing me a glimpse of a big barrel chest and surprisingly muscular stomach all covered by curly white fur. "Damn, this outfit gets hot," he said winking at me.

Was this rented Santa making a pass at me, or was I just horny? Who cared. What kind of a nut would turn down the chance to do Santa? I let my eyes drop to his crotch area. There was a huge amount of tenting action going on in the front of his trousers. Suddenly, it was like I was hypnotized. I watched as my hands reached out and undid the button on his pants, grabbed each side of the waist, and yanked them down around his ankles. The next thing I knew, I had his giant candy cane down my throat and my nose buried in the softest mound of pubic hair you can imagine.

Santa really had a gorgeous piece of uncut meat. I'd guess it was about 10" long and covered with big popping veins. Just sucking on it almost made me blow a load. It was the kind of cock you just never want to stop working over. And his big, hairy, low-hanging balls weren't bad either.

I was totally lost in my cock worship when Santa pulled out of my mouth and stood me up. Then he unrolled a brightly colored Christmas condom onto his dick, turned me around, and bent me over the back of the couch.

"Let me show you what the North Pole is really all about," he leered as the head of his staff probed my asshole. "I had a feeling this would be a hospitable place to stop." And he thrust himself into me all the way to the hilt.

As he slowly began to fuck me, there was an almost electric tingle coursing through my body. The harder he fucked, the more that tingle moved to my crotch. And the sound of his balls slapping the back of my thighs had me so turned on I wanted to scream. "You're a lot sturdier than those elves," he growled in my ear as his thrusting reached a fevered pitch. "You deserve a present for this."

Without warning, my body began to convulse with the world's biggest no-hands orgasm. I was trembling all over as stream after stream of cum shot from my dick. My own screaming was so loud that I didn't even hear Santa when he began to moan and wail. But I felt it when he took one mighty inward thrust, grabbed my hips for support, and began shaking like a wild man.

Eventually, we both slumped down to the floor to catch our breaths and let our knees stop shaking.

"Did you like your present?" Santa asked, out of breath and covered with sweat. "I'm afraid that might have been more of a gift for me," he smiled, pulling off the condom and releasing an impossible amount of cum all over the place.

"It was the perfect gift, Santa," I replied, a stupid grin already beginning to plaster itself across my face. "You can show me the North Pole anytime."

Santa smiled, winked, and produced a single sleigh bell on a leather strap. "Any time you want to see the Pole, just ring this bell. I'll hear you." And in a flurry of snowflakes and "Ho, ho, hos," he vanished into thin air. When the snow settled, all that was left was his hat, the bell, and a case of Christmas condoms.

I think I'm going to be ringing that bell quite a bit...

Sonntag, 30. November 2014

Silverdaddy State Trooper

I have always loved older chubby daddies 50 + If they were tall, husky, masculine, with tree trunk shaped arms just looking at them would have me hypnotized.

One fine day I was on my way taking a road trip to nowhere important, just killing a little time. Ahead of me there was a gravel road that led to the local fishing hole that I went to quite a lot when I was younger. I decided to turn on the road and take a look at the water.

I got to the waters edge turned off my truck, opened my door and took a stroll along the bank. After getting my fill of looking and kicking around the mud it was time to leave. There wasn't anyone around anyway to try to start a conversation even if I wanted to.

I started down the road that took me to the water and noticed my truck was acting funny...pulling to one side terribly. I pulled over and discovered I had a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere! Damn the luck!

It was in the middle of summer and very humid and hot. I looked for my spare tire and it wasn't to be found. There I was stranded and no one in site for miles. My cell phone didn't even have any reception where I was. I thought ain't this some fucked up shit!

After having cursing fit I did the only thing there was to do...walk to the highway where I'd have a better chance at seeing someone that hopefully would give me a ride to the nearest phone or let me borrow their phone to call someone to help me out .

I finally made it to the paved road and hoped I'd see someone driving along the highway...sooner the better! I was tired, hot, and very thirsty. I walked a few more miles when I thought I saw a shimmer of sunlight being reflected from a windshield in the far distance. I sure hoped I wasn't just seeing things from being over anxious.

I watched the shimmer get closer and closer ...I wasn't dreaming! It really was a car in the distance. As the car got closer I noticed it was a state trooper , someone I knew would stop and see what was going on .It was quite clear it was out of the norm for someone to be walking out in the middle of nowhere in this kind of heat. As the trooper got closer to me he turned on his blue lights just in case I may have been a criminal or something. Before he could even get out of his car I put my hands in the prayer position mouthing the words "thank God."

He stopped his car and opened his door. I watched as his foot stepped from the opened door and then the rest of him slowly exited and began to stand up. It seemed like it took him a lifetime to finally stand to his feet. He was probably 6'4 tall with a husky belly with arms that looked like they could power lift the whole car! I'd say he was 55 yrs. old.

He walked closer to me with a real daddy concerned look on his face as he asked me if I were all right and what's wrong. I was so hot and thirsty from my long walk from my crippled truck I must've looked like a dried up grape. I told him I had been walking for probably 4 hours because my truck blew a tire several miles away close to the old fishing hole.

This man really seemed to care for me... He told me not to say another thing ...just get in his car and cool off with the air conditioning that he had blasting inside already. I didn't argue any at all...he even helped me to his passenger side seat where I'd be closer to the air vents to feel the cool air.

I thought I was in heaven. I was finally rescued from the heat and my bad day was finally getting better. After he made sure I was safely in the car he shut my door and walked around to the drivers side and got in under the wheel with just a small struggle from the size of his belly. As he adjusted himself under the steering wheel he jokingly commented about the "fat " size of his girth being too big. I told him not to change a thing. It looks good on you. You carry yourself pretty good to be your size. It makes you look like a "real" man.

My lips moved without me knowing what I had said until it was too late. I was embarrassed at what I spit out without realizing what I had said before it was too late. He just turned toward me and smiled with the kindest smile I had ever seen before.

When we got to moving he said we'd better get me to a place where I could get some fluids in me so I wouldn't dehydrate. I agreed with him because I really was thirsty.

While driving, we passed a couple convenience stores. I asked him why he didn't stop for any of them. He said his house was a lot closer and I would feel better if I got a shower to wash all the dried sweat off my body.

We soon got to his place which was a big ranch in the country. It was quite a set up he had ...very nice with a lot of horses and livestock. I complimented his ranch and he turned to me and smiled again. We got to the end of his driveway and he turned off his cruiser. He said set still and went out of his way to walk over and open my door with a smile again on his beautiful daddy face.

Am I reading too much into all this extra niceness? ... Yes or no... It was really getting me to think thoughts maybe I shouldn't think! After he opened my door and told me to go ahead and let myself in the front door, he said he'd be inside in a minute, he had to make a quick call in to headquarters.

I let myself in the door and met the living room and had a seat on the couch. He hurriedly came in the door and led me to his bathroom and begged me to get a shower, wash the funk off, and get to feeling refreshed... You can put my robe on after you get done with your shower. He'd put my dirty clothes I had on in the washer, so I'd have clean clothes again .


While in the shower I turned the water to a very cool temperature to lower my body felt great!!! I think it was the best shower I ever had in my life! I was washing my hair after just standing under the cool water enjoying every drop that hit my scorched body when I thought I heard a voice calling to me. I stopped what I was doing and listened to see if I were hearing things.

I heard it again was the trooper , he was standing outside the door making sure I was ok .I guess I took advantage of the cool water longer than I thought . I finished my shower and put his large robe on. It felt very nice and comfortable much it made me horny thinking my naked body being inside his coat rubbing against the parts his naked body rubbed also. I walked to the living room to find him sitting on the sofa.

"Boy! I bet you feel better don't ya." He said, while looking and smiling at me with twinkling eyes beautiful eyes. I smiled and said hell yeah I do and thank you very much for being so nice and for the shower and stuff. "Your clothes are in the washer, and when do you wanna go do something about getting your truck tire fixed?"

I told him, "I can't really do much since I have your robe on with no clothes to wear"

He said, "No problem, I probably have some old clothes that will fit you."

I looked at him and laughed saying "Youre a bit bigger than me, they'd fall off me for sure".

"Wouldnt that be a surprise!" he said with a wink and a flirtish grin.

I laughed and said, "Yes it sure would." .I didn't really know how to take what he just said. He was putting exciting thoughts in my head and really turning me on. He was a beautiful older chubby daddy trooper. My fantasy silver daddy .He went to the back of the house returning with clothes in his hand.

"I used to be about your size in the waist a few years back. I gained all this weight and now I'm a fat ass," laughing as he said it. "Well you carry it well and you don't look fat at all."

"If you keep giving me compliments like that I won't know what to think." I went to the bath room and put the clothes on ... they fit great except for the leg length.... I had to roll them up a little.

"They look very good on you. Are you ready to go now?"

"Yes... lets get this over with... I hate to leave my truck sitting there on a road unattended."

On the way to my truck he asked if I had anything to do for the rest of the day. I said no...What's up? He asked if I liked to drink beer and that his shift would be over with by the time we got my flat fixed. I said sure...I'd like that very much...You seem like a nice enough guy. I'd really got to liking him. It was like we'd had known each other forever.

We got the tire fixed and I followed him back to his ranch. We were sitting and talking back and forth when the buzzer went off on the dryer. "Your clothes are done . You wanna go for a tour of the ranch?"

"Sure, I'd love to."

We walked around by the stables and checked out the horses and went inside the barn. I was starting to feel the beer at this time and I think he was also. As we were around the horses his stallion suddenly got a hard on as big as a tree limb. I laughed and jokingly said, "I wish I had a dick as big as his!"

He turned and snickered saying, "Mine is almost that big." I told him to stop dreaming and get me another beer . He said, "For real; mine is almost as big as my horss dick. My nick name in school was Stallion! Trooper Stallion."

I snickered as twisted to playfully hit him in his arm. He said, "I'll show it to you if you don't believe me."

"If you have a dick that big, I want to see it!"

"Lets go back to the house and get another beer and I'll give you a look."

On the way to the house I started wondering if he was for real and wandered if I could hold back and keep my composure, not to want to touch it. We entered the kitchen and grabbed a beer each. When he handed me my beer he sat his n the counter top and started to unbutton his pants. When he unzipped his zipper out it came was certainly the biggest tool I'd ever seen on a guy. I was almost hypnotized by the size of it . Without realizing my dick had gotten full-blown hard.

He noticed the bulge in my jeans and said, "Looks like you like what youre looking at. He caught me off guard and it embarrassed me greatly. He said, "Don't feel badly about getting a hard on. Why do you think I asked if you had anything to do tonight? When I first saw you walking on the road today I wondered if you liked to play around with guys. I've been thinking on how I was going to ask you if you'd want to spend the night with me and fool around in the sack."

I looked back at him and said, "I felt the same way when I first saw you." When the ice was finally broken and we knew what we wanted from each other the day got a lot more interesting! I told him that he was a fantasy come true today. He looked at me in a curious manner and asked, "What do you mean--fantasy?"

I told him that I had always wanted an older chubby Trooper to have sex with. As he had his giant size dick already out of his pants and in his hand, I reached over to wrap my hand around it to touch my fantasy silver trooper daddy's dick. My dick was raging hard at this time almost busting through my zipper .He noticed it also.

"Let's go where we can be more comfortable and release some tension." He took me by my hand and led me to his bed room. I went to set on the bed when he grabbed me and turned toward my face kissing me while undoing my pants. As they fell to the floor I pulled his down to the floor unleashing his mammoth dick and balls. We sat on the bed at the same time hugged each other very hard and laid back onto the bed.

The trooper had silver hair all over him with a rock hard chubby belly, arms bigger than a tree trunk and rugged daddy hands. His dick was a beer can uncut with enough for skin to let me dock half my dick in. I instantly went south on him. I grabbed his for skin with my mouth and French kissed the head of hid shaft. He had pre cum oozing like crazy moaning as I took him in my dream land. I kissed and licked every inch of his manhood. I guess he got pretty turned on by what I was doing to him he turned me around with his burly arms and put us into 69 position.

He could really suck; he knew how to please a man. I began to feel him starting to breathe rapidly and shake. I knew he was going to explode soon. I was getting close as well. Not long after I tickled his ass with my finger, he shot out a load with the force of a fire hose. As he came he grunted and moaned with pleasure. The more he got off the harder he sucked on me until a soon came in his mouth.

After we got off and caught our breath, he looked at me and we both started laughing and telling each other how glad we were that wed just met up today. When we finally got up, we both went to the shower and bathed each other.

We are still good friends and play together on occasion.

Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014

My Summer with Grandfather

Chapter 1

May and June were special months for me - I turned 18, got my first car, graduated from high school and I got my first real full-time summer job.

Every summer my family moved up to the cottage with my dad working in the city and coming up on the weekends. It was always like that. But when I found this new job working at a building supply shop I needed to stay behind too. Since my schedule would include weekend work it still wouldn't be convenient for my dad's schedule.

It was decided basically for me that I should stay with my grandfather. I didn't really mind this as it was closer to my work and it did allow me to keep my summer job. So at the end of June my family packed up for the cottage and I headed off to my grandfather's.

Granddad is a great guy. I barely remember my grandmother who died when I was only 2. He was excited about having, his only grandson stay with him and assured me I wasn't going to subjected to the strict eye of a typical grandparent.

Granddad's house was huge. Six bedrooms, all with private bath up on a hill with great views and a swimming pool which I knew I would really enjoy during the summer months. I had the room next to my grandfather's on the second floor. Actually, the third floor was basically closed off and was seldom used.

That first weekend we basically barbecued, swam a bit and read and and watched TV. Monday I was off to work. On Wednesday I was required only in the morning and so headed home at lunch time I knew granddad was home as the front door was unlocked and the radio on.

When I entered the kitchen to get a drink I noticed him tanning next to the pool. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had never really thought about my grandfather like that before. Man was he hot looking. While granddad's only about 5 foot 8 he is very solid and big. His entire body is covered in thick black and grey hair which glistens when it is wet or sweaty. But today there was a huge difference. Granddad was tanning in the tiniest gold lycra g-string I had ever seen. His entire hairy body was almost entirely exposed and here I was, his own grandson, getting turned on. I tried to tell myself that me at 18 and him at 67 was ridiculous. Besides I had never really done anything with a guy before except look a lot at hot guys at school or on the street.

I realized that the view from my bedroom would be even better and headed straight up the stairs for a bird's eye view. When I got there he had flipped over exposing his total backside. It was as hairy, if not more so, that his front side. The most incredible part though was his ass. Completely revealed were two huge, solid mounds of flesh covered in incredible fur. The only thing visible on his whole backside was the tiny string like thread that held the g-string together. I whipped my cock out and stroked it until I came, which took about ten seconds. Man he was hot. I was sure he'd kill me if he knew I was watching. I had no idea what he'd do if he found out I had jerked off looking at him.

I quickly left the house and returned much later when I was sure he'd be back inside. And he was. The rest of the day was normal. The next day when I went to work my boss said that my grandfather had called and just missed me. My God I thought did he know I was home or did he think I had done something in between?

Friday was another half day so Thursday night I made a point of telling Granddad I would be home at lunch time. Once again I discovered him laying by the pool. This time he had on an even smaller black sheer g-string. I honestly don't know how it held anything in.

I quickly ran up the stairs again to my bedroom not wanting to Miss any opportunity to seethe magnificent display at poolside. When I arrived at my room I noticed binoculars on the hall table right outside my door.

He couldn't have left them, could he? I went to the window and once again got totally hot by his teasingly revealed massive hairy body. In no time my cock was out and I had once again jerked off while looking at my grandfather - this time close-up!

When I finished I wanted to quickly make my exit again. Only this time I ran smack into my grandfather I the bottom of the stairs.

"Whoa kiddo, what's the rush ? " he asked.

I was so nervous, there he was inches away in this sheer black pouch. I couldn't take my eyes off it. he must be hung like a horse I thought.

" I thought I'd go to the mall, " I said.

" Mark, it's a great day c'mon out by the pool with me.

I didn't know what to say. All I knew was that I was sporting another hard-on for this guy and now he wanted me to tan with him.

"Um, sorry I don't have anything to tan in" I squirmed, hoping it would get me off the hook.

"No problem," he said, "Help yourself to one in the top right hand drawer of my dresser - and get a move on, I'll bring out a couple of beers," he offered.

Well, at least I'd have some time while getting a swimsuit to get rid of this second hard-on.

His drawer was filled with dozens of g-strings and thongs. I couldn't possible wear one, but there was nothing else. Finding a relatively modest white satin one I headed down to the pool.

There he was. I immediately went hard.

"Looking good, " he said, "Here's your beer."

I quickly laid down on my stomach so he couldn't see my raging hard-on.

"Mark, before you get too comfortable would you mind putting some lotion on my back," granddad asked.

"Ah, sure," I offered thinking at least he won't see my erection.

He rolled over and I began oiling his back. Man his hair felt Good as I ran my fingers through it. And, the sight of his huge hairy ass was incredible and it was only inches away. When I finished his back he asked me to do his legs which were equally as hairy and also a big turn-on.

As I was finishing his legs he glanced back and said, " Mark, by the looks of things you better put some lotion on my butt too."

He was looking right at my hard-on which was sticking almost directly out at this point. I quickly oiled up his ass and couldn't believe I was running my hands over my own grandfather's hot hairy ass. And he kept grinding his hips and spreading his legs apart. His entire crack was filled with mounds and mounds of thick black fur which was both sweaty and oily. man I'd love to lick that I thought.

He rolled over offering his front side for oiling. He too was sporting a huge hard-on, barely contained in his micro pouch. His chest was massive and his large brown nipples covered in expanses of greying fur. When I reached his pouched I slipped a finger inside and began caressing his cock while oiling his groin area.

Finally he offered, " Go on take it Mark. I saw you at your window today and Wednesday. It's okay. This is going to be the summer I've been waiting for, for a long Time grandson."

I slipped his cock and balls out of the sheer pouch. It was that length that amazed me so much but the width of his meat. While at 9 inches granddad had plenty to be proud of it was the circumference of 7 inches that was truly amazing.

I had never imagined a cock could be so thick. He then realized my teen cock which at 7 1/2 inches wasn't too bad either. But, it was nowhere near as thick as his. We massaged each other's tools and finally I couldn't hold back.

"Oh granddad, I'm going to cum, please make me cum," I hollered.

"Yes boy cum for your grandfather, show me your young load."

And then I exploded for the third time that afternoon. Only this time in his hand. My own grandfather had made me cum.

"Oh yes baby make granddad cum for you, " he said " you want to see your granddad's hot thick load don't you."

"Oh yes, please granddad cum for me cum all over my hand," I begged.

And then in an instant he shot his entire load all over me. It covered by hairless tanned chest and covered my hand and arm. I had been bathed in my grandfather's juices

Chapter 2

grandfather and I continued to explore each other's bodies. For hours we kept rubbing each other's bodies - I couldn't keep my hands off his massive fur covered body and he seemed to get off on my young smooth one. We just kept making each other cum, load after load. I couldn't have been happier and wasn't even thinking much about this hot older man being my grandfather. That night he asked me to sleep with him and with our bodies entangled we finally fell asleep.

When I woke up Saturday morning I discovered my grandfather sucking on my fully aroused young cock. The sight of his bald head and day's growth made me shoot my load down his throat within minutes. that was he first time I ever came in another guy's throat and hoped it wouldn't be the last. When he finished he immediately started to lick and probe my butt hole with his tongue. Again, I was rock hard and couldn't believe how excited I was getting by the touch of another man, especially my granddad.

Soon granddad had my legs up over his shoulders and his huge thick cock was teasing my fuck hole. I wanted it so badly but was afraid I wouldn't be able to take it without tearing myself apart. He started entering my hole slowly thrusting his cock in me further and further each time. I was so turned on by the sight of this older hairy hunk giving it to me the pain seemed to lessen quickly. Granddad quickly was able to thrust forcefully up my virgin butt hole and began dumping his thick juices up inside of me. I wanted his load so bad and now it was finally mine . My grandfather had finally given me the best gift ever and I was so glad I was his only grandson.

We finally got up and had breakfast and my granddad said we should catch some sun before it got cloudy like it was supposed to. Once again he offered one of his swimsuits which I readily accepted. he did ask if I would wear one he especially liked. It was almost microscopic it was so small and was made of a black sheer mesh fabric. Of course it made me hard again and granddad said he'd meet me by the pool to give me time to cool down. When he appeared, he was wearing an identical suit of the same sheer fabric.

The sight of my huge hairy grandfather was a knockout and the fabric barely concealed his massive tool. Of course the rest of his fur covered body was totally revealed. I couldn't wait to get at it again. After an hour or so granddad went in to get us some cold water. When he returned he shouted " hey Mark, look who dropped by."

My mouth must have dropped ten feet. There was my father standing right behind my granddad. And there we were barely covered by the pool. I quickly covered myself with a towel and Dad came over sitting on a deck chair. obviously my grandfather didn't mind my Dad seeing him exposed. But what was he thinking finding his father and son sunning in such scanty coverings.

We tossed around some comments about the weather and my Dad mentioned he needed to stay in town this weekend for work. My granddad said great maybe the three of us could spend some time together and invited my Dad to join us tanning. Without hesitating my Dad said he'd love to and could use a few hours of relaxation anyway. My grandfather offered him something more comfortable and my Dad was off into the house to change.

I quickly asked my grandfather if he was nuts. Didn't he think my Dad might think something weird was going on and didn't he want us just to be alone. He said to relax. It was just for a few hours and besides he said my Dad was a pretty hot looking guy too.

I said " Yes, but he's your son and my father." He quickly reminded me that I was his grandson and while I was commenting on the difference my Dad appeared on the pool deck.

My eyes must have almost fallen out. There he was a younger replica of my grandfather. Not quite as bald or heavy but almost. And equally as hairy. But my god my own father was standing in front of us barely concealed in a g-string made of white lace that was even smaller than the ones we had on. I couldn't take my eyes off my own Dad as he laid before us revealing his almost entire hairy body. And there I was between my grandfather and father - two of the hottest men I had ever seen. And here I was doing it with one and getting turned on by them both. What could my father be thinking and why had he chosen to wear so little?

After another couple of minutes of small talk my grandfather asked me to put some lotion on his back. I didn't know what to do and hesitated. my Dad said yea we had better all get covered in lotion before we burned. Handing me the lotion, I was forced to remove the towel off my body and oil my granddad's back. I could feel my cock growing harder and could see my Dad noticing every inch of my exposed youthful body. When I finished my Dad said " Now you can do the same for your father, son." I didn't know what to do except begin with his shoulders and back and do his legs.

As I finished he said. " I don't think you're quite finished, I want to be able to sit down too." I began rubbing lotion on his hairy butt and by this time my cock was once again sticking straight out of my sheer pouch. As I finished my Dad rolled over to reveal his massive hard-on which was even bigger than my grandfather's 8 inches and just as thick. I couldn't help but thinking they could have almost passed as twins . When I realized my father was hard I looked at my grandfather to discover he too was hard and not only was he watching our every move he was slowly stroking his meat in full view.

"Go on now and show your Dad what I taught you last night, he's been waiting as long as I have."

I was in total disbelief. My grandfather and my father both wanted me! How could I resist two hot guys even if they were father and son, and even if they were my own father and my own grandfather! I realized then it was too late, as my hand was already massaging my father's cock. This time however, I knew I wanted more and quickly put my lips over my father's cock. As I was deep throating this huge piece of meat I could feel my grandfather's cock probing my tight asshole. Now I would have my father at one end and my grandfather at the other. this must have been heaven. I didn't take long for the two of them to cum, dumping their loads down my throat and up my ass. Just as quickly they changed places this time my grandfather fucking my face and unbelievably my own father fucking me . Had they been planning this? Did they fuck each other.

It didn't take long to find out. When we finished round one my Dad confessed his father had initiated him at 18 and they had lived for the day I too could join the family circle. My Dad had arranged the whole thing making sure I had a summer job and that the family continued to go to the cottage.

My Dad's weekend of work involved me and my grandfather and the three of us never left the house that day or the next. In fact, my Dad moved in on Monday so we could spend the weekdays together too. Sleeping and fucking with my father and grandfather was unbelievably hot, and while I couldn't believe it, I knew how right it was for the three of us. Little did I know what else they had in store for me. My granddad and dad had only just begun to initiate me into the family circle. Our fucking would get even hotter as our circle grew. Stay tuned as the final part of my incredible and true adventures

Chapter 3

My father and grandfather continued to fuck me in every conceivable way that weekend and that week. I was so glad that their Greek background made them dark, heavy built and very, very hairy. It was exactly what I wanted and I felt really great that I could make my dad and grandfather that happy. After all, I was completely different, taking after my mother's side - slim, blond, fair skinned. But, they both seemed to get off on it, and I wasn't complaining.

My schedule left me off work Thursday afternoon and since dad was at work and granddad was off at a couple of appointments I decided to continuing sunning by the pool. My tan was going to be great that summer and my skimpy little tan line was going to be even better. That day I chose a really daring crocheted type g-string. It allowed most of my youthful cock and balls to be seen and my bleached mound of pubic hair reached above the tiny pouch. I hoped that granddad would get home early.

I had been tanning about 45 minutes when I heard a deep voice say, "Well, hello there young man." Looking up I discovered my grandfather's brother, John, staring down at me. Oh my god I thought, what will he think with me in this get-up! By now I was used to wearing these thongs and g-strings and tried to be casual about him popping in. John was older than my grandfather by about three years, putting him in his early 70's. I quickly noticed how similar the two were. John too was on the short side, actually heavier than my grandfather, bald and if possible he looked to be even hairier.

"Hi, Uncle John" I said, "What brings you about?"

He said he was just enjoying the sunshine and thought he'd drop in on granddad. I invited him to sit down, or if he wanted to join me tanning.

Uncle John said he had about an hour and a half to kill and the sun was beautiful. I quickly suggested we go upstairs and get him something to tan in. I gave him granddad's little black sheer thong but told him he could pick whatever and headed back to the pool. I hoped he would wear what I gave him. Sure enough, five minutes later he appeared in the sheer black thong. And, as I thought might be the case he turned out to be the hairiest of the men I had discovered were right in my own family.

When John laid down at poolside, I grabbed the tanning lotion and offered to do his back. I figured I might as well go for broke. He was the hottest and I wanted to feel his thick fur between my fingers. In fact, I couldn't wait to start rubbing lotion on his hairy ass. So that's what I started with. Uncle John quickly spread his butt and without hesitating, I got down and started eating out his super hairy and sweaty hole. He obviously enjoyed it and turned over to reveal that not only was he the hairiest of the three family members, he also had the biggest cock. At 9 1/2 inches his cock was topped by the biggest cock head I had ever seen or imagined. And, it was as thick as a beer can. Lubing it up with lotion, I moved on top of Uncle John allowing his monster meat to slide up inside my tight boy hole. He was smiling and obviously enjoying this as much as I was. How I hoped granddad and dad would come home and catch us. Here I was getting fucked by the oldest member of the family and shooting my load into his thick chest of hair.

Uncle John wrapped his huge hairy arms around me telling me; I was such a hot young man he hoped we see a lot more of each other, now that I was living with my grandfather. I said I wish that we had been caught so the two of them could have fucked me together. Uncle John said that granddad would kill him if he caught us and that his brother would never think of fucking his own grandson.

I told Uncle John not to be so sure, I was going to work on it and I'd let him know. He left soon after, and around five my grandfather returned home. When I told him Uncle John had been by while I was tanning he didn't seem at all surprised. He called John and they decided we would all get together for a barbecue the next night, Friday, as dad would be finished for the week and they also wanted to ask a few other members of the family. A boys night of barbecuing, beer and cards. I secretly wanted something else, but at least the three of them would be in the same room and all near me.

Friday night around seven everyone had arrived. There was granddad, dad and me, John and his two sons, and the only son one of them had--George, who was about 6 years older than me. So the seven of us started drinking and barbecuing. It struck me how odd I looked amongst the group. Six men all very dark complexioned, short, heavy and extremely hairy and me, the odd family member completely the opposite.

Of course was being a little bit obvious and a little bit of a tease. That day on my lunch hour, I popped over to the mall and bought a very small unlined pair of racing shorts made out of an almost shear white material. The shorts had slits up to the waist band, and an equally revealing mesh tank top.

With my tan I looked great and really contrasted the other men. In fact, on the side, my dad, granddad and Uncle John all commented on how great I looked and how they wanted to fuck my hot little ass. As the night progressed, one of John's sons, Nick, had had a little too much to drink and when he passed by me he grabbed my butt and said that without a woman near by, my ass looked almost good enough to fuck. I just laughed but thought, Nick sometime we're really going to fuck, since I know I was going to make it my mission to have every cock in the family including Nick and his son, my cousin George.

Around 11PM, someone suggested a dip in the pool and everyone thought that was a great way to cool off after the hot day. Since it was all family everyone decided to go nude, and one by one, discarded their clothes. I discovered everyone of them was almost as hairy as the next and all were hung like horses. Man what a hot scene the seven of us were! When we got out of the pool everyone was sitting by the side of the pool and Nick complained he had a sore neck. I quickly offered to rub his shoulders and neck, and without giving him a chance to refuse had started. When I finished, his brother Mark said that my treatment looked great, and that I should share my talent.

So with that I was massaging Mark, after who I was named. After about five minutes, I noticed my grandfather and that his cock was almost rock hard. Everyone was still talking but he was erect. I looked at my dad to discover the same thing and likewise. Everyone had a hardon including me and I hadn't even noticed. I thought well, it's now or never. As we had all had had a lot to drink, I told Mark to lie back and relax. I started massaging his chest and soon straddled his stomach to make it easier. I could feel his rock hard cock at my butt. Leaning slowly back, I allowed it to come between by ass cheeks and start teasing my hungry hole. Everyone was watching and Mark was obviously enjoying. I slowly let it enter my butt and then he started to thrust his aching hard meat into my tight boy hole. Man how I wanted everyone to see me getting fucked--especially my father and grandfather, but even more so my Uncle John. His own son was fucking the boy he too had fucked only the day before. I didn't know what would happen, but was enjoying every second of the show we were giving the rest of the family. As Mark started to cum he was moaning and Nick said I hadn't massaged his chest.

After Mark finished filling my hole, I then went to Nick telling him to lie back. Then again, the same thing. Letting his cock slip inside of me I knew I was about to have all 6 cocks in the family fuck my ass there and then. Everyone was watching and everyone was now stroking their meat. The only one not to have fucked me at some point was my cousin George, Nick's son. After his father had finished filling me with another thick load of hot cum, I went over to my cousin and said " Well, George you're the only one left so let's really put on a good show."

As George fucked me the others gathered around and watched the two youngest members of the family fuck away. While George had a great piece of meat and was really hairy too, I couldn't stop thinking about the older members of the family and how they turned me on the most. I especially wanted granddad and his brother John and I wanted them together even more. As George continued to fuck my ass, my father put his thick cock down my throat. Everyone was telling him to give his hot load to his son and I could tell that's what everyone had waited for, as it was almost forbidden. Only I had other plans. After George and my father had cum, I looked at Uncle John who was lying nearby stroking his cock.

As I sat down on his meat, I motioned for my grandfather to come over. When he Arrived, I told him to fuck me with his brother. Getting behind Me, granddad started probing my ass with his cock. I didn't know if I could mange almost 18 inches of cock up my ass at once, but I knew I was going to try. And, if I couldn't after being fucked three times already I never would.

His head finally entered my butt and I knew I would be able to force the two giant pricks up inside me. Again, everyone was watching almost spellbound by the spectacle in front of them. I obviously was going to fit right into the family circle and I was going to make sure I continued to be the centre of attention for a long time. By now the two cocks were fully up inside and I was being fucked by my 67 year old grandfather and his older brother while my father, cousin and two uncles watched.

As the two elders fucked me I began to stroke my dick. Dad and the other got down under my cock and I knew I was going to give them all a taste of my huge cum load. As granddad and Uncle John burst their loads inside of my I shot my load all over the faces of the other hungry family members who ate it willingly.

We collapsed as a group poolside and promised that our Friday night sessions would become a regular affair for the seven of us. I discovered afterwards that this had been going on for fifty years, starting with my grandfather and Uncle John. Other than Fridays, my father and granddad continue to fuck me on a regular basis and they often invite Uncle John to join us, which pleases me greatly.

It's been almost three years since we started and I couldn't be happier. I'd be really interested in hearing other stories of guys with older relatives especially grandfathers. Hope you enjoyed hearing about my life as much as I enjoy living it! Keep your stories coming

Chapter 4

was great to me, always giving me gifts and cash. of course, his favourite gift was always skimpy swimwear and underwear. I knew there would be something special for my birthday, but didn't have any idea what it might be.

Granddad was usually at home during the day and had handed most of the daily running of his company to his manager and foreman, Charlie. Charlie had worked or Granddad for years.

He was your basic quiet type and sometimes brought papers over for Granddad to sign or review. In all my years we probably hadn't said more than 20 words other than a quick hello. Charlie was in his sixties, black and huge weighing in at around 270. I never thought much about him other than he must be capable since Granddad trusted him so much with the company.

On the day of my birthday I arrived home and Granddad immediately met me at the door and escorted me upstairs.

He presented me with micro-mini which barely held in my cock and balls and certainly showed off everything through its ultra sheerness. Leading me downstairs Granddad said my gift was waiting poolside. As we stepped outside the kitchen door I saw him lying next to the pool. There was Charlie on his stomach with a mega small g-string, his massive black body almost completely revealed.

Granddad said go ahead on have fun. I eagerly approached Charlie and began oiling his back, legs and finally his huge black ass. It wasn't long before he was spreading his cheeks apart and I was hungrily eating out his big thick hole. Soon he flipped over to show off his mega huge black cock and balls. I had never imagined any cock could be that big or that thick. Charlie had the biggest foot long plus cock I had ever seen. Now I knew why he was my gift. I oiled up his giant nipples and big tits and slowly worked down to his lemon size balls and giant size cock. Locking my lips around his meat he forced my throat don over it. All this time Granddad was just sitting there rubbing his cock watchin intently. Then I heard him say, "take his meat, Mark" and I knew it was time for the fuck of my life. I lifted my tanned slim body over Charlie and began to lower my ass on his black monster. While it hurt immensely I needed it more than nay cock I had ever had. He kept forcing it inch by inch and once I had filled my ass i knew I wanted Charlie forever, even though I was my Grandfather's boy.

Charlie stayed for the whole weekend. Later Friday we did it and Granddad joined in. While Granddad was fucking me I was deep throating Charlie. All of a sudden I could feel Charlie emptying spurts of piss in my mouth. Never having done this before I was really turned on and realized Granddad had no idea what was happening.

I just kept drinking and drinking. This continued throughout the weekend and finally I was able to take his entire piss load without him stopping at different points. He said little but smiled a lot. Saturday night again, Granddad had his cock inside me and Charlie was riding my face with his butt. He was turned and watching me being fucked at the same time. As I probed his fuck hole deeper and deeper I could feel his dirt meat up inside his chute. Slowly, I worked it down taking little pieces into my mouth. Realizing what I was up to I could feel Charlie tensing his butt and forcing more and more out. That night I took little bits of his shit but by Monday morning before he left for work

I was up to entire turns and Granddad still hadn't caught on to my newly discovered talents and pleasures. Charlie dropped by everyday before work and now he's a big part of our life.
There's lots more to tell so stay

Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014

My Affair with Picasso

Okay, so he wasn't Pablo Picasso...

That's just who he reminded me of when I saw him the first time on the diving
board at the pool at Trick and Tricia's house. There he was: Bald except for
a white fringe above his ears and around the back of his head. Tanned,
deeply tanned, from head to foot. Tall, but stocky and muscular. Barrel chest
covered with curly white hair. Lean, corded thighs, also covered with fine
white hair, emerging from short, white boxer-style trunks. A full package at
his crotch that held more than my imagination could cram into a single

"Greg?" Trick's voice. "Greg, are you gonna swim or what?"

"Oh, yeah!" I said, looking at Trick, who peered up at me over the edge of
the pool. The blond Adonis was the most recent object of my perpetually
unrequited lust, "I just wanna take it gradually. Pool water always seems cold
to me at first."

I sat down on the rim of the pool and swung my feet down into the water. It
was cool. Then I looked up to watch the Picasso man take a beautiful swan
dive into the other end of the pool. "Who's that?" I asked, watching him swim
with long, graceful strokes over to the ladder next to the diving board.

Trick looked over his shoulder. "Him? That's my Uncle Paul. Mom's

Paul, I thought. That's Pablo in English.

"Greg, what country are you in, guy?" Trick slapped me on the thigh to break
my trance, then pushed off into his patented backstroke, his long, slim body
cutting through just the top layer of water... and his tight little Speedo suit
just breaking the surface enough to show off the large mound at his crotch.
There is a family resemblance, I thought.

I suppose I should explain that Trick and Tricia are twins, real names Patrick
and Patricia (which they hate), who both belong in the dictionary next to the
definition of "ideal beauty, male and female." They were a class ahead of me
in school, but I lived across the street and my mom worked as a manager at
one of their dad's supermarkets, so I'd known them just about all my life.
Plus, thanks to my mom, I was the kind of kid that parents like to have hang
around their own kids. I guess they think that politeness and good grades
might be catching.

I never really paid much attention to either Trick or Tricia until they were
juniors in high school. That was when the gangliness that started with puberty
wore off, and they both kinda filled out in all the right places. I mean, I
liked looking at Tricia, too--she could have been the model for the Swedish
bikini team--but my hormones really stirred when I saw Trick running around
their property in just shorts or a bathing suit.

Trick was white-blond and St. Tropez-tanned like his sister, but he had
something she didn't have, the physical equipment that really rang my chimes,
stoked my furnace, revved my engine, all those dumb metaphors. He turned
me on, and he was the first guy close to my own age that did. Before, I just
had fantasies about baseball players, and actors like Yul Brynner and Cary
Grant, and my gym coach, who looked a little like Aldo Ray, the actor in
"My Three Angels," who was kind of a turn-on, too.

Oh, yeah. I guess I also have to admit that I got a real buzz out of a photo
story on Pablo Picasso that I'd seen in "Life" magazine. Anyway, I started to
just show up wherever I might run into Trick and Tricia, hoping to get closer
to them (him).

My other friends assumed I was just hot after Tricia. I think she did, too. The
fact that she kept telling her friends "Oh, I think it's so cute the way he
follows me around" should have given me a clue about how good my
chances would have been if I actually had been lusting after her.

Trick assumed I was after Tricia, too. And the idea didn't bother him at all.
He figured I was an okay guy who wasn't trying to get into her pants from
day one, so I must be a safe prospect. He didn't know how safe his sister
would have been with me... or how much in danger he would have been, if I
had had a single ounce of bravado and self-confidence.

Okay, I was a virgin! Pure as the driven snow, whatever. Physically, that is.
Mentally, I was a profligate debauche (I'd found a copy of Casanova's
memoirs in my dad's den). And I was determined to find a way to catch
Trick alone, unaware, and unclothed. Getting myself invited over to swim
was part of my plan. At least, there were fewer clothes to get Trick out of,
and one of these days, he'd invite me into his bedroom while he changed out
of his trunks.

I was still kinda staring at Trick's Uncle Paul as he got out of the pool,
grabbed a towel, and started walking around the pool toward me. I had to
force myself to look away and not watch the way the lump in his boxer
trunks kept swaying heavily back and forth as he walked.

"How ya doin'?" That deep, warm voice was speaking to me. "You're Pat's
friend, Greg, aren't ya? I'm his Uncle Paul," he said, shoving his big brown
hand down toward me.

I took it and let him shake my hand vigorously. "Glad to meet you, sir," I
said. I added, "But he doesn't like to be called Pat, you know?"

He guffawed, "Yeah, I know, but damned if I'm going to be caught calling
Prince Charming 'Trick.' Somebody might get the *right* idea about me.
And don't call me sir." He chuckled quietly when he saw the puzzled look on
my face, and started to walk behind me. Just when what he said had finally
registered on my numbed brain, I felt a wet foot in the center of my back,
and I went flying into the pool. I heard a big laugh just before my head went

* * *

Paul, as he told me to call him, was staying at Trick and Tricia's for a couple
of weeks. He had a fleet of trucks that hauled produce and other groceries to
supermarkets in three states, including his brother-in-law's stores here in
southern Indiana. He told me he still drove himself, but he was finally able,
at age 58, to take off now and then when he wanted to, to visit family or
friends. And Trick and Tricia and their folks were his only family, he said.
He'd always worked hard and never taken time to settle down.

Because Trick and Tricia were so popular with other friends, for obvious
reasons--after all, they improved the scenery wherever they were--they were
gone a lot. I wasn't quite in their class, so I was stuck at home by myself a
good part of the summer. But whenever Paul saw me hanging out around my
house, he'd call over and ask me if I wanted to swim in the pool and keep
him company. His sister, Trick and Tricia's mom, was also gone a lot,
because she was chair lady or hostess or honorary spokesperson for just
about every good cause in our town.

So I'd be there alone with him, and we did a lot of talking. The better I got
to know him, the more I liked him. (And the more I saw of him, the more I
lusted after him.) He never said anything else like that little comment he made
when I met him, but whenever I'd turn to look at him, I'd catch him shifting
his glance away from me. He never blushed or anything--how could I tell
with that tan?--but it looked like the bulge in his swim trunks was a little
bulgier whenever that happenedd. I know I had to run through the
declensions of irregular Latin verbs more often than usual when I was around

I guess I ought to describe myself. I had just turned 16, and I was
perpetually horny. I went through puberty before my 12th birthday, and I
learned to jack off soon after, thanks to an equally horny cousin. We never
did anything besides jack off in the same room at the same time, but while he
was looking at Playboy, I was looking at him. Trouble is, all I'd been able to
do since puberty was look.

That's my mental state. Now I'll describe me, the person, the Greg that
everyone in town knows and loves (just not nearly enough!). I wasn't as tall
or as blond as Trick. I was just kind of average, I thought. I was a little
stocky, but not fat, and I had pretty good muscle definition, thanks to hours
of working out with weights in our basement trying to keep my mind off sex.
(It didn't work!) So I guess I wasn't really hard on the eyes. I just didn't
ooze sex appeal the way Trick did.

A couple of days before Paul was going to go back on the road, we were
sitting around the pool in the early evening. Trick and Tricia had been
swimming with us earlier, but they had rushed off to another dance at the
country club. Their folks were going to the same dance. So it was Paul and I,
just taking it easy. Paul even popped a beer for me after everyone had left.
It was Friday. Mom was working late at the market and Dad was putting the
weekend edition of the local paper (he was editor and chief ad salesman,
too) to bed, so I knew I could get home without anyone checking my breath
on the way in.

I was sipping my beer slowly, because I'd never really had a whole one to
myself and I didn't know how it would affect me. Paul was talking about
some of his adventures as a trucker (the G-rated stuff, while I was dying to
hear if the all the talk about truckers was true). I was listening, but more
to hear his warm, soothing voice than to what he was saying. So I was
surprised when he reached over and slapped me on the knee, and said, "I've
got an idea, Greg! Why don't you come with me on this run Monday? I've
gotta take a load up to northern Ohio, then pick up another one up there on
Tuesday to haul back down to Cincinnati. We'd only be gone for a couple of
days, and I could bring you back here Tuesday night or Wednesday.
Whaddaya say?"

"I don't know, Paul," I said. "My mom..."

"Oh, your mom will say it's okay. I've known her for years, ever since she
started working at Phil's first store as a cashier. She knows I'm a reliable
guy... or at least she thinks I am," he said, grinning and flicking my beer can
with his middle finger. "Besides, you need to stop mooning over Trick... and
Tricia..." The pause between names was painfully obvious. "...and get out
and do something for yourself instead of waiting for them to honor you with
their presence."

I was flustered. He knew more about my inner thoughts than I wanted
anyone to know, but I guess I had given myself away. Then I thought, if he
knew about how I felt about Trick, what did he think about the way I looked
at him?

"I... I think that sounds like fun, Paul. Yeah, I'd like that!" I said, trying
not to give away the confused mix of hesitation and anticipation I was
experiencing right then. "I'll ask Mom in the morning, but I'm going to tell
her to call you if she has any objections, okay?"

He stood up, reached over, and gave me an affectionate knuckle-rub on the
top of my head. "Sure thing, kid. No problem. You just get your stuff ready
Sunday night, because I'll be out front ready to go at 5:00 a.m. On the dot,"
he added. "I'm going to take another dip. You gonna join me?"

"Hey, wait!" I said. "What stuff do I need?"

"Oh, just a coupla pairs of jeans and T-shirts, coupla changes of socks and
underwear if you wear 'em." He paused for effect then added, "And your
swimsuit. We'll probably spend Monday night in a motel with a pool. And
don't worry about money. It's my treat."

Then he dived into the pool and swam to the other end as if he were
competing for a medal. My lascivious mind was working overtime.

* * *

He was right. Mom did think it would be all right for me to go, if I promised
to behave and do what Paul told me. I just hoped he'd tell me to do what I
was always wishing to do. My cum sock had taken an overload of cum loads
over the weekend.

I was still a little bleary-eyed Monday morning when I climbed up into the
cab of Paul's truck on the passenger's side, clutching a thermos of coffee
Mom had made for me. I looked at Paul, who was smiling at me. He was
wearing faded Levi's and a clean white T-shirt, and I realized it was the first
time I'd ever seen him when he wasn't bare-chested and bare-legged. He still
looked good to me. In fact, I thought he really filled out those clothes well.
He looked like a blue-collar Picasso, but he still looked like Picasso.

"C'mon, kiddo. You can catch up on your sleep once we get on the road."
As soon as the door closed behind me, he put the truck in gear and started
to roll down the street. By the time he got to the four-lane highway out of
town, I was sound asleep. I didn't wake up until the same time I usually
started my summer days, about 9:30.

When I opened my eyes, Paul was smiling at me. "Hi," he said, "Get your
nap out?"

"Oh, yeah, sorry," I said, looking around.

"Hey, no problem," he said. "You're not on the clock today, you're just along
for the ride."

"Oh, I guess this means you don't want me to drive?" I kidded him. "Where
are we, anyway?"

"We're about an hour or so away from Toledo, where I drop this load," he
said. "Once we get unloaded, we can head over to Cleveland to a good
motel I know near the warehouse where I load up tomorrow morning."

I looked over at him. "You mean we'll be done for the day in just a couple
hours?" I asked.

"That's right, Greg. It wouldn't have been much fun for you if we spent the
whole time on the road," he said, giving my left knee a squeeze. "I wanted
you to get away from home and have a little time to do some sightseeing if
you want to, or just hang around the motel, order pizza and watch TV, and
soak up the sun by the pool. Or we could catch a good meal somewhere and
maybe a movie tonight, if you want."

"Hey, TV and pizza at would be fine with me," I said, a little too quickly. "I
mean, I don't want to drag you all over if you've got to get up early to pick
up another load."

He laughed. "It's whatever *you* want to do. Don't worry about me. I
always catch up on my sleep after I get back home from a run like this," he
said, squeezing my knee again. "Besides, I'm enjoying your company... even
if you do sleep a lot."

"Hey," I said, "I need my sleep. I'm a growing boy."

"I've noticed," he said, chuckling quietly. I looked down and saw that I had
experienced my usual morning uprising, and my dick was threatening to burst
the zipper out of my jeans. I must've turned bright red.

He was still chuckling. "We'll stop at the rest area up the road and you can
take your morning piss."

Is there a shade of red that's redder than bright red? I was so embarrassed
to have him notice my piss hard-on, but I was also kind of excited, too. In
my family, no one would ever say anything like that. It was neat, in a kinda
naughty, fun way.

* * *

It was just noon when we pulled out of the warehouse lot in Toledo. If we'd
been any later getting there, we would have still been waiting, because the
warehouse guys just totally disappeared when the noon whistle sounded. We
stopped for a quick lunch of burgers and Cokes before we pulled back out
on the road.

We were on a four-lane highway that ran parallel to the Ohio Turnpike,
about halfway to Cleveland, and Paul was pointing out things he thought I'd
be interested. He got pretty excited showing me a barn that was shaped like
an octagon and painted bright red. (Redder than I'd ever blushed, that's for
sure.) And we passed a couple of guys on bicycles. He made a funny remark
that those banana-shaped bicycle seats were getting a good workout, and he
was jealous.

"The motel is about 40 more miles down the road, just south of Lorain," he
said a few minutes later. "There's a good seafood restaurant across the
highway further down..." he paused to look over at me, "and there's a great
pizzeria next door. The pool has a high board as well as a low board. I can
practice some of my twists and tucks."

I remembered the first time I saw him dive--was it just a couple of weeks
ago? I said, "And I can practice staying away from the water so I don't get
drowned by the spllash." I ducked to try to avoid the finger jab in my side I
somehow knew was coming. He still got me good. It hurt, because he wasn't
gentle, but it still felt kinda good to be able to mess around like that with
another guy... no, with a man! A real grown-up man, who didn't treat me like
a child!

After he poked me, he put his hand on my shoulder, squeezed it a little, and
just let it rest there as we drove on down the road. That felt good, too. I
reached over and slapped his thigh the way he did mine, and he just looked
over at me for a couple of seconds, with a curious expression on his face,
before looking back down the highway.

It was almost 40 miles exactly by the truck's odometer when he pulled off the
road into a big graveled lot, next to a big, old building that had modern
motel-type wings off to each side. "It used to me an old inn," he said. "The
original part's been here for a hundred, hundred-fifty years or so. I know the
guy that bought it and added the new motel rooms."

The guy that owned it was behind the registration desk as I followed Paul
into the office. They greeted each other like old friends. Paul introduced me
as his nephew's friend, and said I'd hitched a ride just to see a little of
the world before school started again.

I got a good chance to look at Dave--that was his name--as I shook hands
with him. He might have been about Paul's age, but he was a different type
altogether. Dave was really tall, maybe six-feet-five or six, and really thin,
but he had a firm handshake. He had a crewcut with some gray in it, and he
looked like a basketball player. He was still pretty hot-looking, too. I'd
also had fantasies about basketball players. Dave's mature face and build went
into my memory bank for future reruns of those fantasies.

We got the key, got our stuff out of the truck, and headed for the room,
which was on the back side of the east wing of rooms, facing the pool. It was
a great pool, and it did have a high board, higher than the one at the
community pool back home.

Inside the room, which had two double beds, Paul said, "The number of the
pizza place is on that list by the phone." He pulled his wallet out of his
pocket and laid a couple of $10 bills on the dresser. "Why don't you call and
order us some dinner while I take a shower and change into my trunks? Whatever
you want is okay with me. I'll eat anything."

He started to pull off his T-shirt, and I thought, "So will I, man. So will I."
I sat on the side of one bed next to the phone stand and dialed the pizzeria
while he took off his shoes, and then started to pull off his jeans. He was
facing away from me, but he wasn't wearing any underwear. His ass, which
looked really muscular, like the rest of him, was covered with fine white hair,
too, and when he bent over to step out of his pants, I got a glimpse of a big
sack of low-hanging balls swinging back and forth. Then he walked on into
the bathroom as I heard someone on the phone saying, "Hello? Hello?"

I rearranged my hard-on, and ordered an extra-large thick crust with double
meat and double cheese and a couple of Cokes for each of us. I would have
ordered beer, but I didn't figure I could get away with it, even over the
phone. The guy said it would be about a half-hour, and they'd deliver it right
to the room.

About 15 minutes later, Paul stepped out of the bathroom wearing his regular
white swim trunks. He looked even sexier than usual, now that I knew at
least part of what they covered up. I told him the pizza would be delivered in
about 15 more minutes, and he said, "Why don't you go ahead and shower
and get suit on? We can eat when the pizza gets here, and then we can catch
some pool time. It's got underwater and deck lights, so it doesn't make any
difference if it gets dark before we finish eating."

I did what he suggested, but I didn't turn away from him when I took off my
jeans. I wasn't wearing underwear either, and my dick was still a little puffy.
He was pretty subtle about it, but I know he looked me over pretty good as
I walked past him toward the bathroom.

* * *

I 'forgot' to take my swim trunks into the bathroom with me, so I wrapped
my towel around my waist and went back out into the room. The pizza box
and the Cokes were on the little table by the front window, and he was just
sitting down to open the box.

"Forgot my swimsuit," I said, dropping the towel on the bed and leaning over
to get my trunks out of my gym bag, which I was using as an overnight bag. I
heard him kinda cluck his tongue while I was bent over, my ass cheeks
pointed right at him. I never would have done anything like that with my dad
or any of my friends. Heck, I'm probably the most modest guy in gym class!
I just felt free to be natural' with Paul.

When I got my trunks on, I sat in the chair across from Paul and picked up
my Coke. Before I could take a sip, he said, "Wait," and picked up his Coke
too. He held his cup up to mine and said, "Here's to good friends."

"Yeah!" I said. "Good friends!"

We polished off the pizza in no time. While I crunched up the box and put it
in the trash can, Paul said, "I'm going to find a lounge chair out by the pool
and let that settle for a while before I get in the pool. Wanna join me?"

We each picked up our second Coke and wandered out to the pool. No one
else was swimming. The sun had just gone down, but the sky was still light.
We found a couple of padded lounge chairs side by side, and settled into
them for a while. A little later, we swam a little, then just talked. I started
to get sleepy again and was almost nodding off when I felt that someone else
was there. It was Dave, who was carrying a small tray with three bottles of

"How ya doin', Paul, and, uh, Greg, wasn't it?" he said. "I thought you two
looked like you could use a little nightcap. You are old enough to drink,
aren't you, Greg?"

Paul spoke up, "Sure, he is, Dave. Besides, he's not driving tonight."

Dave just laughed and said, "I've never known a time when you weren't in
the driver's seat, Paul." We all laughed at that, but I had the feeling I
hadn't gotten all of the joke.

We sat and talked for a while, and then Paul got up and went over to the
ladder up to the high board. Dave and I watched him execute a
two-and-a-half twist, perfectly, and we gave him a round of applause. Dave
looked at me and said, very quietly so Paul wouldn't hear, "He's a fantastic
guy, isn't he? I just wished he lived closer so we could get together more

"Yeah," I said. "I really enjoy being with him, too."

Then we heard a bell. Dave got up and said, "Another customer. I'll have to
check 'em in. My night clerk doesn't start for another hour or so. Maybe I'll
see you later." He waved at Paul, walked back toward the older part of the
building, and into the back door of the office.

Paul got out of the pool and walked over. "Wanna catch a little TV before
we go to bed?" he said. "We need to shower again to rinse off the chlorine

I followed him back into our room. This time he didn't face away when he
took off his trunks. I got a good look at the cause of the bulge in his pants.
Hanging in front of that big sack of balls was a thick, veiny uncut dick,
protruding out from a bush of curly gray hair and lopping over about six
inches, still soft. He knew I was looking and I knew he knew I was looking.
He just stood there for a minute and let me look. I saw that big dick start to
stir, getting even longer and thicker and beginning to stick out a little.

"C'mon," he said. "Get your trunks off, and let's get our shower. We can go
together and save water and time." I don't even remember taking off my
swimsuit or walking into the bathroom.

The next thing I knew, I was standing under the shower, Paul was soaping
my back, and my dick was pointing almost straight up. I was embarrassed
and I was exhilarated, but I sure as hell didn't want to be anywhere else right
then. He looked over my shoulder, and then he reached around and grabbed
my dick, pulling the skin up over the head and then stripping it back again.
"Now, that's a healthy response to a good back-washing." He gave my
six-and-a-half-incher a couple more strokes, then let go and slapped my
butt. "Now you do mine."

I turned around and looked down at his crotch. His cock was just shy of
horizontal, the head still covered with foreskin, but it had to be more than
eight inches long and twice as big around as mine. I reached down and
gripped it firmly, starting to push the skin back so I could see the head. It
was hot to the touch, and Paul kinda moaned when I grabbed it. He put both
his hands on my shoulders and pulled me closer to him. "I meant wash my
back," he said, "but this is nice, too."

We didn't save time or water while we were in the shower together. Paul just
let me explore his body and rub against him, while he hugged me and ran his
big hands up and down my back, usually ending by cupping my buns.
Neither one of us got off, but that wasn't the intention right then. He was
letting me get comfortable, and I was just taking one step after another,
getting inside my fantasy and finding out it could be real.

* * *

"Dave's got a couple of special channels on the TV here," Paul said. "Why
don't we snuggle up in bed and see if we can find something really dirty to
watch." Neither one of us bothered to put anything on, and his hand was still
cupping my ass. He gave me a little shove toward the bed. I slid over and
stretched out on the other side, waiting for him to lie down. When he did, I
moved back against him, and he put his arm around my shoulders and pulled
me even closer.

He picked up the remote from the bedside table and clicked on the TV. We
both were still sporting hard-ons, mine hugging my belly and pointed toward
my head, while his was standing straight up (and I do mean *standing*--the
foreskin was retracted all the way, and I almost couldn't tell he wasn't
circumcised). He flipped the channels and foundd a film called "Three for the
Honey." It had a cast of three men and one woman. After the credits, it
quickly became clear it wasn't gonna take place in the kitchen. I never saw
so many people get undressed so fast.

While I was watching, I noticed that I had to look around Paul's cock to see
the TV screen. I reached over, grabbed it, and tried to pull it down to a
horizontal position. "This thing keeps getting in my way," I said, grinning at
him. "Can't you put it away while the movie's on?"

He pulled me up by the shoulders and kinda dragged me up higher on his
chest, while he sort of angled his feet across the bed in the opposite
direction. "I'll put it away later," he said, giving my ass a sharp swat. "For
the time being, see if this isn't better."

It wasn't. The curly hair on his chest tickled my cheek, and I never bothered
to take my hand off his cock. At the same time my dick was pressed up
against his thigh. He kept rocking his leg back and forth just a little,
keeping me hard. I might have lost it right then, if Paul hadn't interrupted,
"This is a hot scene coming up."

I looked at the tube. The girl, a blond with really big boobs, was lying
face-up on top of one of the guys, and he was fucking her cunt from
underneath and behind. The second guy was kneeling beside her head,
feeding her a long, cut, almost wedge-shaped dick, and the third guy was
lying prone between her legs, licking at her clit, just above where the first
guy's long, uncut cock was sliding in and out. Then the first guy's dick
slipped out of the girl's cunt and the guy who was lapping away at her joy spot
just glommed right down on that big dick, and started bobbing his head up and
down. The second guy, who was kneading the girl's tits while she was
sucking him, pulled his dick out of her mouth and fed it into the mouth of the
guy under her. She just rolled off and crawled around so she could suck the
dick of the guy who was sucking the cock of the first guy who was sucking
the cock of the second guy. Whew!

"That's enough of that," Paul said, clicking the TV off. I realized I was
hunching his leg and squeezing the hell out of his dick and kinda gnawing on
his chest. "If you're that turned on by a movie, let's see how you do with the
real thing." And he pulled my face up to his and gave me a big, wet,
tongue-diving kiss. I came all over his crotch and belly.

After we both had to come up for air, he looked down at my cum. "You
made a mess," he grinned. "And I think you oughta clean it up." He pushed
my face down toward his navel, and said, "Start licking."

I remembered what my mom had said, and I did just what he told me to do.
I licked cum out of his belly button, out of the hair on his abdomen, and out
of his pubic hair. He just kept pushing me gradually further down his groin,
until my nose bumped into a *hard* vertical object. I couldn't get any lower
on his body unless I went up one side and down the other. Except I started
going down before I got to the other side. I'd dreamed about sucking a cock,
but I'd never done it before. One of my friends once told me that the first
time was the best--he meant getting one, not giving one, but oh, god, was he

I didn't even realize that Paul had pulled my body around so he could get his
mouth on my dick, which had never gotten soft after the first time I shot. I
just knew I felt fantastic at both ends. I loved his cock! And I loved being
sucked... Then I realized what else he was doing to make me feel good, and
I loved his fucking my ass with his fingers. When he had loosened me up
enough to get his long middle finger all the way in, and he hit my prostate (I
never knew what it was until then), I shot again, and he gulped down every

"M-m-m, that was good," he said, pulling me off his dick and up his front to
give me another kiss, this one flavored with the familiar tang of my own cum.
"Now, I think it's time for me to put this thing away," he said, grabbing his
own dick and tapping me on the hip with it.

I knew what he wanted, and although I still didn't believe it was possible, I
quickly straddled his waist and backed up until I felt his hot, juicy cock push
into my ass crack.

"Raise up," he said. "I'm going to line it up, but then it's up to you. Just
sit down on it, and take it at your own speed. You've got my cock really wet,
and I loosened you up enough to start."

"I want it, Paul. I really do," I said, ducking my head down to give him
another kiss, "but will it really fit? You're so big!"

He hugged me again and said, "It'll fit, if you want it to. You'll be surprised
what'll fit in that tight little hole when you get hot enough."

I sat back, felt the head pop in, and then just dropped down heavily on it,
taking that huge rod all the way to his pubic hair and squeezing the hell out
my prostate. I let out a roar of surprise, pain, and ecstasy that shook the

"Oh, geez, Greg, they'll think I'm killing you," Paul sighed.

"No," I said, kissing him again, once my senses returned to near-normal. I
panted into his mouth, sucking his breath out as I started to move up and
down on his big rod--short strokes at first, then longer, deeper. "They'll
know you're fucking me. And I'll tell 'em it's great!"

That woke up the tiger in him. He rolled us over so he was on top. He folded
my legs up tight against my chest, and started fucking me like a machine. Oh,
god, I hoped I was this good when I was his age. Hell, I hoped he was still
this good when I was his age! And right then, I hoped we'd keep fucking

Suddenly he stopped thrusting and slammed his groin into my cheeks. He
was breathing like he was blowing up a weather balloon, and I could feel
every spasm of his throbbing cock as he emptied his nuts in my ass--it felt
like he was up to my lungs, he was in so deep. At that instant I exploded
again, and that's the last thing I recalleed until morning.

* * *

I barely remember Paul shaking me a little to tell me it was 5:00 a.m. and that
he was going ahead to get the truck loaded. More than half asleep, I started
to get up, but he pushed me back down. He said that I could sleep in until he
came back to pick me up about 10:00 or so. He said he'd ask Dave to make
sure I got some coffee and some breakfast before we got on the road again.
I was asleep again before he got out the door.

I woke up about 8:45 because someone was knocking on the door. I
jumped up and went to the door before I realized I was still naked. I stood
behind the door and cracked it open to see Dave standing there with a tray
of coffee, donuts, and juice. "Room service," he said.

"Just a minute, Dave," I said. I've got to put something on."

He just pushed right in and closed the door behind him. "It's okay, honey,
you don't have to get dressed on my account. I saw it all last night when I
stopped by to have a nightcap with Paul. You were already dead to the
world." He looked me up and down as he put the tray on the table, and
whistled. "And you look even better when you're awake."

I didn't even have to glance downward to realize I was standing there with
another piss hard-on. Why bother being embarrassed? "This thing gets me
into so much trouble," I said.

He grinned impishly and put his hands on his hips, thrusting his pelvis to one
side. "My friends have always called me trouble, sweetheart."

I did blush then, and dashed into the bathroom to take a piss. I didn't realize
he was right behind me until his hand slid around on top of mine, helping me
try to get my hard dick angled down toward the toilet. "Need some help with
this?" He whispered in my ear. "I can show you something to do with this
nice hard thing that I bet Paul hasn't shown you."

Then I realized he had already dropped his pants and taken off his shirt, and
he was as naked as I was. I didn't really see he was naked right then, it was
more like I felt it. He was so tall I thought he was sticking a gun in the
middle of my back. He was, sorta, and he shot me right in the head with it
before we got out of the bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet with Dave fucking my face, I found out I could
deep-throat a cock, even a long one, if it wasn't as big around as a beer can.
(I really had only one other to compare it with.) When he came, it was like
he'd been saving it for weeks. Most of it went straight down my throat before
I pulled off it a little. The rest I sucked out, savored while holding it on my
tongue, and the swallowed eagerly. He gently pulled his
eight-and-a-half-inch, perfectly straight, cut cock out of my mouth, and
leaned down to kiss me on the lips. Then he pulled me up into a standing
position and led me back into the bedroom, where he fell back on the bed,
and pulled his long legs up toward his chest.

"Your turn," he said. "Paul thought you might want me to show you how it felt
to fuck as well as get fucked. He usually works my tail over pretty good
when he stays here, and I'm really horny for a hot cock up my ass."

"I nev..." I muttered. I wasn't reluctant, I was just overwhelmed.

"I know you've never done it, baby," he said. "But when I get done with you,
you'll be an expert. Now climb on up here and fuck me!"

I learn fast, I guess. I was on my second fuck, this time doggy-style with
Dave on his knees on the floor, his upper body flat on the bed. I was so
much into it that I never heard the door open and shut. I couldn't have heard
much over Dave's constant moaning and sighing, anyway.

I realized Paul was back when I felt his big cock pushing at my backdoor. It
took two or three painful tries, but he finally popped in and I felt his thick
rod squeeze against my prostate. That was all it took to trigger my second big
explosion of the morning. I joined Dave in the chorus of moans, as Paul kept
plunging in and out of my hole. He wrapped his arms around my chest and
pulled me back against him, so my cock flopped out of Dave's ass.

He must have signaled Dave to turn over, somehow, because Dave spun
around onto his back and scooted up onto the bed a couple of feet. His long
hose of a cock was standing up and quivering back and forth right under my
nose, as Paul pressed me down toward it. I just opened my mouth and throat
and let myself be pushed all the way down, my nose pressed into Dave's
dark, hairy bush. Damn, I loved the smell of a sexed-up man!

I was getting big dick from both ends, and both of them slowed down to
make it last. Dave held my head down on his dick, slowly raised me up as he
sort of swiveled his cock around. Then he firmly and carefully pushed me
back down to the base. Paul was a little more energetic--he pulled out
almost to the head very slowly, and then slammed his thick shaft all the way
back in with one solid stab. Oncee he was in as far as it would go, he held it
in me for what seemed like minutes. A silly thought occurred to me:
"Yesterday, I didn't know what a prostate was. Today I *am* one!

Finally, none of us could wait any longer. Paul started pumping faster, and
Dave jacked his shaft rapidly with his hand each time my lips withdrew. I
was getting beat up on both ends, and the flood of feelings was too much for
me. I let loose again, cumming all over Dave's legs. The spasms inside me
triggered Paul's release, and I swear his cock swelled up to double its girth.
Dave wrapped his long arms around my head and pushed his snake up and
as far down my throat as it would go. I didn't taste it, but I felt several
warm, thick globs of cum fired straight into my gullet. We all just collapsed
on and across the bed and each other, panting like marathon runners.

Dave was the first to speak. Breathily, he said, "Damn! I'm sticky! I'm going
to have to take another shower this morning!" Paul and I laughed, and Paul
slapped me on the butt.

"You get in the bathroom first, young'n," he said. "I'll bet you need to take
one helluva dump. Then you can shower and get dressed. We've gotta get

He was right. I must have felt a quart of cum slither out of my asshole before
the first tight little turd managed to make its way down and out of me. I sat
and strained for quite a while before it really dawned on me what people
meant when they talked about "packing fudge."

When I was dressed, I sat down to drink cold coffee and nibble on dry
donuts, while Paul and Dave went into the bathroom. From what I could
hear, Dave was getting his tail worked over one more time. Those guys were

* * *

Once we'd said our good-byes to Dave and gotten back on the road headed
south towards Cincinnati, we drove for a long time without saying anything.
Every once in a while Paul would just reach over and pat my thigh and grin at

I decided to talk. "You know, Paul," I said, "yesterday, sex with a man or
anybody was just theoretical. I was a virgin who had fantasies about sex with
other guys. Less than 24 hours later, I've fucked and sucked, and been
fucked and sucked, enough to feed a whole other lifetime of fantasies." I
leaned over and laid my head on his thigh. "Thanks, Paul!"

"No," he said, "thank you, Greg. The first time I saw you, I knew you wanted
to be with a man. I thought I was doing you a favor, like a teacher or big
brother, by getting you to admit it and giving you the opportunity to try it."
He caressed my hair. "I just didn't know how much I'd enjoy it, too. The little
sex puppy I thought you were turned out to be a hot, hungry, sexy young
man. Even if this is the only time we get together, I feel lucky to have had
this much with you. I'm really glad you didn't get mad when I pushed Dave at
you, too."

I just lay there silently for a while. I would have choked up if I'd tried to
answer him right then. After a while, I said, "Paul? You know what I thought
when I first saw you?"

"No, what?" he asked.

"I thought you looked like Pablo Picasso, and I thought you were the sexiest
man I had ever seen."

"Really?" he said. "Sexier than Trick?"

I answered, "Oh, that was just a crush. I never had a chance with him,
anyway. And he's still just a kid, too."

Paul chuckled. "Don't be so sure of that, Greg. Trick might surprise you." I
wondered what he meant by that. Then he said, "Picasso, huh? When we get
done unloading in Cincinnati, how about we stop at my place outside town to
see my etchings?"

That time I jabbed him in the side. He got even by pushing my face into his
mounded crotch.

We were a little late getting to the warehouse in Cincinnati.

* * *

This all happened in the 1970s, and it didn't end there.

Trick and I ended up at the same college upstate, and we shared an
apartment for his last two years. Paul was right. We were more than
roommates within a couple of weeks after moving in together. Trick had had
a little tutoring from Paul starting about a year before Paul brought me out.
Trick went to work for his dad after he graduated, and took over the
supermarkets a few years later when his dad died. After I graduated with a
business degree, I went to work running the office for Paul's trucking
company, but we still teamed up on overnight hauls about once a month for
several years. Our trips included periodic visits to Dave's motel, until Paul
had a stroke and had to stop driving.

Paul turned the ownership of the trucking business over to Trick and Tricia
(she turned out to be my best friend and confidante when I needed to talk
about my men), but Paul stipulated that I was to manage the company for as
long as I wanted.

Trick and I got a house in the country, and brought Paul to live with us until
he died at the age of 82. I cried harder then, than when my own parents had
died. Trick and I ordered a tombstone that suspiciously resembled a stylized
version of Paul's real-life "monument," and people around town whispered
about it for years.

I wrote his epitaph: "A true artist with every stroke."

That puzzled a lot of people, too, but Trick and I just smiled and hugged
each other when we stopped by the cemetery, on anniversaries of all our
special days, to put fresh flowers on Paul's grave.

Tricia married a good-looking young dentist, a really nice guy, and they had
twin sons 12 years ago. Last time the boys came over for a swim when it
was "just us guys," I noticed that they seemed to take after the men on their
mom's side. Trick and I are going to enjoy watching Paul and Patrick grow
into handsome--hopefully horny--young men.

Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Meeting Mr. Holloway

I could see someone standing next to the old ford tractor as I walked barefoot through the freshly plowed field. Even from a distance I could tell two things about the man, he was old and very tall as the hair on the top of his head was pure white and he was face to face with daddy even though daddy was sitting atop the tractor.

“Where’s your damn shoes?” Daddy snapped as I brought the jug of ice water to the other side of the tractor and handed it up to him. “You’ll be stepped on something and I’ll have to take you to the doctor.” He added taking the jug from my hands.

“That your boy!” The old man asked. His voice was deep and sounded like the principal at high school.

“Yes, you would think that him being in highschool that he would wear a pair of shoes.” Daddy answered, still angry that I had came barefooted.

“Well.” The tall old man said. “I would like to look over your herd of hogs. You know that a good size loan and I got to make sure the bank is covered.” The old man said as he reached up with his huge right hand and ran his fingers through his beautiful pure white hair.

“Sure. Pete can take you over to the barn.” Daddy said. He turned and glanced down at me. “You take Mr. Holloway over and show him the sows.” Daddy snapped.

“Yes, Sir.” I said.

“Ok, boy, show me the way.” The old man said as he walked around to the side of the tractor I was standing. He towered over me. I felt sudden admiration for the tall reddish skinned old man. He was a banker. The man with all the money.

“Yes, Sir.” I spoke up quickly. “This way.” I said and headed across the field. I have a very fast walk and expected the old man to tell me to slow down like most people do when they are walking with me. He didn’t. His long legs matched me stride for stride.

“You have a girlfriend, Son.” The old man suddenly asked.

“Ah . . . no sir.” I admitted meekly know that someone in his senior year should have a girlfriend. Suddenly the blaring March sun felt hot against my skin. I knew I was blushing.

“There’s nothing wrong with not having a girlfriend.” The old man said. He placed his hand on my shoulder.

A thrill ran though my body at his touch. Suddenly I could feel my dick stirring to life in the crotch of my faded jeans as I walked down a narrow path through the strip of woods separating the corn field daddy was plowing and the farm. The path leads to the back of the huge barn.

“The brood sows are inside.” I said as I quickly fumbled with the door leading into the barn. The smell of pig shit came strong to my nose. I was used to the smell. I glanced up to see how it was affecting the tall old banker in his grey suit.

“Looks like your daddies’ got a fine-looking herd of sows.” The old man said as he glanced over the black and white group of sows. “Man, just look at the boar’s balls. He can carry enough juice in them to service the entire herd one at a time.” The old man said.

Right then and there my dick stiffened! One moment it was soft and the next moment it was rock hard. I loved looking at the boar big balls and when the old man spoke about them, my young dick responded.

“They say that men with big balls like to play around more that men with little balls.” The old man said looking straight at the big male hog. “I’m glad my wife doesn’t know that or she would like me out of the house.” The old man added.

“You got . . . got big balls?” I found myself saying. I hadn’t dared to glance at the old man’s crotch during our walk over here. Now as I spoke my eyes zeroed in on the crotch of his gray slacks. And damn to hell if the crotch of his slacks weren’t bulging out like a grapefruit was dangling from his crotch.

The old man must have seen me looking at his crotch because he said. “Yea they’re so big I can hide them and sometime they hurt when I walk they are so big.” He looked at me staring opened mouthed at his crotch.

I found the courage from somewhere to say. “Are they as big as the boar’s balls?”

“Pretty near.” The old man said. He suddenly glanced around the bar. “You want me to see them?” He asked with a strange look in his big blue eyes. His wrinkled face was all tensed up as he waited for my answer.

“Yes, Sir! I would love to see them.” I said grinning from ear to ear.

“Ain’t nobody in the house is there?” The old man asked.

“No, Sir. Mama’s gone to Dothan.” I told him as I said a silent prayer that the old man would show me his balls.

“Is there some place we can go so that I can take my pans off?” The old man asked as he looked around the dirty barn.

“The loft!” I almost shouted. “This way.” I said and hurried over to the big ladder leading to the loft. For a moment I was worried that the old man wouldn’t want to climb up but he didn’t hesitate. He scampered up the ladder like a kid. And I followed him.

“Yes, this is perfect.” The old banker said as he stood next to a bail of peanut hay and began to unbuckle his belt.

I stood here transfixed by the sight of the old man undressing. My heart was throbbing in tune with my dick. Which had made a tent out of the crotch of my jeans. And damn if it didn’t look as though the old banker was staring at my crotch as he pulled down his pants. When he pulled down his loose boxer shorts, I let out a gasp at the sight of the old man’s big white balls. They were in fact as big as the boar hogs balls.

And then I took notice of the old man’s enormous peter. It was hanging soft yet it was as long as mine when fully hard, and I thought I had a big dick. And his pubic hair was red. I had never seen a man with red pubic hair.

“See. I told you they were big.” The old banker said as he stepped out of both his shorts and slack and stood in front of me naked from the waist down. And then he amazed me by walking right up to me. “You want to touch them, Son?” He asked.

I didn’t say a word. I couldn’t if I had wanted to as I was too excited for words. I slowly reached my right hand out until the tips of my finger touched one of his huge testicles. Breathing deeply, I let my index finger run across the old man’s ball until my finger was touching the base of the old banker’s huge dick.

“Go on and grab my balls with both hands.” The old man urged.

I glanced up at him to make sure I was understand him. “Go on and squeeze them.” He said with strange quality about his voice.

I did as he asked and took his huge balls in both hands. God! I felt like I was in heaven. I knew that I would be jacking off many a night thinking of this moment.

“Squeeze them. Don’t be afraid of hurting them.” The old banker told me.

I closed my hands around his huge testicles and squeezed them like they were cow teats to milk. The old man moaned. I squeezed harder with a grip that had been strengthened from years of milking cows.

“Oh yes! Hurt them. Hurt them.” The old banker squealed.

My hands became like two vices as I closed them ever tighter around the old man’s balls. And damn if the old goat’s huge peter didn’t begin to stir to life. The thing began to swell up until it was longer than daddy’s dick and thicker than mine. I had never seen such a dick except on Charlie Smith’s stud horse, never on a boy or man.

Suddenly I couldn’t resist letting go of one of his balls and grabbing his dick with my free hand. Then as I squeezed his one of his enormous testicles with one hand, I jacked his huge thick dick with my other hand.

The old man threw back his head and let out a sigh as he reached down and grabbed me by the back of the head. Suddenly he was guiding my head toward the huge uncut head of his dick. I opened my mouth as wide as it would go as he shoved his over sized dick into my mouth. Then even as he rammed his dick down my throat, I noticed movement at the latter to the loft. I suddenly realized that daddy was watching me and the old banker. And I also realized that I was helping him get the farm loan he was asking far.

“Suck my dick, Queer Boy!” The old banker called out. “Take it all down your throat. Gee. I can’t believe you can take it all. God, that feels good! Yea deep throat my big dick. Shit, your mouth is better than a pussy.”

I couldn’t help but enjoying sucking the old banker’s dick even if it had been set up by daddy. And I knew that just sucking the old man’s dick wouldn’t bet the last of it. When the old man left daddy would be up. But I didn’t care. I swallowed the old banker’s dick up to his red pubic hair and had him moaning and groaning until I suddenly felt him tense up.

The old banker jerked his dick out of my throat and suddenly it was squirting cum all over my face. And what a load of cum the old man shot. Cum was running down my chin and onto my shirt by the time he pulled his dick away.

Then the old man wouldn’t even look in my direction as he rushed to put his pans on. “You stay up here. Let me go down first and wait ten minutes before you come down. You hear me, Boy?” The old banker said giving me a nasty look that made me want to kiss him and hug him and tell him that I loved him. “Stay here!” The old banker added as he almost ran to the ladder and disappeared below.

The old banker had no more than disappeared down the ladder than I looked over and saw daddy climbing into the loft. He unzipped his fly as he approached. “Come here and do to me what you just did to him.” Daddy ordered. “You love to suck cock don’t you? Well sometimes having a queer son comes in good when the banker is also queer.” Daddy said and laughed as he pulled the long loose foreskin back to expose his elongated dick head. “Come on and get me off. I don’t have all day.” He said as he started jacking his long pale pecker as he stepped so close to me that his dick was almost touching my stomach.

I dropped to my knees in front of my father. I had been sucking his dick for several months. I loved it and hated sucking him off both at the same time. I loved sucking his long pecker with all his loose foreskin, but I hated the way he treated me. He never showed any affection. It was as though I was his private whore, just good for sucking his dick and doing shores around the farm. But I must say I loved kneeling down in front of him and looking up pass his long hard dick into his face and seeing him glaring down at me with his cold blue eyes. Daddy’s weathered face was hard but handsome in a rouged manly way. His nose was big and long. His ears big. But it was his hands and hairy arms that I loved most. I always got a thrill when I watched him reaching down to grab me behind the head. His arm where like hairy ropes and his big scratched up hands as big as meat hooks.

Then he took hold of my head and forced my face toward his crotch. I like it when he forced me to suck his dick. I never volunteered to suck his dick. I always waited until he forced my back to his crotch. Only then would I open my mouth and take his dick inside. I loved the taste of my father’s dick. It tasted of sweat and toil. I quickly took it completely down my throat like I knew he enjoyed. And he let out a soft moan. That soft moan I could make him utter was as close I could ever come to getting him to say he loved me. Then my excitement of sucking my on father’s dick took over and I was working on his dick for all I was worth.

I moved my tongue up and down the soft skin of the shaft of his pecker, enjoying the feel of skin of daddy’s dick against my tongue. The skin of his dick felt like silk. When I pulled his dick out of my throat until only his elongated dick head was left in my mouth, daddy started moaning louder as I tongued his sensitive dick head. As I ran my tongue back and forth over the head of his dick, I could feel daddy growing tense. I sucked harder want daddy’s cum. I loved the taste of my father’s cum. It was sweat like honey and he shot a big load even though his balls where smaller than mine.

“Get ready!” Daddy cried out.

Suddenly he was cuming in my mouth. His load shot out with great force. I started swallowing immediately knowing that daddy wanted me to swallow all his cum and clean up his dick really good before letting go of it. I swallowed and swallowed as fast as I could. I thought daddy wasn’t going to ever stop cuming.

“That’s enough!” He finally called out jerking his dick out of my mouth.

Then as he shook the last drops of cum from the piss hole of his dick, I pulled out my dick and started jacking it. Daddy looked over at me. He glanced down at my long fat dick and then back to his. He didn’t like that my dick was thicker than his. I could see it in his expression.

“Watch me cum, Daddy.” I pleaded.

With his dick still in his hand daddy stared down at me pounding away at my engorged young dick.

“Fucking queer!” He spoke out loud but still watched me jacking off.

I loved it when he would agree to watch me jack off almost as much as I enjoyed sucking his dick. It made me feel so good inside for him to watch me doing something that I wasn’t suppose to do.

“I should beat your ass good for doing such a thing.” Daddy said as he slowly pushed his long dick back into his soiled jeans.

“I’m cuming, Daddy! Watch me cum!” I called out. And daddy actually moved closer to me and reached his hand out in front of my dick. I shoot off in the palm of daddy’s big hand. And as I did so I suddenly felt a twinge of fear. I had never before done such a thing! I didn’t know what he was going to do next.

What he did was reach up and smear the cum in the palm of his hand all over my face. He rubbed my cum onto my cheeks and forehead as though he was putting suntan lotion on me. I stood there not daring to move a muscle until he was finished. Then he leaned over until his face was almost touching mine.

“I’m going to come into your room tonight and fuck you. You be ready. I’ll be in your room as soon as your mama goes to sleep.” Daddy said. Then he did something that he had never done before. He licked my cum drenched cheek. The next thing I knew daddy as kissing me like I was a woman. “I’m going to fuck you all night, Queer Boy.” He whispered and then was gone.